How to rank YouTube videos fast in 2022

Ever since we started creating a YouTube channel and started uploading videos, it became very important to use SEO in our videos

So if you don’t use SEO in your videos, then I can say with a 100% guarantee, that your uploaded videos will get very few visitors.

How to rank YouTube videos fast in 2022

How to rank YouTube videos fast in 2022

Sometimes many people comment and want to know, why are the videos uploaded on my YouTube channel not being viewed. 

Why is the visitor not seeing? what to do Why are my uploaded videos not showing in Google or YouTube search results? He asks many more questions. 

So I would like to tell them and those who want to know the answers to these questions that you are not doing SEO in the videos you upload on your own YouTube channel or even if you are doing it properly. 

This is the reason why visitors are not coming to the videos uploaded on your YouTube channel or the videos are not being shown on the Google search YouTube search page.

So what can be done now? What do you do to get visitors or traffic to your uploaded videos? If this is your question then there is only one answer, SEO your YouTube channel videos properly.

So let’s know about SEO.

  • What is YouTube video SEO?
  • Why is SEO important in YouTube videos?
  • How to do SEO in your YouTube channel videos?

What is YouTube video SEO?

What is YouTube video SEO? Before knowing about YouTube video SEO, you need to know about SEO. SEO stands for Optimization. 

The job of which is to show your online content such as: – a website, YouTube video or any file in the top ten search engines i.e. if you search for something in the first ten results of that page.

By search engine, we mean especially Google search, Yahoo search, and YouTube video search. 

For example, if you search for a topic on Google, much content will come up on that topic. But why? There are thousands of content online. 

Why did the contents of the topic that you searched come from? Could there be any other contact? Then why only the content of the topic you searched for? The only reason for this is SEO.

In the same way, if you use SEO correctly in your YouTube channel videos, Google or YouTube search means the search engine will understand your uploaded video better and if someone searches with any word or word related to your video, your video will be the most in YouTube or Google search will show first. 

If not first, it will be in the top ten list. In this, you will get many visitors to your video for free.

Then YouTube video SEO is a rule or process that, if used correctly, will show your uploaded content or videos in the first ten videos or results displayed on Google or YouTube search.

Why is SEO important in YouTube videos?

Before uploading a video to YouTube, you must create the video on a topic or topic. But if you search YouTube for the subject or topic you are making a video about, Youtube will show many videos on that subject already uploaded. 

Now if there are already many videos on YouTube about the video you made, then what is the point of making your video? 

What will show people your video first in YouTube’s search results? He already has thousands of videos just like yours. No, it will never show! This is called competition.

As a result, if you just make a video and upload it to YouTube, then you will never get traffic or visitors to that video. 

Because there are already thousands of videos uploaded on YouTube on all subjects or topics and YouTube will show those videos to the visitor in its search results. Now, this is where the knowledge or work of SEO will help you.

By doing SEO on your uploaded videos, you can convince the YouTube algorithm that the topic you have made is better than others or that your video has everything on that topic. In one word, you can explain your video to the search engine well through SEO. 

This, whenever someone searches something on YouTube or Google and that subject or topic matches or is related to your video, then YouTube will show your video at the first of its search results. It means your video ranking will be better. 

Because you have already explained well to YouTube’s algorithm through SEO that your video is on a topic or topic.

If you don’t do YouTube video SEO, YouTube’s algorithm will never understand what your video is about. When should you show people your video? You will never get good views on your video.

So now maybe you understand well how important YouTube SEO is to a YouTuber.

How to do SEO in YouTube videos?

I will tell you in detail how to do SEO on YouTube videos, and how to rank the videos. Only you read this post from beginning to end. 

Otherwise, you will not understand well how to do YouTube video SEO

Before knowing about this, I would like to say one thing in advance, you must know whether the demand for the subject you are going to make a video on is on the Internet or YouTube. 

Otherwise, it will happen that you will make videos with difficulty but there will be no one to watch that video. 

You will not get any profit even by doing SEO. So always make videos on topics that visitors search a lot on YouTube.

You can easily find out what topics, keywords, or topics are searched for on YouTube, what videos people are searching for on YouTube, or what you are thinking of making a video about, using some online tools. 

Among these tools, the one I use is the Keywords Everywhere extension. You can install this extension on your Chrome browser or Firefox browser. 

After that, if you go to Google or YouTube and search by writing the topic of your video, you will be able to go to the topic or topic of your video.

This will give you two benefits:-

  1. You will find many more words or keywords associated with that keyword or topic that you search for. You can do good SEO by using the words or keywords that people search on YouTube and using them in your videos.
  2. If you search for a topic on YouTube, you can also see the number of total searches on that topic. As a result, you can easily understand which topic or topic you will gain more by making videos.

Before doing video SEO, you need to have a good understanding of how interested people are on the internet in the topic you are thinking of making a video about.

How to rank YouTube videos with SEO

I have said above that to get visitors to your uploaded videos, your video must be at the top of YouTube search results. 

In this, when someone searches for a topic, they will easily find your video if it is related to that and it will increase your visitors. 

But I also said above that nowadays anything you make a video about will have competition. This way people won’t find your videos. Because YouTube already has many videos.

So if you want to bring visitors to your video then there is only one way to do it that is YouTube video SEO and its proper application. 

