How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool to increases Traffic

Free keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner Tool can increase the traffic from search engines by selecting suitable keywords for blogs and websites.

Without a doubt, Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular free keyword research tools on the Internet today.

Using this tool, a webmaster can easily get a very clear idea about any keyword.

This allows any blogger or online marketer to easily understand what kind of keywords are used in their blog or website or in their business products. Everyone is searching in search engines.

In that case, a blogger or online marketer can easily select keywords for his blog’s article in search engines.

Be able to bring success to his blog or business by reaching out to everyone through

The main topic of our today’s tutorial is how to research and select suitable keywords using Google Keyword Planner Tool.

How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google Keyword Planner Tool

What is Keyword research? 

Suppose you just launched a personal blog or business blog online. In this case, search engine optimization (SEO) is needed to make your blog popular by promoting and spreading it.

You can increase the popularity of the blog by increasing the traffic by bringing your blog to everyone easily without spending any money just through search engine optimization and also bring the success of the blog.

The bottom line is that increasing the traffic to the blog, promoting the blog, increasing the popularity of the blog, and the need for proper SEO to achieve success.

On the other hand, the first step of SEO after starting blogging is to do Keyword Research.

Because through Keyword Research you will be able to know about the important keywords of your blog content.

In short, keyword research is the work that is done to find the important keywords of a blog.

What is the importance of Keyword Research in SEO?

Almost everything that is searched for online is done using Keyword.

Especially now due to the transparency of Google Search Engine, everyone now searches directly on the search engine to find the required content without remembering the address of any website.

In that case, the Google search engine is bringing the best topic to the searcher.

Because of the reliability of search engines, everyone now relies on keywords to find anything online.

Therefore, considering the needs of everyone, in order to reach your blog in this way, you need to know the important keywords of your blog content, i.e. what kind of keywords can be used to search your blog topic or product online.

The more subtle he can do, the more traffic he can generate on his blog.

What is Google ads Keyword Planner?

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is one of the official tools of Google for Adwords Publishers.

Google originally introduced this tool to give advertisers an idea of ​​their website keywords before they advertised, but both AdWords Publishers and Webmasters can use it because of the Keyword Research option.

This is a very useful free tool for getting a clear idea about any type of keyword.

Benefits of Google Keyword Planner

Doing keyword research through Google Keyword Planner reveals some very important information.


  • The average number of searches per month for a particular keyword.
  • How to get CPC if you write an article targeting that keyword.
  • Keyword competition is low or high.

For example, if you find a keyword and research it through Google Keyword Planner, then you can find out the average monthly search for that keyword on Google.

If there are more searches, such as one thousand to ten thousand, then if you write an article with that keyword, you can get that amount of traffic from Google search on your blog.

Then there is the matter of the CPC,

After researching a keyword, if you write an article targeting that keyword, you will know what kind of CPC (Cost per click) you can get from Google AdSense.

If the amount of CPC is high, for example, (0.10 – 0.40) then you are getting a good amount of traffic on one hand and more money per click on the other hand.

It is a profitable medium for you.

Then you know what the competition is for your particular keyword. If the competition is low, then if you write an article targeting that keyword, you will easily get search rank in Google.

Then you can know the benefits and benefits of doing keyword research through Google Keyword Planner.

How to create a Google AdWords Account?

Now the thing is that many people can not sign up for free with Google AdSense. Because, to use Google Keyword Planner, you have to sign up for Google Ads.

Many fail to sign up there because they are asked to pay dollars there. Today I will show you a simple medium.

You must create a Google AdWords account before using Google Keyword Planner.

Because Google Keyword Planner cannot be used without an AdWords account. After creating an AdWords account, Google will allow you to use your Keyword Planner.

You can create an AdWords account using a Gmail ID by following the simple steps below.

  • First, you search Google by typing Google keyword planner.
  • Then go to the result that came above all.
  • Select your Gmail account by clicking on Create account with a new email or existing.
  • Then show the place, time zone, etc. Skip without changing anything here.
  • Then click on Explore google keyword planner.
  • Then select the Discover new keywords option.
  • Now you will be able to do keyword research in the interface that will come.

Why Keyword Research is Important for Writing Blog Articles

The keyword is the thing that forms the identity of your post. When you write something on the internet, it is a keyword. But here it is why you have to research again.

Because of the subject matter that you have searched for, there are thousands of posts in Google, how will Google understand what you want. What you want in your mind can not be understood from the outside.

So you expressed your desire in one word and wrote it down. Then the posts about that will come in front of you. And you can enter your favorite post by clicking, so no.

I said above that I searched for it. Now that will post. When you write a post, you have to let the internet know what you are writing about.

The title is to let you know what you are writing about.

This time the thing is if you give as much as you want, it will happen. No, this is the real thing. You have to understand and find out what ordinary people write.

You wrote a post about a mobile phone, this time in the title bar without any keyword research, see (see mobile service like fire) but if you take a good look at it, 

I don’t think anyone has searched Google for this keyword yet. But if you researched the keywords and used professional keywords in the title, then maybe the keyword or title would be like this (one of the best mobile phones to use).

Many will say that you have to use the tag. In fact, not. If the name is not correct, will anyone accept the title? And the post that does not match will not come. This is why word research is so important.

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