What is the printer? The type of printer

What is the printer? The printer is such an advanced technology special device. Through which you can be enhanced through a text, image, character paper from a computer.

Because of that, the printer is called the computer’s output device. The printer is being used at a massive rate today. Which is surprised to surprise.

Because, now you can see printers in almost all places around your home school, college, department, starting from the market shop.

But there are still many people, who still know what is the printer. So if you do not know how much printer is a printer and what or what is the printer’s work?

 Then today’s whole article will be in mind. Then you can know the answer to all the questions about the printer in your mind.

So let’s go straight to today’s original topic, what is the printer? Let’s go to.

What is the printer?

What is the printer
What is the printer?

In simple words, the printer is a type of advanced technology electronic device. Which is connected to the computer.

And the computer then prints any picture, text, or graphics on paper. And because of that printer is called, a computer output device.

When a text, character, or image is required to print on Blank Paper. Then this printer device plays a lot of roles.

History of printers

There is no great history behind every discovery created in the world. Likewise, today we know the discovery as a printer, there is a great history behind the discovery.

But we do not know about the printer’s history even if most people know about what the printer is about. So let’s know about the History of the Printer.

If the online source of online source is Khojay about the history of the printer. Then you will know that the printers first started in 1800.

At that time Charles Babbage was a person. Who was the first mechanical printer designed? But the first discovery of the printer was in the middle of 1938.

At that time Chester Carlson was a person. He was the first to discover a kind of Dry Printing Process known as Electro Photography.

But the printer is a device in history. Whom the different people worked in different ways in different ways. Such as

  • This technology was further developed in 1988 with the help of FDM = Fused Deposition Modeling. Which is mainly used as a 3D printer.
  • In 1984, HP rediscovered its laser printer.
  • The typewriter event was created in 1868 by Christopher Sholes. Which is considered to be the forerunner of printers.
  • In 1957 a special company called IBM re-developed the Dot Matrix Printer.
  • The Dot matrix printer was first developed in 1970 with the help of Centronics.

So, if you want to know the history of the printer in detail.

Then you have to write a lot about it. But all you know is that different people have different hands behind the invention and development of the printer.

What does a printer do?

From the above discussion, you have learned about what is a printer and the history of a printer. Hope you got a clear idea about that.

So now you need to know one more thing. That is what the printer does. So let’s get to know the details about it.

So look at the way the printer actually works. By looking at them, the work of the printer is basically divided into two parts.

For example, one is Impact Printer and the other is a Non-impact printer. So if you want to know exactly how the printer works.

Then you need to have a detailed idea about these things.

What are the specifications of the printer?

From the discussion above you know what a printer is and what a printer’s job is. It got to know the details. So now you can know one more thing called Printer Specification.

Which is closely related to anyone printer.

So besides knowing what a printer is, you also need to know the details about the printer specification. So let’s get to know the details about it.

However, it is good to say at the outset that the specification of a printer largely depends on the work of printing.

Let me discuss that printing specification in detail.

01 | Color Specification

The most important part of a printer is the color. Because through this we get to see any text or image on the paper after printing.

And because of that, if you want to know about a printer, you have to know about Printer Color first However, in some special cases, if you do not need a color print.

However, you should use a Monochrome printer. Because with its help, you can only print in white and black

02 | Speed ​​Specification

When you need to print more than one. Then you have to pay special attention to the speed of the printer. Because if you buy a low-speed printer.

Then you will not be able to print a large number of documents with that printer. Usually, we see low-budget printers.

They can only be printed at 3 to 6 sheets per minute. So if you need to print. Then you must buy a good quality expensive printer.

03 | Memory Specification

Did you know that most printers use a small amount of memory? Hmmm! The printing machines we use at present are 7 All of them use such a small amount of memory.

And the biggest advantage is, you can increase this type of printing memory as you need. However, their size is not very large.

04 | Resolution Specification

In fact, the resolution is closely related to a printer. Because, of the text, the image that we print on the blank page.

Their quality is called Resolution. What kind of print will be from any other printer. It is measured as a Dot per inch. Which is abbreviated as, (DPI).

Types of printer

From the above discussion, you can learn more about what a printer is and the specifications of a printer.

So this time you need to know the details of one more thing. That is how many types of printers and what. Because the printers we see. They are basically of different types. E.g.

  • Impact printer and
  • Non-impact printer

But it is good to say at the outset that the printers we use. Depending on the usage, you will notice a total of 2 types of printers. E.g.,

But it is good to say at the outset that the printers we use. Depending on that usage, you will notice a total of 2 types of printers. E.g.,

  • Inkjet printer and
  • Laser Printer

But what kind of printer is actually, it would not be right to consider from this practical point of view. This is because the printers attached to each computer are divided into 2 parts. E.g.,

  • Impact printer and
  • Non-impact printer

So if you do not have a clear idea about these issues, you will not understand anything. So let’s get to know the details about these two types of printers.