What I will say below about the application of SEO, you should understand well and apply it in your YouTube videos. This will rank your video and get more views easily.

01. Choose the video topic well…

First of all, I will talk about video topics or topics or keyword research. Our biggest mistake is that we make videos without keyword research. 

As a result, no one comes to watch our videos. And come or what? If someone searches, our video doesn’t reach them.

Keyword research means doing good research on the subject or topic you are making a video on. 

Are people interested in the keywords or topics you’ve chosen? Is there a search on YouTube about the subject you will make a video about? You need to create your video knowing that.

You need to find out which topic or subject is searched more on YouTube and how many times that keyword is searched in a month using the rules I mentioned above. 

Apart from this, by using these online free tools like Google Search, Keyword Tool, .in, Keyword Planner, etc, you will find many profitable topics or keywords for your video. 

Thus making videos on profitable topics will help your videos rank easily and visitors will start coming. Otherwise, you’ll keep making videos but no one will watch them. Because people won’t find your uploaded videos.

02. Create Attractive Themelines…

YouTube video thumbnail refers to the image that we see at the beginning of any video. Thumblines are very important for ranking a video. 

Because I am trying to explain through a story, when one thinks of getting married, first he goes to see the girl. 

If he likes the girl, he thinks about marriage. Similarly, if your video is not liked at the first viewing, i.e. if your theme line is not attractive, then the chances of clicking on your video are very low.

So you need to make your video-related interesting stops. But remember don’t create thumbnails that are not your videos or 18+ etc. 

That is, create a beautiful theme on the topic on which you will make the video.

03. Use of keywords in the video description and title…

Video optimization is very important for SEO and the most important or profitable way of video optimization is to use force keywords in your video description and title. 

Google or YouTube can understand what your video is about or the topic of the video only from your video title and video description.

Google or YouTube will rank your video in search results based on the description or title. But currently, your video will not rank based on title or description alone. 

According to YouTube’s new algorithm, the video that people will watch more, if someone searches on that topic, that video will be shown first. But the first step to ranking the video is to give the title and description properly.

So if you want your uploaded video to appear on YouTube or Google at the top of their search results, you must first write the most important keywords or topics of the video in the title and description of your uploaded video. 

Write in such a way that anyone (people) or Google or YouTube can easily understand what your video is about. 

Use a minimum of 300 to 500 words in the video description while uploading. And keep 25 to 30 words in the video title. Use the force keyword two to three times.

Note:- Force keywords mean the specific topic you are making the video about, for example – if I make a video on YouTube SEO

Then the force keywords can be:-YouTube SEO Tutorial, YouTube Video SEO How To, YouTube Video SEO Tips, and many keywords that are related to my video and when people search on Google or YouTube, my uploaded video will appear on YouTube or Google search results. 

It appears at first. But don’t overuse keywords. Generally use 3 to 4 keywords in the title or description.

04. Using SEO tags in YouTube videos…

When you upload a video to YouTube, you will be given another option along with writing the title and description. 

That option is the video tag box. Video tag is very important to rank the video in YouTube search. 

Search engines such as Google or YouTube video search engines can understand your video very well. 

This means that when someone searches for something related to your video’s tag, YouTube will show your video at the top of its results page.

So always use SEO tags in your uploaded videos. For example:- You will use some tags related to your video topic or topic. 

Using this tag will not only rank your video on YouTube but also show people on related video lists. This will create more visitors to your video.

05. Change the video file name before uploading…

When we record or create a video, you will see that the video becomes the desired name. That we call title. 

And we can understand what this video is about. So before uploading your video to YouTube, you have to rename the video you created. 

You must know how to rename a video. Rename it and write the topic on which you are making the video.

For example:- If you make a video on YouTube video SEO, rename the video you created and write, YouTube Video SEO Tutorial.

06. Making videos with details.

That is, you will make the video with a complete idea about the subject or topic you will make the video on. So that a visitor can fully understand the subject after watching your video. 

As a result, visitors will be attracted to your videos. But if you can’t explain the topic of the video to the visitors properly then that visitor will never watch your video for the second time. 

So make the video in detail according to your video topic or topic. In this, the visitor who watches your video will not completely watch your video.

But if a visitor leaves after watching your video, then your video will not be ranked. Because YouTube will understand that the visitor is not watching this video. 

Then there is nothing necessary in this video. As a result, YouTube will automatically download your video. 

As a result, your video will never rank. And the longer the visitor watches your video, the higher your video will rank.

07. Don’t talk unnecessarily in the video…

Think about one thing our main objective is to rank the videos. And for that, it is necessary to make visitors happy by uploading good videos. 

But you uploaded a video whose title, description, tag, and theme are all correct.

But whenever the visitor continues to watch your video, they see that you are talking more than the video topic, which is not necessary. 

Then your visitor will feel annoyed and cut your video. Because there are thousands of videos on YouTube. 

Last Word

No one will waste time and listen to your unnecessary talk. So never say unnecessary words in the video.

I hope you understand. If you do these tasks described above and upload the video correctly, then hopefully your video will rank very quickly. As a result, your videos will get many views.

If you have anything to say or have a problem understanding, then you can tell me in the comment box below. Thank you so much for being with me.

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