Problems with Cesarean Delivery | Purpose, Procedure & Risks

C-section, also known as cesarean delivery, is a procedure where a doctor gives birth to a baby through a hole in the mother’s abdomen and uterus instead of through the vagina.

In some cases, a C-section may be pre-planned if a woman has some complications during pregnancy. Doctors can give advance notice to reduce the risk for both mother and baby.

Generally, cesarean delivery is avoided at 39 weeks of gestation or before full term. However, if there are any complications, the baby is delivered by cesarean delivery before 39 weeks.

Problems with Cesarean Delivery 

Cesarean Delivery
Cesarean Delivery

What is a cesarean?

Cesarean section (C-section) is a type of surgery performed on the abdomen of a pregnant mother during childbirth. 

Cesarean delivery is usually performed if the baby fails to give birth according to natural rules. 

 Although it is a dangerous treatment, it is possible to give birth to two children in a row or have two caesareans. But it also has the potential to have serious side effects.

Why a cesarean section is performed?

Cesarean delivery is performed when a pregnant woman is in critical condition or normal delivery is not possible. If the patient has had two caesareans before or there is a problem with the patient’s position or any other problem,


1. 14 hours have been tried for normal delivery of the patient. But in no way did the baby’s head go down through the vagina.

2. The patient is weak enough.

3. The condition of the child is dangerous, that is, if the child is at risk of death. Cesarean delivery is done.

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Side effects of cesarean delivery

All operations have side effects. Anesthesia is given for the operation. As a result, the patient’s blood pressure decreases. In some cases, heart problems occur. 

 Or, if the patient has a pre-existing disease such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney problems, etc., then cesarean delivery is risky.

Benefits of Cesarean Delivery

Some people think that cesarean delivery is risky and cannot be done. Yes, cesarean delivery is risky, so it is not impossible. 

 There are advantages as well as risks. Because if normal delivery is not possible the only way is cesarean. In this case, the patient has to bear fewer labor pains. 

 When the water inside the uterus of the patient is broken, there is no way for normal delivery. 

 However, if the position of the baby in the womb is abnormal or the umbilical cord of the baby is too tight, then a cesarean section is necessary.

Health Risks and Solutions in Cesarean Delivery

If the patient has to decide on a cesarean operation. There, one should stop the operation for fear of risk and be aware of the risk to life. 

 However, it is good to know what kind of risks there may be and even then most of the problems can be avoided through appropriate measures.

Many times the baby’s position is a little problematic or horizontal. This condition is called transverse tee in medical language. 

 Due to this condition, a cesarean section has to be done. The risk of having a cesarean section after taking proper precautions is greatly reduced, 

For example, if the blood pressure continues to drop, the blood pressure is normalized with saline and some medications. 

 If there is more blood during the operation, blood has to be given. If the uterus, urinary bladder, and other surrounding organs, such as the omentum, are firmly attached to the esophagus due to adhesions during surgery; 

 In that case, you have to work very carefully. Tightly planted areas have to be removed slowly with patience.

If it is too late to get the baby out, the baby may have difficulty breathing. If the flower is at the bottom, it is called Placenta previa in medical language. 

Placenta previa (Cesarean Delivery )
Placenta previa

In that case, the patient has to give blood. And there are various attempts to stop the bleeding. 

 In most cases, it is possible to stop the bleeding. Different types of stitches and a method called condom catheter have to be applied many times. 

 Even if the bleeding cannot be stopped, the uterus has to be removed. However, the number of such uterine abortions is negligible. There is nothing to fear.

The Islamic view of the cesarean section

Cesarean section is not a crime. Children are a blessing from God. Being able to be a mother or give birth to a child is a matter of great fortune.

Islam fully supports when there is a risk of loss of life of the child and the mother in natural delivery or natural delivery is not possible.

But Islam does not support any institution to perform Caesarean section on the patient for their own benefit and the patient’s family accepts it. 

 Because the cesarean section is a serious crime.

Cesarean Patient Services

Those who have to have a cesarean section for various reasons, but will not be afraid. Having a cesarean section by an experienced obstetrician will reduce your risk of surgery. 

 This experience is needed. There may be a little pain after a cesarean operation. However, after taking the medicine, he left. Many times headaches can occur for anesthesia, but that too is not a complex problem. 

 The patient has to lie down without a pillow and drink plenty of water. However, whatever the problem, be sure to tell your doctor. 

 If the bandage gets wet in the blood or there is excessive bleeding during menstruation, the doctor must be informed immediately.

If the doctor prescribes any medicine or asks for an examination, you must do so. Many times after the operation, fever may come with shivering. 

 But not all fevers will cause any serious harm to the patient. Many times, even if there is milk in the chest, fever may occur with shivering. 

 The patient may also experience lower abdominal pain while breastfeeding. There is no complication in this case. 

 But if the body is weakened by fever, there is a burning sensation in the urine or the breasts become red and swollen and there is severe pain, or there is excessive reddish discharge, 

Or there is difficulty in a ruling, then if there is any such problem, you must inform the doctor.

C-section Birth 3d Video


We learned about cesarean delivery. There are also problems with cesarean delivery. So there is nothing to fear from cesarean delivery. Just follow the rules. But normal delivery is better.



Written By: Sumaiya Mim

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