What is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO? A complete Techniques

If you are a blogger then you must have knowledge about SEO. But do you know everything about SEO?

Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

When it comes to website SEO, we can use two types of SEO. These are Black hat SEO and White hat SEO.

If you don’t know what Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO are, you don’t have to worry. In today’s article, we will know in detail what is called Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.


The use of search engine optimization (SEO) is very important in the case of a good search engine ranking of any blog or website.

With this process, we can increase the search engine traffic in our blog/website.

However, if you are not using the right SEO techniques, then in the future the website will have a problem getting a good ranking (ranking) among Google or other search engines.

So, to know the difference between “black hat” and “white hat SEO techniques” and what is important to use for success in blogging career now.

Using these two types of SEO techniques, we can rank our blog, website, or blog article pages in the Google search engine.

So what is the main difference between them? Why Black Hat SEO Techniques Are Forbidden? Why Does Everyone Use White Hat SEO Techniques?

Below we will learn in detail about each subject.

Black hat SEO vs White hat SEO: Which is more effective?

So which black hat and white hat techniques are more effective, the answer to this question is very simple.

In this case, Black Hat SEO can be said to be much more effective.

Because, a website, blog, or web page can be given a better ranking in search engines by black hat SEO techniques much faster and faster than white hat.

And so, nowadays a lot of new bloggers use this black hat process to get traffic to the blog in a shortcut way with less effort.

In the case of black hat techniques, the SEO of the website is done mainly by targeting or targeting the search engines.

As a result, it is possible for a website to get much faster traffic from search engines.

But remember, the effectiveness of the black hat process is only temporary.

Because, Google algorithms do not like websites, blogs, web pages using black hat SEO techniques.

As a result, websites that use black hat SEO techniques after some time have almost stopped receiving traffic from search engines, or are greatly reduced.

In contrast, the White Hat SEO process focuses on user experience, quality, and user/audience.

In this case, even if it takes time to get traffic from search engines, after some time you can get organic traffic from Google or other search engines all the time without any problem.

This is because the Google search engine prefers blogs or websites that use white hat SEO techniques where more attention is paid to the user experience.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is an SEO technique that is used to improve the ranking of a web page, website, or blog on a search engine result page (SERP).

This means that this process is used for the purpose of getting the top ranking in search engines.

This process focuses only on the search engine and does not focus on content quality or user experience.

This process is used to get a high amount of traffic from search engine to website in less time where search engine rules are not followed.

All the spam SEO techniques are used to get a lot of traffic from search engines. And every SEO technique like this is called black hat SEO.

Although this process will speed up and drive a lot of traffic to the website in a short period of time, after a while you will definitely see the opposite effect or detrimental effect.

In order for Google to provide its users with accurate, relevant, and clear solutions to their search queries, the Google search engine always seeks out websites using this type of spam SEO technique through its advanced algorithms to eliminate them from search engines. It is done.

And there are Google panda, Google penguin, and many other advanced Google algorithm updates, which work to find and penalize websites that use spam SEO techniques.

So, we always need to follow the rules of search engines and use the right SEO techniques.

What are the black hat SEO techniques?

Below we will learn about each of the Black Hat SEO techniques that are currently widely used.

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Unrelated meta description
  • Doorway pages
  • Duplicate content
  • Invisible keywords
  • Link farming
  • Irrelevant Backlink

Let us know in detail about each type of black hat SEO technique.

1. Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a search engine optimization technique where the same keywords (words, sentences, keywords) in the same web page are used too many times or repeatedly in tags, visible content, backlink anchor text, etc., and try to get inappropriate search engines traffic. Is.

Unnecessary use of a keyword over and over again results in a bad user experience.

Therefore, the use of keywords in the article should always be in accordance with the keyword density (keyword density).

2. Unrelated meta description

After writing any article we basically give a short description of what the article is written in place of the description of the web page.

This description repeatedly uses targeted keywords and unrelated keywords to get inappropriate ranking in search engines.

It is important to use targeted keywords in the meta description, but using the same keyword over and over again or using irrelevant keywords is a spam technique.

3. Doorway pages

These types of web pages are completely fake pages. This means that a user cannot view these pages, but search engine spiders can read these pages.

These pages are created for the purpose of getting a ranking by manipulating the index of the search engine for a particular keyword.

