Top 10 Tips to Stop Internet Addiction (Symptoms, and Treatments)

In today’s article, we are going to discuss the ways to stop internet addiction.

Technology is destroying our relationship because we value our phones more than the people around us.” – (Quote from a person)

Stop Internet Addiction
How To Stop Internet Addiction?

People have to look at the phone or laptop screen day and night, either for the sake of profession or for the sake of intoxication.

And this incident has become a daily occurrence for almost every household in the world and in India.

Someone might be finishing up online office work on a laptop and opening an OTT platform like Netflix just to get some entertainment at the end of the day.

And, some people are getting addicted to online gaming before finishing school tuition. Many are spending hours on social media platforms or on YouTube.

In one room, three people have fathers, mothers, and children, but they are all busy with their mobile phones and the world of the internet.

They have no time to talk to each other or to share their joys and sorrows. They are busy day and night, addicted to entertainment from the internet.

And, this internet medium is eating away at people’s relationships by being bound by this intoxication.

And, the topic we are discussing in this article today is Internet addiction and ways to stop this addiction.

What is internet addiction?

We have heard since childhood that nothing extra is good in human life. Just like that, excessive use of the internet can make you addicted to the internet.

Let’s talk about what this internet addiction is.

In fact, Internet addiction is the excessive or unlimited use of computers and the Internet, which has a negative effect on human behavior and the body.

Or, the excessive use of the Internet, which can push people toward disruption or hardship, and that excessive use of the Internet is what we can identify as extreme addiction to the Internet.

Symptoms of Internet Addiction

When you are addicted to something, that intoxication pulls you over and over again.

In other words, you want to do that intoxication again and again. Internet addiction is just like that non-addictive drug.

I mean, you may not want to touch the mobile from the mind, but you repeatedly open the lock screen of your phone and enter into one of the applications and spend hours and hours without knowing it.

But, the hours and hours that you spend on the internet will never come back. On the contrary, it can have a detrimental effect on your body and mind.

A person needs 7 to 8 hours of adequate sleep and adequate food and drinks throughout the day to stay healthy.

However, you may be unaware of the Internet addiction that you are using day after day by stopping your work all day or sacrificing your night’s sleep.

And, the various effects of this internet addiction can fall on your mind and body. These are frustrated with life, mood swings, loneliness, guilt, loss of time, and so on.

Even sitting on the Internet while sitting in the same place can lead to more complex physical problems like back, back, and neck pain.

However, just as there are ways to get out of all the difficulties, there are also some effective ways to get rid of internet addiction.

Ways to stop internet addiction

Below are some of the most important ways to break free from Internet addiction:

  1. Stay away from electronic gadgets
  2. Stay in nature for a few hours
  3. Read books or magazines
  4. Focus on creating positive addictions
  5. Keeps pets
  6. Hang out with friends
  7. Listen to the song
  8. Make time for yourself
  9. Do Exercise regularly

1. Stay away from Electronic Gadgets Unnecessarily

In order to get rid of internet addiction, first of all, you have to be strong mentally.

Challenge yourself if you regularly use the internet and various electronic devices for 10 hours a day.

However, try to reduce that daily use to 9 hours in the first week. That way, you can reduce your daily internet usage by one hour each week.

Give yourself some good treats to win this challenge every week.

And if that doesn’t work out, stay away from excessive internet use with the help of your friends and some fun challenges with them.

2. Stay in Nature for a few Hours throughout the day

Man’s relationship with nature dates back to ancient times. And, if there is a man in nature, his mind becomes better by itself.

So, try, at least, to spend an hour in the open air in a park or greenfield throughout the day.

Or you could go on a long walk with a partner. With this, your mind will be away from the internet or any kind of device for a while.

3. Read Books or Magazines

Your favorite subject could be a crime thriller or comedy. And, there are countless books and magazines in this world.

Books will help you to increase your concentration as well as reduce your internet addiction.

Because, once you get addicted to books, it will help you to increase your knowledge as well as your creativity.

And, when a person is involved in creative work, he is happy from the heart and does not consider the use of internet medium as important.

However, if you’re addicted to the Internet, it’s best to stay away from e-book platforms like the Kindle.

And, psychology says, that the printed letters of the book are also helpful in increasing people’s attention.

4. Focus on Creating new Positive Addictions

Nowadays it is almost impossible to live without the internet, but using this internet, you can use it for any educational purpose.

You can learn a new language, try a new drawing style, or you can learn a new recipe.

You see, the fun of enjoying the pleasures of creating something new by hand is different from mechanical life.

5. Keep a Pet and take care of it

It is not uncommon for people to become addicted to the Internet out of loneliness. So, if you feel alone, but do not want to be with any people.

However, in that case, you can keep any pet to your advantage and preference.

If you spend time behind his care, eating, and drinking, you will see that his mind has shifted a lot from the internet.

However, make sure that your pet is not neglected in any way, but then understand that your addiction is trying to put a complete grip on you.

And in that case, it is very important to contact a doctor.

6. Call Openly or Chat face to face with friends

There has been a lot of this WhatsApp voice note, text sending, and status viewing! Get out of this and open your mind and talk on the phone with your friends or loved ones.

If needed, see them frequently. And, never mind that you are the only one addicted to this internet,

You may see that someone in the flat next to you is just as addicted to the Internet as you are.

So, try to talk to them, so that you can stand together against this addiction.

7. Listen to Music or Watch Movies

Instead of always using the internet, listen to the various radio stations on the radio in the corner of your room.

There are also various good song programs and discussion sessions. Which can create a lot of creative and constructive attitudes.

On the other hand, it would be nice to have two or four TV programs in your house with the dusty old stupid box.

So, watch or listen to the radio or TV which is more mind-boggling, just try to keep yourself away from the internet.

8. Make time for Yourself

Although we like to watch one web series after another, in fact, watching and listening to those series continuously puts a lot of pressure on our brain.

So, of course, try to watch 3 to 5 episodes throughout the day, to spend the rest of the time for yourself.

At that time you read a book, or you followed your skincare routine, or you fell asleep. Giving rest to one’s body and mind is equally important.

So, if you love yourself, save some time for yourself, without spending most of the day on the internet.

9. Practice Regular Exercise

The lazy body and the brain are both but the abode of the devil. So, instead of constantly sitting on the mobile hand, pay attention to your physical exercise.

And, there is no end to the Internet, but remember that your life is one, that is why you can spend the rest of your life happily in a healthy body and mind.

So try to get out of internet addiction as soon as possible.

10. Feel Free to Contact your Doctor

We can’t always come out of addiction alone, So we need some help in those cases.

So, if you think you can’t control your internet addiction, be sure to consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible without hesitation.

They will definitely try to help you as much as possible from their valuable experience.


Life is a struggle, where the battle between the good and the bad is different for all people. We have the good and the bad.

Hence, seeking to correct evil is not a sin or an abomination.

So, to get rid of this bad internet addiction, we want to continue the fight against bad till the end. So that we can live happily ever after like the other five ordinary people.

This is the end of our article on internet addiction today.

If you like this article written on how to stop internet addiction, please let us know in the comments.

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