How to quickly get Google AdSense approval? (AdSense approval Tips)

If you’ve been involved in blogging, you’ve probably heard of Google AdSense. People make money online through Google Adsense.


Google AdSense approval Tips
Google AdSense approval Tips

If you want to make money from your blog or website, Google AdSense is the most trusted network for it.

Because it is a product of Google, so it is the most trusted. However, everyone wants to make money from their blog or website.


But when it comes to Google AdSense approval, there are a number of issues, especially for beginners.

So in today’s article, we will discuss with you in detail how to get Google AdSense approval quickly.

Because Google AdSense is not approved, many people close their blogs or stop working on them.

Today we’ll show you how to quickly approve a Google AdSense account with 100% success.

There are some rules and procedures for getting AdSense approval, which if followed properly, you will easily get Google AdSense approval for your site.

If you understand the following information very carefully, this task will be very easy for you and you will get Google AdSense approval for your blog or website.

If you start a new blog or you have an old blog, but you are not able to make any money from that blog. Even if you don’t know how to make money, this article can help you.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is basically an advertising medium that publishes ads on your website or blog and pays you a portion of the money earned from those ads.

If you have a blog or website, you can make money online from that website or blog. The most used network for online revenue is Google AdSense.

You do not have to pay for a Google AdSense account.

It’s completely free, but there are many rules for creating a Google AdSense account, which are very important to follow properly.

Again, if you have got Google AdSense Approved, you have to follow its rules very carefully.

 This account may be closed at any time if you do anything against their rules.

Remember, after closing the Google AdSense account, you will not be able to open an AdSense account from that Google Account.

It’s easy to make money with AdSense, it’s easy to set up. For this reason, every blogger creates an AdSense account.

Next, we’ll explain in more detail the Google AdSense account and its terms and conditions.

Tips for getting Google AdSense approval

Let’s see how we can get new Google AdSense account approvals.

1. Use a premium domain

If you created your blog on Blogger, you must have a subdomain, you can also apply for Google AdSense. You can get approval and it is possible to get it.

However, we suggest that you use a premium domain name (e.g. .com, .info, .net, .org) for quick AdSense approval without using a free domain name for your blog or website.

I suggest this because, for any blog, a domain becomes its identity. A domain is very important in blogging, be it for AdSense or SEO. In both cases, there is a complete digestive tract.

If you work in WordPress, you need hosting for that too. Blogs starting with WordPress always need good hosting.

So whenever you take hosting, take it from a good company so that you do not have any problem.

So guys, if you work at Simple Blogger, you can get the job done from the subdomain.

But to start professional blogging, you must buy a premium or top-level domain. It will be of great benefit to you in the future.

2. Don’t apply for AdSense while creating a blog

Do not apply for Google AdSense immediately after creating a blog or within one or two days of creating the blog.

You all know that blogging is a work in progress, so you have to be patient.

However, you will find many websites or YouTube that apply as soon as the blog is created and get AdSense approval.

But many of these methods are wrong, some are correct, now it depends on their method.

But here we are telling you about the methods that we are telling you from our experience.

Which will help you create a complete AdSense account at once and get approved quickly.

So we suggest you be patient before applying for AdSense and in our opinion, apply at least 30 days later.

If you work on your blog in these 30 days in the following ways, your AdSense account will be approved very quickly.

3. Write content on the blog

If you want to properly apply for a Google AdSense account, you need to do some things carefully and patiently.

One of them is to put content in the blog, that is, to write the post.

A lot of times we create brand new blogs and at the same time apply for Google AdSense which is absolutely wrong, so your AdSense account will never be approved.

You need to write an average of at least 15-20 articles of 800-1000 words in your blog.

Although many people get Google AdSense by writing 500-600 word articles. However, most of the time they are rejected.

If you write large articles, you can also apply from 8-10 articles.

It is not a pre-determined or specific rule, here we are saying it from our experience.

Many times fewer articles are applied for, but if you write more articles, you will benefit from it, there is nothing wrong with that.

On blogs, at first, try to write relevant articles only on the topic of your blog.

This lets Google understand what your blog is based on and what kind of ads should appear on your blog.

So first upload some content on your site and then apply for Google AdSense.

4. Do not copy other’s content

Never copy someone else’s content and publish it on your blog. This is an important contribution to the approval of the Google AdSense account.

Write as much as you can on your own, even if it takes you 15 days to write an article.

If you copy content from elsewhere and publish it on your blog, you’ll have trouble getting your Google AdSense to account approved.

So write unique content by thinking about it all the time. Write at least 10-12 unique content and then apply for AdSense.

5. Create the required pages

Before applying for AdSense you should create some important pages for your blog, this will help you to get blog approval.

Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact These are just a few basic pages that you need to add to your blog before you can apply for AdSense.

Don’t leave these pages blank, add information to these pages as needed.

6. Add a blog to Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is used to easily display your blog in the Google search engine. Our advice is to add your blog to the Google Search Console before applying for AdSense.

This will allow you to get organic traffic to your blog which will make it easier for Google to approve AdSense.

In addition to Google Search Console, by adding Google Analytics to your blog, check if you are getting organic traffic.

You should apply for AdSense only after receiving a small amount of organic traffic (traffic coming directly from Google search).

7. Do not use copyrighted images

As a beginner, you should create your own photos on your blog.

That is, before applying AdSense, take the help of Photoshop or any image editing software without taking pictures from any external website or Google and take pictures yourself.

This will go a long way in helping you get your AdSense account approved. But with Pixabey and Pexels you will get many good copyright-free images for your blog.

 Also, be sure to include alt text in the image. If possible, the title can be given.

8. Check the language

When creating your blog, always keep in mind that the language in which you are creating the blog supports Google AdSense.

If you look at this before creating a blog, you will have no problem applying AdSense later.

Although at the moment, Google supports most languages, check to see if your language supports Google AdSense, then create your blog in that language.

If you create a blog in Bengali, Hindi, then we will say there is no problem in Bengali, Hindi.

From here you can see which languages ​​Google AdSense supports. (Google AdSense supported language)

9. Blog design

This is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Because new bloggers want to organize their blog so that it looks very nice.

But we suggest you, before applying for AdSense, keep a very simple design for your blog without paying too much attention to its design.

If you created a blog on Google Blogger, use the existing theme in Blogger.

After getting AdSense approval, change the theme or design to your liking. It is best not to use a custom theme before approving AdSense.

10. Do not use any other ad network

Before applying for Google AdSense, make sure your blog has no other ad network ads.

If it is still added then remove it and then apply for AdSense. If you apply for AdSense while another ad is attached, you will not receive Google AdSense approval.

11. Unique visitors

If regular organic and unique visitors come to your site then your chances of getting AdSense will increase many times.

So try to bring unique visitors to your site even if it is a small amount. Increase the number of visitors by SEO the site well.

If your website or blog is business-related, it is much easier to get visitors.

Create a user-friendly and simple website. Completely refrain from taking paid traffic to the site

Note: After applying for Google AdSense, do not do any other kind of customization except publishing the content on your blog or website until the approval email arrives.

Important Things:

It is very important for you to know some things about the Google AdSense account.

  • If you’ve previously applied for a Google AdSense account, don’t use that Gmail account anymore.
  • If you create a new email account, remember that if someone has applied for Google AdSense via email, do not connect to that email in any way.
  • If you already have or have closed a Google AdSense account, the email, phone number, address, etc. that you are using for the new account must be brand new. (For those who already have an account, we suggest that they do not apply for a second account, in which case, your first account or both accounts may be closed)
  • The correct address must be given at the time of application, a letter from Google AdSense arrives at the address containing the post. After verifying this code, your account will become truly active.
  • Some people sell AdSense accounts online. Never buy these AdSense accounts. This will last for a few days, after which it will be completely banned and your website or blog will be blacklisted.
  • Always adhere to the Google AdSense policy, otherwise, your account will be permanently blocked.
  • Never manually click on the ads displayed on your blog or allow anyone else to click on it, which is also against Google’s policy. Due to which your AdSense account may be closed.

Important questions and answers about Google AdSense

Q: Do I need to apply for AdSense as soon as I start a blog?

A: No, not at all. If you want an AdSense account the right way, you need to apply after at least 30 days.

Q: How many posts do you need to have on the blog to apply AdSense?

A: Although there is no fixed number for this, if you write a post of 800-1000 words, then write at least 15 posts and then apply. This can be done in fewer posts by writing more word posts.

Q: Can I create multiple AdSense accounts?

A: Absolutely not, according to the Google AdSense policy, you cannot use multiple Google AdSense accounts. However, many people maintain two or three accounts in other ways, which is a good thing if they are maintained properly, otherwise, this account can be closed at any time.

Q: Can I click on an ad using a VPN?

A: No, never think of Google as a fool. Google is smart enough to know you well. Never click on your site ad using VPN.


You have to be patient to create a Google AdSense account because without patience you can’t do blogging.

Many people think that blogging is a way to earn money fast, which is not true at all.

You have to work regularly, you have to be patient, only then you can get success. With just a Google AdSense account, nothing happens, you just have to work.

If you have already done so, you can apply for Google AdSense at any time.

So be patient and follow the steps outlined above and apply for your Google AdSense account.

We hope you’ll get AdSense approval very quickly if you follow the steps above.

If you have any questions or comments about the article, please let us know in the comments section.



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