In this case, basically, the search engine receives traffic by increasing the ranking of the website in an inappropriate way for a certain phrase or keyword.

4. Duplicate content

New bloggers make the mistake of using this kind of process very easily.

In this case, the content is used on one’s own website by stealing or copying from another blog or website.

This type of copied content can be easily recognized by Google as a result of which the copied content will lose ranking in the future.

5. Invisible keywords

The more times the same keyword or keyword phrases are used in an article or post, the more likely it is that the post will get a ranking in the SERP for those repeated keywords.

Therefore, many times articles use an excessive number of targeted keywords and make them invisible by matching them with background colors.

6. Link farming

In this case, a new website is created and from there a lot of links/hyperlinks are created for an old website and an attempt is made to increase the SEO ranking.

So, a link farm is one or more websites that have been created only for the purpose of increasing the link popularity of another website.

Most link farms are created through automated programs and services.

7. Irrelevant Backlink

We all know how important backlinks play in increasing the search engine ranking of a website.

In this case, there are many people who create a lot of spam backlinks to get a better search engine ranking.

These types of spam backlinks are usually bought in bulk and paid backlinks are created. Most of these backlinks are completely irrelevant to the website or the topic of the website.

What is White Hat SEO?

White SEO is a very lucrative and effective way through which anyone can get quality organic traffic to their blog and be successful in their blogging career.

In the case of White Hat, we only have to follow those SEO techniques to create a website or write an article that is fully approved by Google or other search engines.

Every search engine has some quality guidelines and rules that they rank websites by looking at.

And whenever we do search engine optimization of our website by following all the rules and guidelines of a search engine, then those SEO techniques are called the “White hat SEO technique“.

What are the white hat SEO techniques?

Let’s take a look at some of the important techniques of White Hat SEO.

  • Quality content
  • Proper keyword optimization
  • Website loading speed
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Quality backlinking / link building
  • Internal linking

Let us know in detail about each subject.

1. Quality content

In SEO, one sentence is very popular and almost everyone says “content is king”. I mean, the article you are writing is the real king.

Because, by doing SEO, you can only rank any article page in search engine. However, if the article is good, people will read and like it.

If the quality of the article you write is so bad then people will not read it.

As a result, no matter how deadly SEO is, low-quality content will never get traffic from the Google search engines.

Because, whenever a user enters a website or article page from Google search, they can understand the quality of Google content through some important user signals.

So, to get traffic from Google or other search engines, you need to write good and quality content that can satisfy the user.

2. Proper keyword optimization

In the case of any article, you have to find some targeted keywords related to that article and use them in the article.

If I were to refer to this article, my targeted keywords would be “White Hat and Black Hat SEO“.

That way, you only need to use a few keywords related to the topic of your article.

Also, the exact keyword density is decided by how often the target keywords will be used.

It is important to use at least once every important keyword related to the article, title, Post URL, Image alt tag, description, first article paragraph, and subheading.

3. Website loading speed

How good or bad the loading speed of a website is a very important issue in search engine optimization.

Because, the loading speed of the websites that are very slow, they are not given much importance in the case of Google ranking.

So, in order to get a good ranking of the website in Google search engine, the loading speed of the website has to be much better.

4. Mobile-friendly website

Nowadays Google search engine is definitely giving more value to mobile-friendly websites.

So, it is important to have a mobile version of your website.

When your website is opened on mobile so that it adjusts to the screen size of the mobile and opens as a mobile.

In this case, you need to use a responsive theme for your website.

Responsive themes are adjusted to the website as a separate device of any screen size and open as mobile version or desktop version.

5. Quality backlinking and link building

When you get backlinks from other websites related to the subject of your website, then the ranking of your website is gradually getting better in search engines.

This SEO optimization technique is used in both black hats and white hats.

However, if you are naturally creating a backlink for your website without any paid link, then it can be caught in the process of white hat.

6. Internal linking

Internal linking is one of the most important parts of on-page SEO optimization.

A powerful internal linking strategy can greatly improve your website’s search engine ranking.

In this process, we have to provide links to other articles of our blog related to the topic on which we write articles in the blog.

As a result, our articles are getting link juice from other article pages, and ranking in search engines is good.


So, friends, I hope you know exactly what Black Hat and White Hat SEO are. If you like our article, if you have learned something new, then you must share the article.

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please let us know in the comments below.


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