Why is it harmful to copy website content from others?

We all know that it is possible to make a lot of money by blogging. Nowadays, blogging is an online business that allows people to make money online from home.

And, nowadays, people are interested in blogging for the purpose of earning money from home through blogging.

copy website content
 Why is it harmful to copy website content from others?

However, many ask me via email that, Is there a problem with copying articles from other websites?

I mean, can copyright content be used on a blog? If not, why not? Moreover, at present 80% of people copy the articles written on their blog from others.

However, people are still using this process of stealing other people’s articles and using them in their own blogs.

And these are the bloggers who will email me in a few days, saying, “Brother, why is my blog not getting traffic from Google?”

A few days ago, my blog articles were completely used by a website. However, I have no worries about that.

Because Google or other search engines must know which websites have already published the articles and who is using the stolen content.

By stealing or copying content from another website on your own blog, you are not making any profit in any way.

And that is why I will tell you about it through today’s article.

Why is it harmful to use copyrighted content on a blog?

When I, you, or anyone else, create a blog, our first objective is to get traffic from the Google search engine to the blog.

There are many more ways to bring free traffic and visitors to your blog. However, the most profitable and effective way or means is “Google search”.

And, when our blog starts getting a lot of Google search engine traffic, then we have a second purpose,

“Apply for Google AdSense” and then “Make money by showing Adsense ads on the blog”.

So, when it comes to earning money through blogging, the most important thing is to “get organic traffic from Google search”.

After creating a blog with so much effort, if you do not get traffic from Google, then what is the benefit of blogging.

Ask yourself this question once.

And remember, when you use copyrighted content on your blog, the chances of success with blogging are “0”.

Why? Let’s know that below. But before that, let us know, “What does copyrighted content mean? Or What Is Copyright Content?

What Is Copyright Content?

To become a professional blogger, you must, first of all, avoid using copyrighted content.

And so first of all you have to know what “copyrighted content” means.

Any content (images, text, document, music, etc.) that is copyrighted and content that is not allowed to be used publicly, is called copyrighted content.

Or, to put it simply, copyright content.

However, the owner of the content can use, publish or distribute them as he wishes.

On the Internet, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was introduced in 1997 to protect the copyright of any digital product or work.

The DMCA’s laws protect the ownership of various creative works on the Internet. When it comes to blogging,

When we copy “images” or “articles” from other people’s blogs or websites without permission and use them on our own blog,

That, then, is considered a copyright infringement. And this is the time when you can be in real danger.


As a result, there is a 100% chance of causing a lot of damage to your entire blog or website.

How ???

1. You will not receive traffic from Google

When you copy articles from other people’s blogs or websites and publish them on your own blog, then your website may not be harmed in any way.

However, keep in mind,

Give your copied content more on Google’s search results page but you will not be able to rank.

Because The current Google Bots are very advanced and modern.

And so, Google has the ability to capture any type of copied content. If the blog or website from which you copied the content is already ranked in Google,

Then Google will easily understand which page you have copied content from.

In contrast,

Google will never let your copied article or content page rank in its search engine results page (SERP).

So what do you understand? If you are thinking of creating a blog and publishing copied articles from others, I would suggest,

“No need to bother blogging so much”. It will only waste your time. But the profit will not be 1 cent.

So, if you think that by stealing content from other blogs you will rank Google as cheating, then   Google is not a fool, you are.

2. Report alleged copyright infringement to Google

As I said before, Google is not like before. Google is very careful about copyright infringement.

Google will never accept any kind of website where the copyright has been infringed.

And so, Google has an official online tool where anyone can go and report to Google about its copied content.

I mean, Suppose another person stole my blog article and published it on his own blog.

In this case, you can use Google’s “Report copyright infringement tool” to notify Google of this copyright infringement.

And then, Google will verify the information I provide.

Then if my content is really stolen, Google will completely remove the website using the stolen content from its search results page.

Moreover, there is a possibility of taking other legal action.

So, if you are using your own website by copying or stealing content from other websites, you may endanger your entire website as well as yourself.

3. Google algorithm updates (Google Panda)

Numerous Google ranking algorithm updates happen every year. And, the purpose of these Google algorithm updates is the same,

“Remove low-quality websites from Google search”. And, a few years ago, for the first time in 2011, Google introduced “Google panda update“.

The job of the Google Panda algorithm is to “remove all low-quality websites from the Google search pages and replace them with high-quality websites“.

This is Google’s algorithm that penalizes the largest number of websites each year.

As a result, penalized web pages are no longer ranked on Google’s search results page (SERP).

Now the question is, Depending on which factors, the Google Panda algorithm can penalize your website?

  • Thin content – Websites with less information than necessary.
  • Duplicate content – If you steal and use content from another website.
  • Excessive affiliate links – Articles have less information but affiliate links abound.
  • High ad-to-content ratio – If the article contains more ads than content.

So, if you are publishing copied articles on your blog, it will be considered as “Duplicate Content”.

As a result, your web page or entire website will be penalized by the google panda algorithm.

