What kind of content can make more money on YouTube?

YouTube is a reliable platform to make money online. YouTube is used in almost all countries of the world. 


Everything is available on YouTube. Any kind of idea, instruction to make something, education or skill or entertainment on a particular subject – movies, dramas – what is not here? Everything is available on YouTube.

profitable youtube topic
Make more money on YouTube

What is Youtube?


Youtube is an online video platform owned by Google. YouTube is an American online video sharing and web-based media. 

It was dispatched in February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. 

It is the second most visited site, with more than one billion month-to-month users who by and large watch more than one billion hours of recordings each day. 

As of May 2019, recordings were being transferred at a pace of over 500 hours of content for every minute.

In October 2006, YouTube was purchased by Google for $1.65 billion. Google’s responsibility has likewise changed its plan of action; it no longer creates income from ads alone. 

  • Youtube Founding and initial growth (2005–2006) Here

YouTube presently offers paid substance like motion pictures and elite substance. YouTube and endorsed makers take an interest in Google’s AdSense program, which creates more income for the two players. 

It has since developed from a little video web-based stage to a huge help with announced incomes of $19.8 billion in 2020.

Since its buy by Google, YouTube has extended past the site into versatile applications, network TV, and the capacity to connect with different administrations. 

Video classes on YouTube incorporate music recordings, video cuts, short movies, including films, narratives, sound accounts, film trailers, live streams, video blogs, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

The most substance is created by people. This incorporates joint efforts among YouTubers and friends supports. 

Since around 2015, set up media companies, for example, Disney, Viacom CBS, and Warner Media have made and extended their corporate YouTube stations to publicize to a bigger crowd. 

YouTube likewise goes about as an informal community by permitting clients with a Google record to watch and transfer their own recordings, remark on recordings, rate and react to remarks, as or loathe recordings, make playlists, and buy into different clients and channels. 

YouTube has had a significant social effect, affecting mainstream society, web drifts, and making multimillionaire VIPs. 

It has been scrutinized for working with the spread of falsehood, copyright issues, abusing its clients’ security, empowering oversight, and jeopardizing kid security and prosperity.

Now We discuss some profitable youtube topics.

What kind of content can make more money on YouTube?

If you want to make YouTube just for the purpose of earning money, then first of all You don’t have to create content in a particular language, you have to create content in a language that people all over the world can understand.

[Note: You can certainly earn income using your mother tongue, but not as much as you would earn from an international language. 

Because, your language is only for one nation or people of that language, but English is used all over the world.]

Because companies in these Special language countries don’t spend a lot of money on ads, the CPC, RPM rate is very low, and that’s why the income is low. 

If you want to earn more money, you have to select countries like Europe and America as your audience. 

Videos have to be made in English because English video audiences are all over the world. 

You don’t just have to do these, you have to research the topic of making videos, i.e. niche, niche selection. 

You need to select the kind of niche, so that Adsense as well as other different ways to earn money, by doing this you can earn income from a video in 2-3 different ways. 

One more thing to keep in mind while selecting a niche, whether your selected niche will be in the future? We have to think about the popularity of this niche in the future. 

A channel you have worked hard to grow year after year, but if there is no demand for it in the future, then your work is nothing but in vain. 

There were a lot of popular niches on YouTube, which are now lost or on the way. For example, search for you on YouTube by typing (Toys video for kids), you will find millions of videos, the number of views on the videos is not less. 

When an ordinary person sees these videos, they will think what is the benefit of making these videos? 

But even 1 year ago this Toys video was a very popular niche for YouTubers. Today, that niche is not popular anymore, after the YouTube update, it has been said that this kind of niche will not be monetized, those who get monetized, their videos will have to be a little different, only Toys will not work. 

Some profitable topics for YouTube videos

  • Tech Video 
  • Gaming 
  • Product Review 
  • Vlog 
  • Food 
  • Fashion 
  • Beauty
  • Health 
  • Travel 
  • Animal 
  • Affiliate 
  • How to
  • Domain Hosting Affiliate 

It is possible to earn good money from these types of niches.

Some questions from the update comment: 

I have 2 niches

  • Fishing
  • Keeping 

Which would be better?

Fishing means fishing niche, usually, it takes a lot of time to get success in this niche at the same time many videos are needed. 

Another thing is that some videos like this: Phishing Cutting 

These videos were taken down by the YouTube authorities after a while and even a strike came on the channel. 

There is not much problem with animal niche, so you can work with an animal niche, if by any chance a video goes viral, profit will come from your 

Through which apps, YouTube income can be seen ?? 

Answer: If you want to see the income of your channel, you can see it through youtube creator studio. 

And if you want to see the income, view, performance of someone else’s channel, you can see it through social blade apps, but it does not always show the correct result of income.


Making money online is not easy. The main condition for earning money on YouTube or online is to know and stay informed. 

The more you know, the more technology you can use. There is no alternative to knowing. So take training and become proficient before earning money.

Last line: What kind of content can make more money on YouTube?


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