What is GPS? Details Information about Global Positioning System

What does GPS mean? – At present we all have a smartphone. And, using Google Maps on your smartphone, you must be looking for an unknown road at some point.


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What is GPS
What is GPS? Details Information about Global Positioning System

We can use Google Maps on our mobile phones to see the road, location, distance, or address. However, not everyone knows about the technology behind Google Maps.


I can see different places (locations) or roads on my mobile using Google Map, but these are becoming possible only through GPS.

Famous scientists have discovered many kinds of benefits for human life.

And, I would not be mistaken to say that the discovery of a device called GPS is a contribution to human life.

With this GPS technology, we can find any road or address. Through GPS we,

Where there is a place, where there is a shop, distance of the place, address, road, and the current location of any person, car, or moving thing can be seen through a GPS tracker device.

GPS is a very useful device and a very necessary device for everyone. Now you may be thinking that

  • What is GPS?
  • What is the history of GPS?
  • What is the function of GPS?
  • Why GPS is used? And,
  • What are the benefits of GPS?

Moreover, we will know some other information about GPS like “what does GPS stand for” and “about GPS tracker”.

So let’s know the answer to every question you have about GPS below. First of all, “What is GPS?” We will know this completely.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for “Global Positioning System”.

It is a global navigation satellite system that can tell us about our current position. Along with location, GPS also lets us know about velocity and time synchronization.


A GPS system, with the help of a satellite, can show us the distance, direction, or address of another place from anywhere on earth.

At present, a GPS system can have many things. Yours, “smartphone”, “car”, “bike”, “watch”, “house” anywhere. 

GPS works through a technology called “trilateration”. In trilateration technology, different signals are received through satellites. (If you don’t know about Satellites, Then please read What is Satellites? How Does it Work?

And, as a result of these signals received through satellite, the location information of any location can be found.

With trilateration technology, altitude, speed, and velocity are calculated. GPS technology has never been available to the public.

This technology was primarily developed for use in military applications.

However, this GPS technology was made available to the general public by the government in 1960.

Rain or storm, GPS will work in any kind of weather. Because it has a direct relationship with the satellite above our heads, outside the Earth.

So you understand, “What is GPS?” Hope you understand.

    What is the full form of GPS?

    The full form of GPS, or full name is “Global positioning system”.

    History of GPS

    GPS was first used in the U.S. By the Department of Defense.

    In 1973, the GPS project was launched “in the United States of America” ​​to overcome the limitations of the earlier old navigation systems.

    GPS was defined as the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), which would cover the entire world.

    GPS is often referred to as the “American navigation system” which is called “NAVSTAR“.

    What is GPS
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    Launched by Russia in 1958, the Sputnik I satellite was intended to “introduce geographical location“.

    And shortly after its launch, the U.S. It was started by the Department of Defense.

    The U.S. The Department of Defense began using this technology primarily for submarine navigation.

    After 1973, U.S. GPS technology was allowed to be used by the general public as directed by the government.

    The US NAVSTAR GPS consists of 32 satellites that are entirely U.S.-owned. Russia’s global navigation satellite system, GLONASS, has 24 satellites.

    So, you must have some knowledge about the history of GPS.

    Uses of GPS

    Now, after learning about what GPS means and its history, you might want to know how it works.

    Let’s take a look at what GPS does and where it is used.

    1. Location: To recognize or determine a position.
    2. Navigation: Moving from one location to another.
    3. Tracking: Monitoring of any object or personal movement.
    4. Mapping: Creating a map of the whole world.
    5. Timing: To make it possible to take the right measure of time.

    GPS has become one of the most widely used technologies today. GPS has been used in various industries, companies, and government organizations.

    GPS is used in many places to create maps and in some places to track position and location.

    Currently, GPS is more commonly used by “transportation vehicles”.

    GPS has been widely used to navigate transportation vehicles. There are many more benefits and uses of GPS.

    Some usage of GPS

    Let us know below some of the important benefits, uses, and functions of GPS.

    1. Emergency Response

    During any kind of natural disaster, different responders first use GPS. GPS can be used for weather mapping, following, and weather forecasting.

    2. Entertainment

    At present GPS is being used in various Android and PC games. This is a lot of work in the case of online multiplayer gaming.

    3. Safety & security

    Using GPS allows you to keep an eye on your loved ones. It is possible to know where they are going.

    4. Location tracking & navigation

    Using this technology you can find any place, shop, hotel, road, etc. Moreover, if you want to go to a particular place, GPS will show you the whole way.

    5. Health & fitness

    With the help of GPS technology in modern smartphones and smartwatches, we can track our physical activities. For example, how long did you stand or walk during the day?

    6. Preventing Car Theft

    Using GPS can prevent cars, bikes, etc. from being stolen. GPS works as an anti-theft device if you have a GPS tracking device attached to your car or bike. 

    In this way, even if someone has stolen your bike or car, you can check the location of your car at any time.

    7. Solo Travels

    If you are going to visit an unfamiliar country or city, then GPS is most useful for finding roads or places.

    So, friends, these are just some of the benefits and uses of GPS. There are many more uses and uses of GPS.

    What is a GPS tracker?

    GPS Tracker or GPS Tracking Unit is a type of navigation device that in most cases,

    • By car or bike
    • Domesticated animals
    • Older people in the house

    Etc. These kinds of moving things are kept or given to people.

    After that, a navigation device is tracked through a Global Positioning System (GPS) to see its location and position.

    With this type of GPS tracking device, you can see the exact location of your car or bike after it has been stolen.

    In addition, this type of GPS tracking unit is used to keep the elderly in the house from getting lost.

    Then I hope you understand what a GPS tracker is.


    Friends, today we have learned the complete information about GPSWe learned about GPS and what GPS is used for.

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    GPS is very important nowadays and so it is important to know about GPS.


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