How to set up Google Assistant on mobile?

The world is moving forward at a tremendous pace today. This is because of technological advancement.

With the blessings of technology, people’s life journey has become much easier.

In this age of globalization, the success and advancement of technology do not seem to stop.

And there are some institutions in different countries with advanced technology through which the silent technology revolution is being achieved worldwide.

One such world-famous company or organization is Google.

Google is not just a search engine, it is a versatile company. Google has greatly simplified the quality of life of the people.

They are constantly inventing several types of technology for people. One such discovery is Google Assistant. Today we will learn about it.

Google Assistant

What is Google Assistant?

We need to better understand what Google Assistant is. Google Assistant is a voice-controlled assistant created with artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence is an automatic robotic system that works around human nature or behavior.

Laptops now have the Google Assistant feature, starting with your Android phone. So you can use Google Assistant. 

Google Assistant is a groundbreaking technology for speaking or directing voice commands.

What Google Assistant can do?

Google Assistant has several sophisticated features. Through which you can save both your time and labor. Let’s not know its work.

  • If you have any questions for Google Assistant, it will answer immediately. So you don’t have to bother writing questions and time can be saved.
  • Google Assistant works with both voice and text instructions. This is a unique feature.
  • You can search or find anything by talking to Google. As a result, the days of typing with difficulty are over!
  • Google Assistant can be used to control music. For example, if you want to watch a video on the phone or listen to music, you do not have to touch it. Alternatively, Google Assistant will do the job for you.
  • Any app can be turned on or off using Google Assistant.
  • If you have a lot of messages or notifications on your phone that you can’t read. Then you can check the notifications or messages using Google Assistant.
  • Google Now can be used to set alarms or times.
  • You can find out the weather forecast using Google Assistant.
  • Typing is extremely annoying. So you can write a message with the help of Google Assistant without typing.
  • In addition, if you want to call someone, you can call through voice assistant using Google Assistant.

You can learn more about the Google Assistant feature by yourself when you start using it.

How to set up Google Assistant on mobile

You do not have to worry about using Google Assistant on your mobile phone. First, you need to set it up to use it. Let’s know how to do the setting.

  • First, you open the Google app from your phone. (Not Chrome browser).
  • Then you have More written in the right-hand option. Click on this option.
  • Click on the More option then go to the Settings option and click on the More option again.
  • Now find out if there is a Google Assistant option. Then go there.
  • Now go to your Assistant tab.
  • After coming to the Assistant tab you go to the very bottom. There, click on the Phone option below the Assistant device.
  • After clicking on the Phone option, when you go to the new page, you will see that there is a Google Assistant option. Now turn this option on or enable.
  • Last but not least, the headline made you read this article. Click here to turn it on. Diameter, you’re done.

This way Google Assistant option will be turned on on your phone and you will not have to bother anymore. So far today. We hope you enjoy the article. Thanks.

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