What is Google Find My Device | Find My Device Android

In today’s article, we will learn all about Google Find My Device | Find My Device Android.

Google Find My Device
What is Google Find My Device

Also, today we will learn what Google’s Find Device app/service is for and how to use it. 

So if you have lost your smartphone, want to find the smartphone, want to know the location of the lost mobile, then this Google Find My Device App will help you.

Using this application, you can directly delete all the data in your stolen mobile.

In this case, even if the mobile phone is stolen, you will not be able to access any of your important and personal files and data.

So, like me, we all need to know about this advanced and cool app provided by Google. This app can help you a lot in case your mobile is lost or stolen.

Let’s take a look at “Find My Device” directly below.

What Is Google Find My Device

Simply put, this is one of the best apps developed by Google.

This service or app can find the location of any android device such as smartphone, smartwatch, tablet directly using Google Maps.

There is also a great feature called “lock device” through which you can lock your mobile completely.

And, if you want, you can display a message or your mobile number on the lock screen.

In this way, if someone finds your mobile, they will see your displayed mobile number or message so they can contact you and turn your mobile.

To use this great feature of Google you need to use the android app of Google Find My Device.

However, if your mobile is lost or stolen and you do not have any other android mobile, then you can use the “Web Version”.

If you go to Google search and search by typing Find My Device, you will be able to see this service from Google.

You can do everything directly by logging in with your Gmail account.

So, the job of this modern and advanced service of Google is to tell us the location of lost or stolen android devices and to make the devices more secure.

Why Find My Device is used?

As I mentioned earlier, this service is mainly used to track lost and stolen android mobile/devices.

Suppose your mobile is lost or stolen,

In this case, you need to install this app on another person’s Android mobile and log in to the app with your Gmail account.

Remember, you need to log in to the Find My Device app with the same Gmail ID that was being used on your lost mobile.

After logging in, you will be able to track the location of the lost mobile and with it, you will be able to do things like lock mobile, ring mobile, delete data, etc.

Features of Google Find My Device App

When a mobile phone is lost, the first question that comes to our mind is about the security of the mobile phone.

Whether the mobile was locked or not, how will he contact me if other people get the data or files there or if someone has got the mobile?

There are many such questions in our heads that Google has put the following features in this app for users using their Android device.

1. Check your device’s location

The first feature is to try to know the location. After the mobile is stolen, you will be able to know the location of your mobile.

However, in this case, you have to have GPS on your mobile, it is possible to track the location through GPS.

When we tried this app, every feature of it worked properly.

However, when trying to see the location of the mobile, the exact location of the mobile was not shown, although the location next to the mobile was shown.

So, you can know the location of the lost mobile through this app, but you can’t know the exact place.

2. Play Sound

A lot of times our mobile comes and stays somewhere next to us even though we can’t find it. So, seeing this problem, the feature of Play sound has been added here.

After logging in to the Find my device service, you will see the option of “play sound” first after the name of the mobile.

If you click on Play sound then the ringtone will play on your mobile for 5 minutes.

No worries, even if your mobile was muted, the ringtone will ring loudly. With this, if your mobile comes somewhere next to you, you will understand immediately.

3. Secure Device

Here is a great feature called Secure Device. With this feature, we can lock our lost android device.

In this case, even though the screen lock was not given on your mobile, the mobile will be locked and no one will be able to enter inside your mobile.

Also, your Google account will be logged out as soon as the phone is locked. If you want, you can display a message or mobile number displayed on the lock screen.

With this, if someone wants to contact you and turn the mobile, he can do so through the message or mobile number shown on the screen.

4. Erase Device

If in the end, you think that you will not be able to turn your mobile in any way, then you can delete all the data in the device using Erase Device.

There are many times when we have a lot of personal and important data or files on our mobile.

And, if the mobile is lost or stolen, there is a fear of data leak. In that case, if you lost your android smartphone and you can’t find it,

You can then delete any content on your mobile using the Erase Device option in Google Find My Device.

However, remember, once erased, you can no longer locate the mobile.

How to download the Find My Device App?

1. Open Google Play Store from any Android mobile and search by typing “Find My Device“.

Now you can see the official app from Google LLCFinally, you can download the app to your mobile by clicking on the Install button.

2. If you wish to use this service directly without an app,

Then go straight to the Google search engine and search by typing Google Find My Phone. You can see Google’s find my phone page.

3. In addition, the service can be used in a web browser without an app without having to go directly to this website https://www.google.com/android/find and login with your Gmail account.

Remember, in each case you have to log in with the same Gmail account that was used on the lost mobile.


So friends, if your Android mobile is lost or stolen, you can try to find out the location of the mobile using this Find Device service of Google.

Plus, there are plenty of other mobile security options that you can use. If you like our today’s article, please share the article on social media.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please let us know in the comments below.

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