Top 10 Reasons Why Google AdSense Is Not Approved

The first 3-4 years since Google Adsense was first officially launched in June 2003, however, approval was a simple matter.

Reasons for Rejection After Applying for Google Adsense

Why Google AdSense Is Not Approved
Why Google AdSense Is Not Approved?

But since then the matter has become more and more difficult. In the beginning, anyone could get approval with a copy of a blog.

But now it is not possible to get approval even with a good quality blog due to non-compliance with various rules.

However, those who are blogging in full compliance with all the rules of Google Adsense can easily approve.

There are a lot of good bloggers these days who are frustrated with not being able to apply for Google Adsense again and again.

Some people are trying and failing while others are not able to accept failure at all. I am going to share 10 main reasons for those who apply again and again and do not get Adsense.

These will definitely help you to correct the mistakes of your blog. And if you follow these, I believe you will get Google Adsense.

Top 10 Reasons Why Google AdSense Is Not Approved

  1. The age of the blog is less
  2. If there is not enough content
  3. Poor quality content should not be used
  4. Unique Content
  5. Using inappropriate content
  6. Insufficient traffic
  7. Reasons why blog design is not good
  8. Reasons not to use a top-level domain
  9. Reasons for not having Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Inform
  10. Reasons to use other ads

1. The age of the blog is less

Your blog/website must be at least 4 months old before you can apply for Google AdSense.

In particular, it is not possible to apply from anywhere in Asia until the blog is 4 months old.

So you should apply for Adsense after the blog is 4 months old. Then you can get.

2. If there is not enough content

Content is the lifeblood of a blog. The more content you have on your blog, the more visitors you will get.

You must have at least 20/25 good quality unique posts on your blog before applying for Google AdSense.

There should be at least 5 posts in each category of the blog. Because Adsense authorities approve your blog before

Make sure that the blog has enough content. If so, I guess you won’t have any problems.

3. Poor quality content should not be used

Not only sound content but his alertness and dedication are most required. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people

If you think there is enough content to apply for Adsense will not be approved at all. If you want to start blogging

In the past, you have thought that in the future, you will earn money online by using Google AdSense on your blog.

Then you must start writing about topics that are of value to all types of readers, including search engines. When on your blog

If there is good quality content then the blog will be acceptable to everyone. This will make it easier to get Google AdSense. So in this direction

Be a little careful.

4. Unique Content

This is one of the most common and important issues in blogging and getting Google AdSense. The underlying significance of this issue

No one wants to understand or be able to understand well. It is not clear to many that it is an actually unique content

What? Most people think that if they don’t use the content copied from someone’s blog, it becomes unique content. Basically the subject

The full meaning is not happening this way.

But yes, you must refrain from copying every post on your blog from other people’s blogs. Call it unique content

This means that the content does not match with anyone else in any way. Now you might say I am someone since I copy any content

If not, then this is the unique content. You will try to make your content unique.

5. Using inappropriate content

Contains content that is outside the use of Blogger Policy. Which can harm the common man if used. A.

Blog Adsense will not be approved no matter how much traffic you get using this type of content. See below-

  • Pornography / Adult Content.
  • Hacking or cracking tips.
  • Third-party video sharing blog.
  • Promotion of various drugs.
  • Attract to alcohol products.
  • Contradictory content.
  • Advertising of deadly weapons.

6. Insufficient traffic

Google Adsense will not be approved if your blog does not have enough traffic. AdSense will be easily approved when the blog has enough organic traffic.

Because Google wants to give an AdSense account to someone whose blog they can benefit by displaying ads to visitors.

When you share good quality unique content with good SEO then the traffic will automatically increase.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you can’t make a profit by increasing your visitors through any type of paid traffic.

Adsense will easily approve you when you get enough visitors only from the Google search engine without any kind of social media.

7. Reasons why blog design is not good

When you start a business, you must first decorate your shop or place of business well. Then put the necessary equipment in the store to do business.

That’s exactly what blogging is all about. If your blog is not well-designed and does not have enough space to insert Google Adsense code, AdSense will not be approved at all.

Because if you can’t clearly display ads to visitors by placing ads in the required places of your blog, they will not get any benefit.

So the design of the blog must be Responsive, Transparent, and useful to use Adsense Ad.

8. Reasons not to use a top-level domain

The domain is one of the most important parts of getting Google AdSense approval right now.

Most new bloggers apply for Google AdSense using a sub-domain ( or without using a good domain on their blog. As a result, Google rejected their application outright.

However, there was a time when it was possible to easily approve AdSense with a sub-domain, but recently this issue has become quite difficult. So to make the matter easier, it would be better to buy a good custom domain before starting blogging.

9. Reasons for not having Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Inform

There are several important pages for any blog, such as 

  • About Us, 
  • Privacy Policy, and 
  • Contact Us.

Because through these, Adsense can know about your blog and make sure that you are the owner of the blog.

A few years ago, the Google AdSense Team made it a rule that every blog must have a Privacy Policy page.

Of course, it is better to keep the rest of the pages as well.

10. Reasons to use other ads

If you use any type of ads on the blog, you must remove them when applying for Google Adsense.

Because the Google Adsense Team will not approve Adsense if you see any type of ads while reviewing your blog. Moreover, it does not fall under the Adsense Policy.

There are some more reasons

There are several other reasons why Google Adsense is not approved. Which cannot be discussed in detail now. So I will summarize the issues below.

I hope it will be good to know: –

  • Applicants must not be under 18 years of age.
  • If there is a link to the blog on the Evil site.
  • If the site is infected with malware.
  • If the real owner of the blog is not himself.
  • The navigation of the blog is not easy to understand.
  • If the child is excluded from the Privacy Protection Act.
  • If you do not support the language of the blog content.
  • If Adsense Account has been banned before.
  • If you do not follow the Adsense Policy properly.


My guess is that if you do, you won’t get Google AdSense approval. So if you want to get Google AdSense approval. But start working by following the right rules and move on.

Those who have already failed to approve by applying to Google Adsense can easily find out where you made a mistake before by reading the above tips well.

On the other hand, those who have not yet applied to Adsense will be able to easily approve the first time by following these tips.

If you like reading articles, be sure to share them with your friends. Your well-thought-out opinion is highly desirable to me.

So if you have any comments on this topic, please let us know in the comments below. I will gladly review your comments and try to reply.

Stay well.

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