Why do you use Linux? What benefits will you receive?

There are so many reasons to use Linux that it is possible to eat up the entire three-hour exam of a subject with just this one question! There are many technical and non-technical issues here.

Those who are ordinary users will not see the technical issues in depth. Let’s focus on a few main things for now. 


Why do you use Linux?

benefits of linux

The price of Linux

First of all, it is free of charge. Available absolutely free. Almost all CDs of Windows or various software available in our country are stolen.

We buy that stolen software at a price and make ourselves thieves and make the pockets of those who steal these heavy. Linux doesn’t have that problem.

Because most Linux-based operating systems and almost all of their software are available for free, not pirated free or legally free!


Resource of Linux

Linux requires much fewer resources than Windows. The main thing that we normal users judge the OS is how its graphical effects?

Ubuntu runs well with only 256 MB of RAM, and 400 MB of RAM and 5 GB of free space on the hard disk is enough to get full graphical effects on the desktop.

On the other hand, the full effect of Windows Vista requires 2 GB of RAM and 15 GB of hard disk space. Don’t think that Ubuntu has lower graphical effects than Vista, quite the opposite.

The same is true of Windows 7! So much for Ubuntu. There are some Linux-based operating systems (like Knoppix, puppy Linux, damn-small-Linux, etc.) that run fine even with 128MB of RAM!

Out-of-box condition in Linux

Out-of-box condition is what you get when you install an operating system so that you can use it easily.

In the case of Windows, you will find a movie player for watching music or movies, a notepad for writing, a calculator for doing calculations, a browser for browsing the Internet, and MS Paint for drawing.

Starting from MS Office, all the other software but you have to install it. Now let’s see what you get in Ubuntu.

Audio player for music, Movie player for movies, MS Office alternative Open Office full, World’s best browser Firefox for browsing, Pidgin for instant messaging, 

CD/DVD burner, Open Office Draw for drawing, Notepad equivalent Gedit, for video editing PyTV, a BitTorrent client, etc.

So tell me if Ankora brings an operating system and installs it on the PC, which one will you get more benefits?

Performance of Linux

Ubuntu is much faster than contemporary Windows when it comes to performance since Ubuntu uses fewer resources. As a result, the PC will run like a meteor! Moreover, the booting time or the response time of any program is much faster in Ubuntu.

Linux Installation Process 

How long does it take to install Windows? It will be more than an hour. But installing Ubuntu takes only twenty to thirty minutes. Not only is installing Ubuntu or Linux Mint very easy, you just need to know how to use a mouse!

Linux Re-installation

Windows users only know that Windows needs to be reinstalled routinely every two to three months.

If not, the performance of the PC becomes worse, hangs repeatedly, etc. Linux does not have this bug, it will be surprised to hear that many Linux users do not know what a system hang is!

Defragmentation with Linux

Defragmentation is common in Windows. If you don’t defragment the disk at least once a month, PC performance will suffer.

But the interesting thing is that Linux does not have a disk defragmentation system. Linux’s file system is completely different from Windows, so there is no need to defragment the disk.

The Driver for Linux

A very common sound driver in Windows is the CD. To install any hardware, you need to install the driver CD, otherwise, Windows will not recognize that hardware.

Ubuntu doesn’t have this problem, here all hardware is plug and play – meaning the device will start working as soon as you plug it in, no need to install anything!

Linux is the best Secured OS

Another ubiquitous term in Windows is a virus. Can you imagine a PC without viruses? Yes if you use Linux. There are no viruses in Linux.

And even if someone creates a virus for Linux, the process of running the Linux application is such that it cannot harm your PC.

It is very difficult for a virus to survive in a Linux environment. Since there are no viruses, you don’t even need an antivirus! 

Similarly, malware, spamware, trojans, etc., and all kinds of crazy things cannot be activated in Linux.

As a result, your PC is entirely free from all these crazy things! So Linux is said to be the most secure operating system.

The French police force, Google, and many reputed organizations are choosing Linux for high security.

Software Installation

Software installation is much easier on Linux than on Windows. Linux has a huge software bank called a repository.

When you need any software just go to that bank and select and ask to install it. Linux will install all the software for you.

No registration code, trial version, demo version, etc. for installation like Windows!

Windows software can run on Linux

Interestingly, although Windows cannot run Linux software, Linux can, that is, Windows files can run on Linux.

From Windows games to Microsoft Office or Photoshop, you can run almost anything on Linux using software called Wine. There are also Sedegas and crossovers.


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