what is ghost writing | How to become a Ghostwriter for Beginners (Ghostwriting Step-by-Step)

Ghostwriting means when you write an article or book for a celebrity, businessman, etc., but your name is kept anonymous.

What is Ghostwriting?

A ghostwriter is someone who works on a script that would be credited to someone else. It can be the whole book or part of it,

But either way, the ghostwriter won’t get public credit.

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How to Become a Ghostwriter?

After knowing what is Ghost Writing, do you know how to become a ghostwriter? Since I am not a ghostwriter, what I am telling you in this article,

I think that will help you to become a blog ghostwriter from which you can earn good money.

You can become a ghostwriter in some of the following ways:-

Become a Freelance Writer First

To become a profitable ghostwriter, first, focus on becoming a freelance writer. After this, you can enter through ghostwriting.

Being a freelance writer builds your credibility easily. You don’t need to market much to offer ghostwriting services.

Prospects can easily see the value of your writing.

Become a Freelance Editor

If you think you don’t want to promote yourself as a freelance writer, So why not become a freelance editor instead? Many freelance editors edit books,

And it’s a great lead-in for your ghostwriting services. Sometimes the client may add your name as editor to one of the authors.

Feel comfortable writing large projects

The most attractive ghostwriter is the one who writes ghostwriters’ books. Doctors, financial advisors, or lawyers hire ghostwriters to write their books.

Writing books is a different skill than writing blog posts or articles.

Write a book or two

Many ghostwriters are also writers themselves. Many find that being a ghostwriter fits in perfectly with their business.

So, if you are a freelance writer who has also written a book, you can be a good ghostwriter too!

Skills to become a ghostwriter

1. Self-confidence

Confidence is key to a ghostwriter’s success for many reasons. A confident person is more likely to get clients – when clients trust your abilities,

So they are more than willing to hire you to write their book or blog post.

2. Creativity

As a freelancer, you undoubtedly come with experience with story ideas, organized articles or book chapters,

And come up with new approaches to the topics you’ve written about before. You’ll use those same skills when you ghostwrite.

3. Flexibility

If you are ghostwriting for someone else, you have to be flexible because you are not writing for yourself.

How to take orders for Ghostwriting?

You can use the following methods to take orders for ghostwriting:-

i. Facebook Groups

Join the Facebook group related to ghostwriting and tell people about your work.

ii.  Freelancing

You can start this work using freelancing, Given below are some top freelancing websites

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • freelancer

The demand for this job in India is increasing day by day. If you search for ghostwriting jobs on google, then you will get the job very easily.

If you have the right skills then you will definitely get success in it.

Earnings of ghostwriter 

Ghostwriters for fiction books are available for around Rs 700 per page (250 words) on many online platforms.

If you read a whole book then you can quickly charge 40 to 50 thousand.

The idea for Ghostwriting

You can use the following website for topics and ideas related to ghostwriting: –

Answer the Public

  • Reddit
  • TEDx
  • Quora

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And do you know any such thing related to this topic, What we may have forgotten to tell, then definitely tell in the comment?

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