What is mobile tracking? How to stay safe from mobile tracking?

 There are many of us who want to know how to avoid mobile tracking.

mobile tracking
 How to stay safe from mobile tracking?

This means that if for some reason you feel that someone wants to track you down or is trying to track you, then you can be on the alert.

This article will discuss in detail all the effective ways to avoid mobile tracking.

What is mobile tracking?

Mobile tracking is a method to find out the current status of your mobile phone. Also, anyone can take full access to your phone by following this procedure.

Basically, mobile tracking is used to find out where you are on your mobile phone or where you are with your mobile phone.

Mobile tracking can handle your current location and all its activities inside the mobile phone.

Also, the person who will do mobile tracking will be able to take all the access of your mobile without touching your mobile and fulfill personal interest with it.

Stay safe from mobile tracking

Whether or not it is possible to avoid mobile tracking is entirely up to you. This means that if you follow the practical steps, it is possible to avoid mobile tracking.

In this case, you need to be careful and use your mobile phone in such a way that no one can track your phone.

Then you can know at a glance how to protect your phone without delay. So that no one can track your phone.

1. Remove unwanted software

If you have downloaded unwanted software on your phone or downloaded software from any platform and installed it on your phone, it could compromise your phone’s security.

Also, downloading any type of software can cause a variety of virus attacks on your device, which can lead to problems with your device’s security.

Also, if anyone can insert some kind of software into your device, they can track your phone with that software if they want.

That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for any unwanted software on your device. Or something you don’t like, or something you haven’t seen before.

Take a look at the hidden apps on your device. Because of all those hidden apps, anyone can hide by inserting software.

And with that hidden software, tracking your device will become much easier. So, to avoid phone tracking, you must first look at the software on your device.

2. Website tracking

You may enter many such websites to get new work done. Websites that want to collect different types of access from you.

And you may be asked to agree to access your device’s call access or any other type of storage.

And for some, as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. For this, refrain from any kind of unwanted and spam websites.

3. Avoid unwanted links

Anyone can send you any kind of link via SMS or message on any kind of social media.

All these links will have interesting titles and you may want to click on the links after seeing these titles.

And when you click on this link, it will tell you to log in with your important information. Whenever you log in, they can easily collect your information.

They also have a lot of phishing links at the moment, which by clicking on all the information on your device can go to the person who sent you the link.

That’s why if someone sends a link with any kind of interesting title, it is better not to click on the link with all those titles.

4. Stop turning on location

If you keep your device’s location open all the time, your device is likely to be tracked.

There are many requirements to keep the location on or off. For example, if you keep the location on, you can track the location of your device if it is stolen.

Again, if you keep the location of your mobile phone on all the time, then tracking your mobile phone will be much easier.

Turning the location on or off will depend on you the most. However, if you keep the location on, the way you are likely to lose, just as you are likely to gain.

That’s why if you complete your activities after turning on the location, it is better to turn it off again.

By doing this you can avoid any kind of adverse effects.

5. Do not turn on GPS

GPS is one of the best ways to easily track a device. With GPS you can easily track any place.

Now if you keep your GPS on, the chances of being tracked increase even more. That is why after completing the GPS-related activities, you must turn off the GPS.

Otherwise, the chances of your device being tracked are greatly increased.

Ways to stay safe from mobile tracking

If you want to survive from mobile tracking, do the following.

To avoid tracking, you must first stop downloading unwanted software. If the location of your mobile phone is not very necessary, it should be turned off.

You need to turn off your phone’s GPS and refrain from clicking on any unnecessary links.

If you can keep in mind the few things mentioned above, then surviving from mobile is not a very difficult thing.


By doing the above-mentioned methods you may be able to save your mobile phone from being tracked by a small mobile tracker.

But there is another bitter truth that if someone wants to track your mobile phone, they can track your mobile phone in different ways if they want.

This means that those who do mobile tracking can follow some of these methods, which are beyond your grasp.

Those who have a small type of mobile tracker will track your mobile phone by completing the above-mentioned activities.

If you can guarantee the above-mentioned security then your phone can get rid of the tracking-related problem.

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