What is Ubuntu? Why use Ubuntu operating system?

Ubuntu Linux is a very popular open-source operating system. But everyone who listens to Linux thinks that it is a very difficult and complex operating system, rather than running Windows. But to be honest, Ubuntu Linux is much easier to use than Windows.

Linux has been made even easier by Ubuntu whose popularity is much higher in developed countries. 


Most people in developed countries are now using Linux. Linux users do not easily fall into the problem of hacking.

Linux is much more secure than you would find in Windows. You don’t have to worry about viruses in Linux. And this is why the popularity of Linux is growing day by day. Many people in our country are now leaning towards Linux.

Let’s find out why Ubuntu Linux should be used.


What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Linux is open-source. Many things can be written to explain this open-source, but it will not end there.
But let me just say, this open-source is called Foss and it can do a lot of things that can’t be done with Windows.
In addition to programmers and hackers, it is also a very useful resource for ordinary users.

Why use Ubuntu operating system?

What is Ubuntu

Ubuntu user friendly

Many computer users find it difficult to use Linux and it is only for developers. This is a big mistake for them. Ubuntu Linux acts as a perfect buster. It is as easy to install as installing Windows.

A computer user who has some basic knowledge will be able to operate this operating system very easily. 

Canonical hasn’t improved their Windows interface much over the years, so people now think Linux is better than Windows.

Ubuntu is absolutely free

The biggest reason to use this Linux operating system is that it is absolutely free. You do not need a penny to download or install. 

You can easily download from their website and take the experience of a very simple operating system.

And with this Linux, you will get hundreds of software absolutely free. 

A few months ago Linux released its new version 22.04. You can easily download the latest version of Ubuntu Linux by visiting their website.

Linux without viruses

One of the best and brightest aspects of Linux is its lack of virulence. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. 

It cannot be said that there is no 100% virus, but there is absolutely no virus compared to Windows.

As a result, users do not have to spend extra money to buy antivirus. It was built with firewall and virus protection in mind.

Can be customized as desired

This is great freedom of Linux, which you will not find in Windows. Here you can customize it as you wish. 

If you do not like the theme of the desktop, you can easily change it. Here you will find many options to customize.

Many new users do not know about the genome-based Ubuntu. You will find many types of Ubuntu here depending on what kind of use you want. 

If your desktop is in low configuration, you can use Lubuntu or Xubuntu. You can also use GNOME or Ubuntu Mate for educational purposes. 

There are thousands of choices for you here.

Ubuntu Linux community

Like other Linux, this Linux has strong community support. This is one of the biggest advantages of Linux. 

You can go to their forum online and talk about any issues and you can be sure that you will get their answer within 24 hours. Like Windows, this community is much stronger and stronger.

Will run on the lower system

Lubuntu and Xubuntu, two specific flavors, have been developed in such a way that they work in low configurations. 

You can run this system even if your PC has an 800 MHz processor and 512 MB RAM and 5 GB hard disk. Where Windows XPO will not run. Because of this advantage Linux easily supports Rasberify.

Linux is a repository of software

You will easily find the software you like in Linux. Because they have their own software center. 

Just one click is enough to install and this software is also virus-free software. You can also download some software through the simple line command.

Ubuntu now has a lot of pre-installed software. Such as Glimp, Chromium, VLC, and Firefox. Linux software is absolutely free.

Improved compatibility

They have brought a new Linux kernel in the new version of Ubuntu. Now, this Linux will run with a lot of older hardware. Ubuntu has introduced many new pre-installed drivers which will save you time. This is also a good aspect of Linux.

My own opinion

Ubuntu 22.04 |  Is Ubuntu Better Than Before?

It’s been a year since I last met Ubuntu. During this time there have been two major releases of Ubuntu and some major changes. 

Although I wasn’t interested in Ubuntu 21.10, something was interesting about Ubuntu 22.04. All in all, I thought, why not try once in the virtual box!

I installed Ubuntu 22.04 in Virtual Box as part of my primary Manjaro installation. For those who don’t know about VirtualBox, it’s a way of running one operating system over another. 

