What is a firewall? Why firewalls are used?

What is a firewall? Why a firewall is used, how a firewall works, and why a firewall is needed, we will talk about in today’s article.


In addition, we will discuss the types of firewalls in the article.

What is a firewall
What is a firewall? Why firewalls are used?

Most people who use computers and the internet have heard the word firewall and many of them know something about it.


However, very few people know what a firewall is or how it works.

The way we use a variety of security prevention methods and techniques to keep ourselves safe and secure in our daily lives,

In the same way, some computer protection is required to keep a computer device working safely and securely.

However, to keep a computer system safe and secure, we use different types of security systems.

And most of these security systems are computer antivirus is used.

With a good antivirus, we can protect our computer system from a variety of computer viruses and malware.

Antivirus software can only work if viruses or malware have already entered your computer. In this case, the user’s system is not completely secure.

However, a firewall is a security system that allows malware and viruses to enter the computer before they enter.

Below we will explain in detail what a firewall is and how a firewall works.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a powerful computer security system that protects all types of computer devices and networks from hackers, malware, and viruses.

Firewall protection is primarily used to protect a computer or network so that viruses cannot enter the computer.

Also, it prevents the virus from being transmitted from one computer to another.

Various hackers enter your computer network and try to hack your computer or network.

In this case, if you are using firewall security, the security of your computer or network will be maintained by blocking the hacker’s request by the firewall.

Many times, when we use the Internet on a computer or access a variety of websites,

Many times different hackers or attackers try to install various unwanted applications or viruses in our computer system.

In this case, firewall security gives our computer complete protection from these internet attackers and hackers.

Thus, firewall security works like an application software program or antivirus software.

Whenever our computer is connected to any private network or internet, this firewall starts keeping records of every unauthorize traffic access that enters the computer.

And every unauthorized traffic access will continue to inform the user about the information and will need to block harmful access.

Simply put, a firewall is a security wall between a computer and an Internet network. So hopefully, what is a firewall? What does firewall mean? Got it.

Types of firewall

Firewalls are basically of two types.

  • Software firewall and 
  •  Hardware firewall.

Let us know in detail about each firewall.

1. Software Firewall

It is firewall security that can be easily installed on the computer.

Software firewalls are already provided in almost every Windows OS (7, 8, 10) that we know as Windows firewall.

This type of firewall works just like a hardware firewall. Software firewalls protect different computers in different ways.

Software firewalls are a special kind of computer software that is run on a computer/server.

The main purpose of this is to protect your computer/server and work on computer security by preventing viruses, attacks, malware from trying to enter from outside.

2. Hardware Firewall

A hardware firewall is much stronger and has better firewall security.

These types of firewalls are in the form of separate physical devices that are relatively expensive.

Hardware firewalls are mainly used by large companies and organizations.

Most routers and modems already have this type of firewall installed. And so, this firewall is located between the computer and the Internet gateway.

Hardware firewall protection is turned on in your computer whenever you connect your computer through your router or modem.

In this way, unauthorized access/traffic from outside is checked properly and if necessary, they are blocked.

Software-based firewalls are used for personal systems. However, hardware firewalls are used in business servers.

How does a firewall work?

You have already understood the work of a firewall.

Its main function is to create a strong security system between computer/server and internet/network so that unauthorized access/traffic cannot harm your system in any way.

But let us know how the firewall system works. A firewall is a 2-way protection system. Whenever we access the Internet through our computers or other devices,

Then through the Internet, various kinds of malicious software, viruses, bots, etc. try to enter our system or network.

And this fear is present in the case of any computer device. The firewall acts as a shield between this computer device and the internet network.

This firewall filters every request and traffic that the computer tries to access through the Internet.

And it blocks any kind of spyware, malware, virus, etc. before they enter your computer. In this way, your computer/server, etc. can work in complete security.

Advantages of firewall

It is very important to have firewall protection on a computer device or server Because there are many advantages and benefits of the firewall.

  • The main advantage of firewall security is that it monitors the entire network traffic. The data and network traffic entered and sent from your system are filtered well so that the system is always protected.
  • At present, new viruses are being created every day so that computer systems can be attacked. So, through the firewall, we can control the entrances of our system and avoid virus attacks.
  • At present, there are a lot of hackers who try to hack people’s systems and destroy or steal data, emails, systems, files, etc. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average hacker or hacker.
  • Spyware viruses are created to steal data from a person’s system. Firewall security also protects you from this type of spyware virus.

After knowing the benefits and advantages of the firewall mentioned above, you may have better understood the need for a firewall.


So friends, through today’s article we have discussed what is called a firewall and the use and need of a firewall.

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