What is HTML? HTML tutorials for beginners (Complete guide)

Friends, in today’s article we will explain, “What is HTML” Nowadays, we have a lot of ways to earn money from the internet.

However, one of the most popular ways to make money online is through blogging. And in this blogging, we need a “blog site” or “website”. And to create a blog site, we need to know “HTML”.

HTML is a kind of computer language. And, using this computer language, various types of websites or webpages are created and designed.

So, if you are thinking of creating a blog or website, “Then you must have knowledge of HTML”.

However, there are currently many CMS software such as “WordPress” or “Joomla” that use “it is possible to create a website or web page without knowledge of HTML”.

But, if you want to build your career as a professional web designer, So, it is very important to have complete knowledge of “what is HTML” and “how to work with HTML“.

HTML is primarily intended to create a website or webpage. So let’s go 

We know what “HTML” or “what” means, “introduction to HTML” and “some other information related to HTML”.

HTML For Beginners


What is HTML?

Now that we know what HTML is? In fact, HTML is a short form and its full form is “hypertext markup language“.

As I said before, HTML is a computer language, which is used to create websites or web pages. And, CSS is used to color web pages.

Different “HTML Tags” are used to create different types of web pages or web documents.

Similarly, other popular computer languages such as,

  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • C

Compared to these, “HTML” is much easier and in just a few days anyone can learn this HTML language.

After creating a webpage with HTML, we can view that web document through the internet. Finally, HTML is not a “platform-independent language”.

This means it can be used from any platform Windows, Linux, Android, or Macintosh. And also know that,

HTML was invented in the 1960s by physicist Tim Berners-Lee. 

Hypertext markup language (HTML)

Above I told you that the full form of HTML is “Hypertext Markup Language“. Now the question is, what do these complete words mean?

In fact, “hypertext“, “markup” and “language” each have a different meaning. Let’s know the meaning of each of these words.

What is Hypertext?

Hypertext is the medium by which the entire “web” or “website” can be explored. Hypertext is a simple text that can be found on any electronic device such as a “computer” or “laptop”.

However, there is something special about this type of text. Hypertext contains references to some other text documents that can be activated by “clicking” with the “mouse” and accessed immediately by the reader.

And, that’s exactly what this kind of hypertext is all about. Hypertext documents are linked to each other via hyperlinks. Using HTML Anchor tags <a> any text can be converted to a “hyperlink”.

In addition, images, video, sound, etc. This type of media can be used as a “hyperlink“. And, this kind of link data is called “hypermedia“.

Hope you understand “Hypertext”.

What is markup?

We create an HTML web document or page using different HTML tags. And, in an HTML tag, different “symbols” and “characters” are used.

Therefore, the text in HTML pages or web documents sometimes uses different symbols and characters.

Using these symbols and characters, it is possible to determine the size, color, design, font style, etc. of the text on the webpage.

Now, if we say “what is markup“, the answer is,

The “markup” is the exact sequence of different symbols and characters used between texts when it comes to how texts are displayed on a webpage.

For example,

If you see any text such as “What is HTML“, then it is simple text. But if you want to show this simple text as “green” on the webpage, Then you need to use “Some HTML Tags” or “Symbols” and “characters”.


<font color = “green”> What is HTML </font>


What is HTML

Now, the color of your plain text written in the HTML tag will turn green. In this way, The exact symbols and sequences of characters in an HTML tag are called markup.


HTML is a language that is used as a “tag” to create “web documents” or “webpages”. And so, we call HTML a language.

HTML versions

From time to time advanced and modern versions of HTML have been used. Each modern HTML version has its own unique features.

And currently, there are 6 different versions of HTML.

  1. HTML 1.0
  2. HTML 2.0
  3. HTML 3.0
  4. HTML 3.2
  5. HTML 4.0
  6. XHTML
  7. HTML 5

What is HTML tags?

HTML tag means, Some keywords are hidden in a webpage that determines how the content on your webpage will be displayed in a web browser.

In the case of a web page, the “set of characters” used to create a suitable HTML command is called an HTML tag.

HTML tags are used in two ways.

  • Opening HTML Tag
  • Closing HTML Tag

To complete an HTML command or instruction, it is important to use the Closing HTML Tag along with the opening HTML Tag.

For example,

Suppose we want to use some part of a webpage as “text” as “italic“. In this case, we have to use.

<i> The text witch you want as heading </i>

Now, we have written the above sentences inside a complete HTML Tag where,

  • <i> – is the opening tag.
  • </i> – is the closing tag.

Thus, for a complete HTML tag command to work, it is important to use opening and closing tags.

It is also important to close the HTML tags that are opened. Do you understand, what is HTML tag is?

Where is HTML used?

What is HTML used for? But many people ask this question. Maybe you also want to know the answer to this question.

As such, it may seem like a very simple question. However, looking a little clearer and deeper, this question has a lot of value.

We already knew above that HTML is used to create websites, webpages or web documents”. Is that so?

However, HTML is not just used to create web pages. HTML is also used for many other purposes.


  • Internet navigation
  • Web document Creation
  • Game development
  • Web page development
  • Responsive design

These are some uses of HTML.

How to learn HTML?

See, if you think that learning HTML will make a career, then there are a lot of ways to learn HTML.

If you want to learn web development or straightforward HTML language, then you have a lot of free media.

Only, it is possible to learn HTML in 3 to 5 months. However, it depends on you how quickly you understand things.

Using the following mediums, HTML can be learned.

  • With the help of the online internet
  • Take a web design course
  • Through the HTML learning book
  • Learn through YouTube
  • Learn online through Udemy.

You can easily learn “web designing” or “HTML” through YouTube or any other online website. Nowadays, it is very easy to get complete knowledge about any subject through the internet.

If you want to do a course in HTML with a certificate in a professional way, then I would suggest taking a course from a good web designing institute.

I have learned the basics of HTML by designing videos through YouTube. Moreover, HTML is a very simple language that can be learned very easily.

Some websites for learning HTML online

If you want to learn HTML sitting at home online, you can learn HTML for free by visiting the websites given below.

Most of these websites are free, but you can get professional courses from Udemy that you have to buy.

By visiting these websites, you will be able to learn HTML very well at home. 


So guys, today we learned “what is HTML“, “what is HTML tag” and “how to learn HTML“.

We can’t say the whole thing in a blog article. So, all I can say about HTML is what I told you today.

Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need in order to learn more about online HTML.

If you have any problems or suggestions related to the article, please let us know in the comments below.

In the end, if you like the article, you must share it.

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