What is lead generation? How to make money with Lead Generation

What is lead generation: It is very important to know what is lead generation at present.

This is because the demand for lead generation among other online jobs on the online platform is constantly increasing.

And the work of this Lead Generation is comparatively much easier. That’s why you don’t have much idea about online.

Even then you can earn money from lead generation.That is why today’s article has been written. 

With this article you will be able to know step by step all the important issues from Lead Generation to Lead Generation.

For example, what is Lead Generation, how to make money by Lead Generation,

What is the function of lead generation, how many types of lead generation and why lead generation is important.

So why delay, let’s go back to the main discussion.

Lead Generation

What is lead generation?

In simple terms, lead generation is a special kind of data collection process for different people.

Through which you can connect the needs and interests of different classes of people through specific data.

And the data can be of different types, such as a person’s Phone Number, Email Address, Name, etc.

So when you target a specific person to collect this kind of data. 

Then the whole process of collecting this data will be called lead generation.

This is because today’s online based companies can target their desired buyers through this lead generation in order to promote their products and increase sales.

01 | Find Targeted Customers

You see, a company will always want to reach their target customer. 

This is because it plays the most important role in selling a company’s products in large quantities.

And there is no alternative to lead generation to make this task easier. 

Because it is a kind of process through which a company can easily find customers according to its product.

02 | Promote Your Own Business

Suppose you went to the market to buy a shirt. Now the spectacles shopkeeper called you and asked you to buy spectacles from their shop.

In that case, you would not be interested in buying them. In the same way you can see the same picture online.

But if you rely on lead generation to promote your business product. Then you can promote your product to the right people.

How does lead generation?

What is Lead Generation and why you should do Lead Generation is clearly discussed in the above discussion.

So now you need to know something very important. 

That is how you can collect important data of another person through lead generation.

Or how to make money by Lead Generation.

So if you want you can do the work of this data collection in a different way. 

However, today there are some special methods for collecting the necessary information of a person. E.g.

  • From Google Search 
  • From Social Media 
  • From Other Search Engine

Basically, those who have been working for lead generation for a long time.

They use the above 3 methods the most. Let’s discuss in detail about these three important methods.

Lead Generation From Google Search

At present, people have been associated with the lead generation for a long time. 

They give priority to Google search.

Because, we all know that Google has as many users as possible.

It is not available in any other online platform in the world. 

And most of the lead generation data you can collect from Google Search.

However, any person will not be able to collect any other person’s personal data from Google. 

If that happened then everyone would be able to collect everyone’s personal data.

  • Example-2: But if you filter it, you do not have to read this problem In that case if you go to Google and search by typing “Indian Real Estate Company”.
  • Then you can only see the list of real estate companies in India.

So if you want to do the work of lead generation. Then you have to follow different tips and tricks.

Lead Generation From Social Media

Today, we all use one or another social media.

Some people use Facebook and some people use different social media like Twitter, LinkedIn besides Facebook.

And those who use these social media regularly. They know very well that one has to create a social media account to use such social platforms.

And to create every social media account we have to provide personal data. 

For example, your name, address, email address, phone number, etc.

And many of us hide personal information on social media for our own protection. 

But the surprising thing is, now you will find many types of Online Tools.

Through which this hidden data can be found out.

Lead Generation From Other Search

So there are many other mediums for lead generation besides Google search and social media. You can use them to collect different types of data.

For example, today there is a special type of search engine called Yelp. 

Using which you can collect a lot of important information like plumber, restaurant, home service.

In the same way different search engines have been created for different purposes.

For example, if you are asked to make a list of the best food restaurants in America.

Now if you do a Google search for this job. Then you can collect as much information as possible

You will find more information if you search in any other search engine created separately for this purpose.

What is the work of lead generation?

If you work for Lead Generation for the purpose of earning money. 

But then you have to work in different steps.

Because, success and failure of every work created in the world has these two aspects. 

And if you can follow the steps of lead generation in the right way

Then you will be able to achieve success in this work But if you can’t follow all the steps properly But then nothing will come to your forehead except failure

However, it is important to know the steps that you need to follow which are very important for lead generation.

