How to earn 50,000 per month as a student

At present everyone wants to earn money but can everyone earn money if they want? Many people try to get a job. But does everyone get a job? Why not?


There are several reasons why you can’t get a job or make an income if you want to. One of the reasons is lack of necessary skills / experience. 

Today we will discuss how do you prepare yourself for income by working and how to acquire the necessary skills?

How to earn 50,000 per month as a student

How to earn 50,000 per month as a student

Since most of the families are poor / middle class, every student has to think of earning some income for himself.


So many people ask how students can earn income? Students earn money.

Your question has been answered in this article.

Through this post, I will show you how students can earn income online, how to earn easy money at home, how to earn money online from mobile online income 2022.

You can be a man or a woman, a student or a full-time job holder.

But, don’t worry because anyone using these online income generating methods can easily earn at home. 

People across the country are earning money from home by doing various kinds of work through internet.

So in this article I will show you all the ways to use the right time without missing this opportunity.

For this you need to read the whole article carefully.

1) Make money by making a mobile app

Think about it, if at least 200 people are using the app you created on their mobile and you are earning at least $০.40 every day from each user, then your total income will be $2400 – per month.

2) Event management business

All the skills you need to have: 

  • Adequate knowledge of all aspects of organizing
  • Ability to plan
  • Must have the skills to create a suitable budget

3) Business selling electronics

The steps to start an electronics business

Business plan

Capital: Initially a business can be started with a small amount of capital. In that case you can start with $1000-$10000 first.

However, in order to start such a business, sufficient money must be provided in advance.

Skills: Before starting an electronics business, you must have a good idea about electrical things.

Business Name: Before starting a business, you must choose a beautiful name. The name should be short and interesting.

License: It is important to get a license at the beginning of any business. Having a license protects a business from all sides.

Location Selection: It is very important to choose a suitable place before starting the business of electronics products.

Product Source and Wholesale Market: The largest wholesale market for electronics products is in Nawabpur area of ​​Dhaka. There are thousands of stores where these products are sold wholesale. 

Besides, retail and sale are also done here. And products are available at relatively low prices.

Target Customer: If the customer is of a certain age, then the gazette of the customer of that age will have to decorate the shop with all the products.

4) Community center business

There is business and reputation in this business. It is also a modern business concept and a fairly risk free business. 

The amount of profit in this business is high. Community center business can be done as side business.

Once you invest in this business, you don’t have to invest for a long time.

The demand for this business is growing in tandem with modernity.

Starting this business can create employment opportunities for many unemployed youth.

Any entrepreneur can start this business if he can invest a large amount of capital.

Any entrepreneur can choose this business as a profession.

Many entrepreneurs are interested in starting this business with the aim of building a brighter career.

5) Business of buying and selling land

To buy land profitably, look for areas along the most popular highways in the central part of the country.

If you do not plan to build a capital house for permanent residence, buy agricultural land. Buy land in villages under construction.


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