There is no fear of problems or data loss in the original operating system. Here is a tutorial on Ubuntu Installation in Virtual Box.

Ubuntu’s new installer was announced earlier this year. However, it was not seen at 22.04. The installer is the same as before but the Ubuntu logo has changed. 

So there is a touch of novelty from the boot screen.

Ubuntu 21.10 was the first to use the GNOME 40 desktop, which was a huge jump from GNOME 3.36. Two of these major releases have seen GNOME, 

Ubuntu 22.04 has GNOME 42, and Ubuntu has had the opportunity to further improve its GNOME 40 series implementation.

What is Ubuntu

In Ubuntu 22.04, Light means Light, and Orange means Orange. Due to GNOME’s theme support limitations on Ubuntu 21.10, the Yaru Mixed theme with light color with the default dark header was dropped to the previous version and the light theme defaulted. 

With Ubuntu 22.04, the shell theme Lite is now used in Lite mode.

Orange was already the primary color in Ubuntu. However, this version will make Ubuntu look more orange, as the checkbox, radio button, slider, and the previous purple (actually aubergine/purple) accent have been replaced with orange. 

Of course, the folder icon, and the purple touch on the wallpaper is still there. So I was wondering what all this looks like. Honestly, it doesn’t look too bad.

Speaking of color, Ubuntu has done a good job supporting Accent Color. One of the reasons for omitting the purple touch with Orange maybe – if you don’t like Orange, the new version has the option to choose from 10 Accent Colors.

In the screenshots of version 21.10, the workspace switcher/activities view was at the very bottom, with the overall inconsistency with the left dock being noticeable. 

Extra margins have been added below 22.04, and this small change has made them look a little better.

If you don’t like the left panel with GNOME Horizontal Workspace or prefer dock style over panel style, some new dock settings have been added to Ubuntu. 

However, I do not know exactly what was the difficulty in setting the option to enable click to minimize, this time they did not bring the option. 

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either.

What is Ubuntu

And as the picture shows, the dock is floating without auto-hide, but the maximized screen moves up to the dock. I would personally prefer to keep a small margin at the top like below.

The wallpaper switch feature in Ubuntu’s Dark Mode and Light Mode differs from Vanilla GNOME 42. In that mode, the wallpaper will be selected, and it will automatically switch to that mode.

Ubuntu works well with VirtualBox setup with 4 GB RAM, 4 CPU threads, and 64 MB video memory with 3D Acceleration. GNOME consumes a little more RAM than other desktops, as it is known, and consumes about 1.5 GB without any additional apps running.

Gnome 42 has a new screenshot tool for taking screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04. It also has a screen recording feature. Minimal UI. Not pretty? 

It’s better not to be deceived by the glare of the outside world, it has made me very depressed in a very short time.

It was nice until I saw that it doesn’t change the file format or save directory, not even a solution online (without installing another app), the previous Dconf Editor or settings command method is not effective here. 

Not even the nice keyboard shortcuts of the previous screenshot tool. At the same time save in the directory and copy to the clipboard, there is no option to do either. No delay option. Typical GNOME philosophy?

Talking about Ubuntu, the topic of Snap comes up. Since I don’t use regular snaps, I’m not making any such comments. 

But speaking specifically about the use of the Snap version of the controversial Firefox, it didn’t bother me in my testing, everything was just decent, including startup time.

What is Ubuntu

There are many issues with use in daily life that cannot be understood in a short time of testing. 

There is also a difference between using real hardware and a virtual box. But in a nutshell, Ubuntu 22.04 is an interesting update from the recent previous versions of everything except the screenshot tool. All in all, Ubuntu 22.04 did not disappoint as I expected.

Download Ubuntu 22.04

Recommended system requirements:

  • 2 GHz dual-core processor or better

  • 4 GB system memory

  • 25 GB of free hard drive space

  • Internet access is helpful

  • Either a DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) Download iso


After learning so much about Ubuntu Linux, do you still want to use Windows? I would say if you like Windows then use Windows. Update Windows. 

But now Windows is also offering a lot of customization options for Linux users. But if you want to customize a lot and use it independently, welcome to Linux. If you like it, share it with your friends.


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