So let’s find out now.

First Step For Lead Generation

When someone asks you to generate a lead, you need to find out who the purpose of that lead is.

And who needs to understand the needs of those who will give you the job of lead generation. 

For example, I asked you to collect the emails of Bangladesh Garment Company.

Now all you have to do is collect those emails. You do not need to do anything extra.

Second Step For Lead Generation

In the second step you have to choose the specific platform to generate the lead.

For example, you need to understand which way to find the data of your targeted lead.

If you want, you can collect that data from Google or other social media So it will depend on what kind of lead you actually want to generate

Third Step For Lead Generation

In the third step you have to do the main work. That is, you have to collect that data.

For example, you need to collect the name, email address, mobile number, etc. of a person or company.

But in this case you will fall into a little misery Because, even if you want, you will not get this data in the open.

Because no one keeps this data open to the public.

You may have found the name but you can see that their email addresses or phone numbers are hidden.

Forth Step For Lead Generation

So when you go to collect someone else’s data. Then you may not get all kinds of data. However, in this case, you should not be disappointed, but you have to follow some tips.

Here are some tips to help you collect data to generate the leads you need.

For example, you want to collect data from a specific person. In that case you have to enter his author ID.

And you have to collect all its information using view source And in this way you can collect information of most people

Fifth Step For Lead Generation

If you cannot manage the desired data by following the procedure above. 

Then your latest job is to use Lead Generation Tools.

Because, using tools, you can do this kind of work very easily. But in this case you will get two types of tools.

For example, one is free tools and the other is paid tools. If you use free tools to generate leads

Then there will be a lot of obligation for you. And with paid tools you can use all kinds of features.

Type of lead generation 

So I said at the beginning that in today’s article I will discuss all the details of lead generation step by step.

That is why this time I will tell you how many types of lead generation and what they are. 

Let’s get to know the details about this.

See if you want to know exactly how many types of lead generation. 

Then I would say that lead generation is basically divided into four parts. E.g.

  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)
  • Product Qualified Lead (PQL)
  • Service Qualified Lead (SQL)

So if you just go by the name of these four types of lead generation. 

Then you will not understand anything like that

This is because there are many differences between the four types of lead generation work mentioned above. 

Let’s find out now.

What is Marketing Qualified Lead?

Marketing Qualified Lead is the process by which the people you target know about your product.

Suppose you launch a campaign. And that’s what customers saw and waited a while. 

This is called Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL).

What is Sales Qualified Lead?

Sells Qualified Lead is the product you target to promote to customers. 

When the customer will show interest in your product.

And your website will spend time to learn about that product It will then be called, Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

What is Product Qualified Lead?

Product Qualified Lead is the process by which customers will be interested in using your promoted products for a free trial.

In addition, it will give you feedback on the quality or aspects of the product you like This process is called Product Qualified Lead (PQL).

What is a Service Qualified Lead?

Service Qualified Lead is the process where the customer expresses interest in using the paid service of your product after using the free trial of your product.

And wants to buy your product. These types of leads are basically called Service Qualified Leads (SQL).


How to make money with lead generation?

So after knowing the details about the above discussions, now I will discuss the main topic That is, if you can build yourself up to be skilled in the work of lead generation.

Then how can you earn money from this work And what amount of money you can earn per month in this work. Let’s find out now.

See Lead Generation is becoming very popular in today’s freelancing marketplaces. 

Because, these jobs are basically possible to earn from 10 dollars to thousands of dollars.

However, the competition is much higher because these tasks are relatively easy. 

But there is always a lack of skilled people to do these things.

And if you can introduce yourself to a skilled lead generation in the freelancing marketplaces online.

Then you too can earn thousands of rupees per month by doing this simple task.

So don’t just run after money, try to build yourself as an expert in this simple task Then you don’t have to look back.


With BidyaPremi, I always try to bring you new things easily.

In the same way today I have clearly discussed the lead generation.

I hope you read today’s article carefully.

Then you will not have any questions in your mind about Lead Generation. 

And if you want to know all these unknown things easily, stay with us

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