How to stop Mobile phone addiction? Best Mobile Addiction Treatment

Through today’s article, we are going to discuss in detail what is mobile addiction, ways to get rid of mobile addiction, ways to stay away from mobile, and the symptoms of smartphone addiction.


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Mobile phone addiction
How to stop Mobile phone addiction? Best Mobile Addiction Treatment


In today’s modern age, the use of mobile phones has made our lives much easier and simpler.

Today’s mobile phones are said to be no less powerful than a personal computer (PC). A mobile phone is very important in connecting with your loved ones around the world.

Nowadays, starting from children’s education, businessmen also regularly use a smartphone for various activities related to their business.

But, when mobile is used excessively and so much so that nothing feels good except mobile, then it is very bad for your health.

And while you may or may not be able to restrain yourself from excessive use of smartphones, you need to understand that you are also suffering from the problem of “mobile addiction“.

But don’t worry, if you really want to get rid of smartphone addiction, then you can know all the ways through today’s article.

What is mobile addiction?

A smartphone or a modern mobile phone is certainly a productive tool that we can use in various productive activities, but compulsive use or excessive use of this mobile can cause a lot of problems in your work, study, or relationship.

Smartphone addiction can be said to be the condition or situation when you are using an extra mobile and using the mobile without the need but compulsorily, you can’t stay without the mobile even for 5 minutes.

In this situation, the person repeatedly opens texts, emails, apps, the internet, etc. on his mobile phone, in addition to notifications on the mobile, but also to keep an eye on the mobile for new notifications.

We can compare this mobile addiction with alcohol, cigarettes, or other addictions, because like other addictions, smartphone addiction is a deadly harmful addiction.

Because, when the mobile is removed from a person who is addicted to mobile, then he does not concentrate on any other work.

There are various issues involved in mobile addiction which is the reason why people are using mobile excessively even though they don’t want to.

For example, a large number of people are addicted to playing games on their mobile phones, which is why they spend all day playing games on their mobile phones and do not want to do anything else.

In this way, many people watch online videos on their mobile phones, use social media sites, some people watch bad pictures, etc. all day long.

Because of each of these addictions, people are gradually depriving themselves of their real and real life, and this is causing them deadly harm.

Then I hope you have understood well what is mobile addiction (smartphone addiction).

What are the main addictions associated with mobile?

  • Excessive use of social networking, dating apps, texting, and messaging.
  • Dozens of web surfing, watching videos, playing games, checking news feeds and notifications.
  • The biggest and worst addiction that is currently causing the most damage is the addiction to watching online porn/sex videos.
  • Go to social media sites and scroll all the time waiting for new content.
  • I would not be wrong to say that addiction to online gaming is having a devastating effect on children’s education today.
  • Going to YouTube and other video sites/portals to watch videos all day and waste time.

What are the harms of mobile addiction?

What is smartphone addiction? After knowing this, let us know directly what is harm we get due to this mobile addiction.

1. Effects on the brain

Excessive use of mobile phones causes the most damage to your brain.

As a result of using mobile all day, our brain does not get any rest and a lot of stress is put on the brain.

As a result, a lot of lifestyle-related problems such as loneliness, depression, boredom, etc. can be seen.

In addition, there are problems like not feeling well, feeling angry all the time, laziness, not paying attention to any work, as a result of which your personal life and career are completely ruined.

Remember, these problems are more likely to occur if you use a mobile phone instead of sleeping at night.

2. Focus on work

When you are suffering from mobile addiction, of course, you can not easily focus on other things.

At any time you will want to use your own mobile phone which will cause a lot of problems for the mind to study or work.

3. Sleep disturbances

Excessive mobile use is definitely disturbing your sleep.

It has been said in many places that when we look at the screen of a mobile phone too much, the light emitted from the screen puts pressure on our brain and disturbs our sleep.

And if you don’t get a good night’s sleep regularly, your overall mental health will gradually deteriorate.

4. Bad for the eyes

Of course, the light from mobile phones is bad for our eyes too, so when you are suffering from a mobile disability you are using mobile all day and night, which is definitely having a detrimental effect on your eyes.

5. Stress

Excessive use of mobiles can lead to a lot of stress.

It has been found that people who use mobile phones excessively and are addicted to them tend to think more negatively and become restless in any situation than other people.

6. Life is not improving

To improve your life, you need to focus on your studies, work, and other important things.

So, the person addicted to mobile is just spending the whole day with mobile and wasting time.