Google Panda can visit any website at any time to view these topics.

So, if you are publishing copy content on your blog, you must catch it today or tomorrow. Google Panda is constantly monitoring your website.

4. Copyright content has no future

Remember, even if you copy content from another website and publish it on your own blog instead of some amount, Google will understand that.

As a result, you will get caught by Google and you will not get any kind of traffic from Google search.

Now, if you are working on a website even if it is small, but you are not getting 10% traffic from Google, then how long will you continue that website.

Moreover, what is the benefit of continuing? Lack of traffic and visitors to a website means no way to earn income.

So I said, if you use copied content on your website, that website has no future. Even though it is dark.

5. DMCA may delete your entire website

If I copy or steal content from a famous, popular, or big website and use it on my own website, the consequences can be very fatal.


Complaints under a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) may be lodged against your website by the owner of that large website.

And if that happens, there is a possibility that DMCA will take drastic action on your website very soon.

Under the DMCA Act, there is a good chance that your entire website will be deleted. Therefore, do not use any kind of copied content on your blog or website.

6. It is illegal to steal content

When you steal content from another website and publish it on your own blog without the permission of the website owner, it is a kind of illegal activity.

And, Google or any other search engine, will never allow such an illegal website to rank on their search results page.

As a result, your blogging career is doomed.

Remember, if you have used content copied from only a few articles of your entire website, in this case too, action will be taken against your entire website.

Also, remember that stealing and using digital content is a serious crime these days. So, in contrast to doing this kind of illegal work, you can have a lot of problems.

So, do not use your website in any way by stealing or copying the content. Of course, you can get content ideas from other websites or blogs.

Knowing what others are writing about, you can write about it.

However, even if the subject matter is the same, the information and content must be your own.

7. Fear of Adsense account being suspended

Google AdSense policies and rules are very strict.

As a rule of thumb for AdSense, you may not display AdSense ads on any webpage that contains copied or infringed copyrighted content.

And, if you show up, your full AdSense account is likely to be disabled. Google, however, has officially advised everyone to follow this rule.

Think about it, after getting AdSense approval with so much effort, if the Adsense account becomes disabled, then how bad it will feel.

Moreover, how to make money from a blog or website without Google Adsense?

So, if you do not want to disable your AdSense account, do not use copyrighted content on the blog.

8. Low-quality site

If you copy articles from other people’s websites and publish them on your own blog, the quality of your blog will never be good.

Visitors and users of your blog will understand very well that your content is stolen. As a result, you can never create an authority website.

Moreover, a bad image of your website will be created in the eyes of visitors or users. Remember, in the case of blogging, visitors or readers are all.

So, to be successful with your blogging career, you have to work as a professional blogger.

And, professional bloggers share their experiences, knowledge, and feelings with the visitors and readers of their blogs.

Do not copy and paste the writings of others in your own blog. Remember this.

9. Using copyright images can be a big problem

Most new bloggers are making this terrible mistake. Remember,

You can’t copy any picture from anywhere on the internet and use it in your blog article. In many cases, bloggers use Google search to download images from there.

But this is a fatal mistake.

In this case, the owner of the photo may take legal action against you for copyright infringement.

And, if that happened then you would be in for a treat. So, always use “royalty-free images” in your blog.

No one owns any rights to royalty-free images. And, anyone can use those images in any website or blog article.

There are many royalty-free websites or “stock image websites” where you can get any kind of royalty-free pictures.

How to protect yourself from copyright infringement as a blogger?

See friends, in case of good blogging without any problem, you have to follow some rules. Do not do any kind of work that will cause you any kind of danger or problem.

And in this case,

By following a few simple rules, you can protect yourself and your website from copyright infringement.

  1. Do not copy any kind of image or content from other websites.
  2. Even if you are copying pictures from someone else’s website, the owner of the website will have to take written permission from it.
  3. Use only “royalty-free images” in your website and website articles.
  4. Do not download images directly from the Google search engine and use them on your website.
  5. Do not copy the articles of other websites directly and publish them on your own blog. Hmm, you can take knowledge from other blogs. Then, you can write the article in your own words.

That way, following a few simple rules, will keep you and your website safe from copyright infringement.


Friends, today we have learned some important information about copyright infringement.

We know that using copied articles or images on your blog can have a devastating effect on our entire website.

In addition, as a website owner, you may be at risk in some cases. So, never publish stolen or copied content from others in your own blog or blog articles.

In that, you have no chance of making any profit. And, if you are thinking of making money from your blog or website, forget it.

Because it is impossible to get traffic from Google for websites that use duplicate or copied content. So how to make income without traffic to the blog?

So, it takes time to become a successful blogger. But, when you succeed, no one can take you down.

And for that, your passion and handwork will definitely be needed. There is no benefit in expecting fruit without suffering.

If you are writing unique and quality content like your own, then it will be liked by your visitors as well as Google search.

As a result, your website will get a lot of traffic from Google and there will be an opportunity to earn income from the blog.

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