What is an impact printer?

When a printer does its job of printing like a typewriter. Then he will be called, an impact printer.

And the Impact Printer works especially well for printing on white paper. First, it presses in pairs on the printing ink ribbon to print something.

And with the help of this ink, it is possible to print any text or image on paper. And that’s why it has a special relationship between ink ribbon and paper.

But if you use an impact printer for printing. Then you will be able to notice some special features. E.g.,

  • These types of impact printers are much cheaper. Due to this, you can buy this type of printer with much less money.
  • When you print something with an impact printer. Then you will notice one thing. That is, the sound comes out of these printers when printing.

What is the function of the Impact printer?

If you notice a little better. Then you can see that impact printers work a lot like typewriters.

And to do this work properly, it is necessary to print any text, letter, or image through paper.

And a special kind of hammer is used to print on that paper. With the help of which the strike is done through the ink ribbon.

And the ink ribbon is pressed into the paper. And in this way basically, the necessary parts of a paper are printed.

And a real example of an impact printer is the dot matrix printer.

However, based on the quality of the printer is divided into several parts. Let’s discuss them in detail now.

How many types of Impact Printer and what are they?

Depending on the characteristics of the work, the impact printer can be further divided into several parts. Because this type of impact printer is again divided into 4 parts. E.g.,

  • Dot Matrix
  • Character Printer
  • Line Printer
  • Drum Printer

Let’s take a closer look at these four types of impact printers. Then it will be useful for you to understand.

01 | Dot matrix printer

The first special printer to be created with the help of IDM in 1956 was called the Dot Matrix Printer.

However, the use of this type of dot matrix printer has been relatively low, depending on the quality.

The main reason for this is that the Dot Matrix printer can work at a much slower speed than other printers at present.

Moreover, when you work on a low-quality print. This type of dot matrix printer is then used.

However, Dot Matrix Printers are still used in many businesses and companies.

02 | Character Printer

Printers that print only one letter at a time. It is called a Character Printer. These types of printers are much cheaper in terms of price.

But you can buy such printers at a lower price. On the other hand, its printing quality will be much lower.

Because it prints very slowly. Due to this, most people today do not want to use this type of printer.

And such Character Printers are again divided into two parts. E.g.,

  1. Dot-matrix printer and
  2. Daisy Wheel Printer.

03 | Line Printer

These special printers can print a whole Line of Text. And that’s why these types of printers are called Line Printers.

It can print very fast and its printing quality is very good. That is why Line Printer is used more than the two types of printers discussed above.

04 | Drum Printer

These types of printers are more powerful. Because it can print from 300 to 2000 characters per minute.

And it looks a bit like a drum. This is why it is called, Drum Printer. And this drum-shaped object rotates so fast that text is printed on paper.

What is a No-Impact Printer?

Printers that work with the help of Laser Technique. It is called a non-impact printer. These non-impact printers have some special features.

Due to this, more and more people are using these types of printers nowadays.

For example, if you print with this type of printer. Then you will not hear any sound at this time. And through this, you will get a much better quality of printing.

However, due to having so many advantages, these nonimpact printers have to be bought at a high price.

What is the function of a No impact printer?

If you want to know about non-impact printers. But you need to know about two more parts. Because this is basically done in two more ways.

The first is called an inkjet printer and the other is a laser printer.

So with the help of a nozzle through an inkjet printer, it is specially sprayed through the small holes inside the ink.

And because of this spray, we see a character or image printed on paper.

But if you don’t want to spray and print anything. However, you need to use a Leaser Printer.

Because, for the convenience of printing work, this laser printer has been made with a combination of more advanced technology. Where the work of printing is a little different.

This type of laser is specially designed to help.

For example, laser beams are sent through a mirror to a metal cylinder called Drums. Then some more special work is printed.

How many types of No-Impact Printer

If you want to know how many types and what are the No-Impact Printers then you can find out from here.

Impact printers can be divided into two parts. E.g.,

  • Laser Printer 
  • Inkjet Printer 

Let’s take a look at these two-part printers.

1. Laser Printer

One of the printers used for printing since 1980 is called Laser Printer.

Those who buy new printers today. Most of them use this type of printer. These types of printers have a special quality.

That is, they can print more Page very quickly.

2. Inkjet Printer

With this printer, you can print files of various formats. And for that reason, an inkjet printer is called CMYK Printer.

This type of printer is used in your home or office.

What did you learn about printers?

You have learned a lot from this short article. Below is a list of them.

  • What a printer
  • How many types of printers
  • What is a dot-matrix printer
  • What is a laser printer?
  • What is an inkjet printer?
  • Use of printer
  • What is an interpreter?

The above issues are explained in detail in this article.


What a printer is, how a printer works and how many types it is are simply explained in this article. Hopefully, from now on there will be no question about Printer ki.

If you have any questions after that, you can comment here. Or if you just want to know something else, I will write a new article and share it.

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