In this way, the future of the person leads to darkness, and success in life is not possible in any way.

7. Living alone

It has been observed that as a result of mobile addiction the person moves away from the real society and as a result, they do not have or become friends in real life or they do not even try to make friends.

Also, these types of people are seen to be very shy as a result of keeping themselves away from society and living a life of loneliness.

Simply put, the addiction to this mobile has resulted in a person failing to form and maintain relationships in real life.

 Symptoms of smartphone addiction

Are you also suffering from mobile addiction? Below are some of the symptoms that are appearing in you, then you may have become a victim of mobile addiction knowingly or unknowingly.

  • If you have a lot of problems studying or working in the office and leave work just want to watch online chatting, texting, playing video games, or video on mobile.
  • Taking yourself away from family and friends? The main reason for separation from family and friends is mobile addiction.
  • If the battery of the mobile runs out or the mobile is turned off and your mind is restless and nothing feels good, then it can also be due to mobile addiction.
  • Repeatedly checking mobile notifications unnecessarily, opening social messaging apps at work, and seeing if a new SMS has arrived are also symptoms of this same addiction.
  • Excessive use of mobile without sleeping at night is a common symptom.

Ways to get rid of mobile addiction

You see, although you are suffering from the problem of mobile addiction, you can get rid of this addiction very easily and quickly by following some simple rules and methods.

However, to get rid of it, you first need to know the ways to stay away from mobile.

Because the longer you stay away from mobile, the more this addiction will start to come under control, and eventually, you will get rid of mobile addiction.

Ways to stay away from mobile

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to stay away from mobile.

When using mobile

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

You need to convince yourself that you will not use your mobile phone for more than a certain period of time.

Set some timetables for mobile usage and only use Tuku Mobile at that time.

This will gradually reduce your habit of using extra mobile and get rid of the addiction.

Do not keep the mobile in front of you

Of course, you have to keep your mobile with you when you go somewhere, but you have to keep your mobile away while working, studying or sleeping at night.

When your smartphone is not in front of your eyes, you can concentrate on the work at least a little bit.

Thus, if you follow the rules of keeping mobile away from you for a while, gradually your habits will change and you will get rid of the addiction.

Other ways to deal with loneliness

In most cases, people who spend a lot of time alone in life fall into this kind of addiction trap.

Because, when a person spends time alone day after day, he will feel a lot of loneliness and will use mobile all day as a way to get rid of loneliness.

Thus, prolonged excessive use of mobile has become a habit and an addiction.

So, if you also spend most of your time alone, then find some other great ways to spend your loneliness.

Go to the gym, go for a walk in the park, take a new course or do some housework. Help your parents with their chores.

All in all, you need to find some good ways to end your loneliness without using your mobile phone unnecessarily.

Keep emergency notifications on

Notifications of all the apps in our mobile keep coming all day long. And because of these notifications, our eyes and attention are repeatedly turned to mobile.

So, you just have to keep the notification of your work apps on (on) and turn off the notification of out-of-work apps.

This way, unnecessary notifications will not come to your mobile again and again and you can stay away from your mobile for more time.

Keep fewer apps on mobile

The more apps you have on your mobile, the more you will want to use your mobile. Also, having more apps means having more notifications all day long.

So, don’t keep any unnecessary apps on your mobile that is just wasting your time.

Looking at other people’s pictures and videos on social media all day, you are giving them like, follow, income, but what are you getting?

Far from it, on the contrary, these unnecessary apps and sites are taking away the precious and important moments of your life from you.

So, don’t keep any apps on your mobile that can distract you during your work. This is a great way to keep yourself away from mobile.

Read the book

If you have a lot of free time for which you use a lot of mobile, then this habit should be turned into a habit of reading books.

There are many benefits to reading a book, it will cut your loneliness, make you feel good and with this habit you will get a lot of help to keep yourself away from mobile.

Use keypad mobile

If you have a mobile in front of you and you can’t live without using it, then a great solution is to “use a simple keypad mobile”.

Hey, it is possible to use a lot of apps, websites, and the internet on the smartphone, for which our mind is always attracted towards mobile.

So, if you use a simple keypad mobile instead of a smartphone, you can’t do anything other than make an urgent call or SMS.

This will reduce your extra attraction and taste towards mobile and gradually reduce the addiction.

Of course, you can choose a specific time to use your smartphone and see the notification.

However, a simple keypad mobile should be used while working, sleeping at night, or studying.


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