How to Empty Recycle Bin Automatically When Starting Windows Computer

We often delete unnecessary files from our computers. And even after deleting these files, they do not disappear from our computer. Rather, we can recover these files from Recycle Bin again. 

But, when we are constantly deleting many files, they become like a pile in the Recycle Bin of our computer. 

And sometimes we don’t remember to delete those files from recycle bin. But, if you want, you can automatically delete the files accumulated in the Recycle Bin. 

In this case, you no longer need to delete them every time you turn on the computer. So in today’s tune, we will discuss how you can automatically delete your Recycle Bin files.

In this way, after turning on your computer, the data will be automatically deleted from the recycle bin.

Recycle Bin is an underrated feature that we all use nowadays. We sometimes accidentally delete a file from the drive. 

And Recycle Bin works to recover the accidentally deleted files. It gives you a second chance to save files, which you accidentally deleted. 

There are many things you can do with Windows’ Recycle Bin. It is most useful for us to recover deleted files.

How to Automatically Delete Files from Recycle Bin

How to Empty Recycle Bin Automatically

To automatically delete files from your computer’s recycle bin, you need to download an app. 

And to do this work we will take the help of a software called Auto Recycle Bin. 

This is a free program, through which we will automatically delete Recycle Bin data when we turn on the computer. 

Automatic file deletion from recycle bin

When this application is configured on the computer, it runs automatically at Windows start-up. And when the recycle bin is empty, it closes itself.

When setting up the Auto Recycle Bin application, you can set how long you want to keep those files in the Recycle Bin. 

In this case, the time you set here, after that time, the data of recycle bin will be deleted automatically. 


Click here to download Auto Recycle Bin 1.12

Also, when you open this application, you can see how many GB or how much data you currently have in the Recycle Bin for that partition. 

And here you can set the Maximum size of Recycle Bin for each partition. As a result, no more than that size of data will accumulate on that partition.

Now, let’s take a look at the process of automatically deleting Recycle Bin data on the computer.

1. To empty the Recycle Bin automatically from your Windows, you must first download and install the Auto Recycle Bin program. For this, you can use the link given below or go to Google and search by writing Auto Recycle Bin.

2. After downloading and installing this program, you enter the software. After entering this application, you will see all the partitions of your computer disk. Then if you click on each partition, you will see which file you deleted from which partition.

3. For example, if you click on a partition from here and click on the “See items in the Recycle Bin” button below, you will see the deleted files under that partition. Then you can permanently delete them from there or restore them.

4. And if you click on each partition, you can see Recycle Bin Data Used information, Maximum size, and Total free space under it. 

Then you can set the Maximum size of Recycle Bin from below. And how much of the maximum file you set has been used, you will see that information in the form of % above.

5. Under Partition status above you will see an option to delete deleted files permanently. 

That is, if you delete a file from the hard disk, how long it will be stored in the recycle bin, you can determine from here. It is set to 30 days by default, but you can change it according to your preference. 

For example, if you set 30 days from here, files deleted from the hard disk will be automatically deleted from the Recycle Bin after 30 days.

Here you can set a maximum size for each partition separately. 

Here you can set a maximum size for any partition and minimum size for any. And you can also set it as a percentage.

Empty the recycle bin automatically when the computer starts

The most interesting feature of this software is the facility to automatically delete Recycle Bin data when the computer is turned on. 

If you feel that you will never get back any data you delete from your hard disk and delete all data in the Recycle Bin when you turn on the computer, you can turn on that setting.

To empty the Recycle Bin automatically when the computer is turned on, go to the “Settings” option at the bottom left corner of the application. 

Then select the “On the Windows OS startup” option below from here. And then click on the “Save setting” button below to save it.

From now on when you turn on your PC, this program will automatically empty the Recycle Bin data. 

And if you set a time for automatic deletion, it only deletes files past that time.

Last word

In this above method, you can delete Recycle Bin data automatically when you start a Windows computer. 

And as a result, you no longer have to manually delete data from the Recycle Bin. This software will solve your problem.

So, from today you can start using this application, and if you like the tune, you can give it a joss and share it with your friends. Thank you, Assalamu Alaikum.

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