How to do organic marketing on Facebook?

How are you bidyapremi community, I hope you are well As always, I appeared in front of you with a new tune. Today we will discuss about Facebook marketing. Let’s get started.

Have Your Organic Facebook Marketing Metrics Down? Not reaching like before? Looking for a new and effective method of non-paid marketing?

Then this tune is especially for you. In this tune, we are going to look at the top nine organic marketing techniques that will help you grow your Facebook page and business.

organic Facebook marketing

Why Organic Marketing Is Needed On Facebook

Most of the marketers are now focusing on paid marketing as there is a system of paid marketing on Facebook. 

However, you can’t think of Facebook as a fully paid marketing platform right now. 

There is still a lot of potential for organic marketing on Facebook because there is a huge audience on Facebook who have included Facebook in their regular work.

Facebook is by far the largest social media network in the world, having been in the market for 15 years and has more than 2 billion active users.

Audiences have a huge opportunity to use Facebook all the time, which means you can never ignore Facebook when it comes to organic social media marketing.

Facebook and Instagram are important platforms for social media marketing. Both but visual platforms. 

Nowadays, users are not only attracted to visual posts, but Facebook algorithms also promote visual posts more. 

By visual post here I mean photo and video post. 

You will notice that if you post with pictures or videos, you will get more reactions and comments than just publishing the text.

If you do not like creating video content and want this to change, then you have to say that it is very unlikely. 

Social media is managed according to the preferences of the users. Since users like to see visual content and follow visual information more, Facebook will always value it. 

And the best format for visual content in video format.

If you want to get rich on Facebook through organic marketing then look at all kinds of content. 

It is possible to do good marketing by ensuring the proper use of all the content that can be published on Facebook. 

An excellent and well-thought-out content strategy ensures appropriate use for all content. 

Facebook indeed promotes new features more, so you can’t ignore long-awaited features or content types.

This time we will talk about nine types of post types that will help you increase your organic richness and talk about how to work with the content effectively.

1. Image posting on Facebook 

The most popular post format on Facebook is image post.

Content of this type is still at the top of popularity even though various features have been on Facebook in the past.

You can publish your content in the form of images. A great image with a combination of graphics and text can catch the eye of your audience. 

Notice that in the case of Image Post, the image occupies more space in the news feed than the text. The text is highlighted with See More.

Most marketers make a big mistake when it comes to image post sharing, they forget to give a Call to Action (CTA) or link to the image. In most cases, the link is added to the first time. 

The problem is here, if someone shares that post on Facebook, but the link is not with it, it remains in the time of the original post. And it reduces conversions.

So if you want to share the link in the post, then you must do it in a way that will be easily accessible to the users. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that social media users do not want to read any big articles. They always find something fun on social media. 

So you have to create the image in such a way that it catches the eye of the user and can understand very well what you mean. 

Social media users never want to spend too much time on a particular post, so you need to keep in mind how to get the user’s attention in less time.

Since the image is read first in the eyes of the user, then you have to be more focused on creating the image. 

Create an image graphic in the correct color grading and give a suitable headline then set the caption. 

You can write in the caption what could not be given in the image.

2. Story Content on Facebook 

The story feature is now so popular that almost every social media has taken it easy. 

Some have experimented with this feature, while others are investing millions of dollars.

Since there is a lot of content around, you need to create content for almost all platforms. In this case, Cross-Posting can come in handy. 

Cross-Posting means if you post on one platform, it will be posted on another platform. 

This example can be given in the case of Instagram and Facebook.

If you want you can create all the cool stories using Instagram Creator with stickers, emoji, s, and various effects. 

You can create a story and share it on Facebook through cross-Posting.

Facebook also has a vertical story feature where you can simultaneously share images and a few seconds of video for the audience.

A good strategy for story sharing is to give one to three stories at a time, no matter where you share the story. 

If you give three stories, you can expect at least one story to be active within 24 hours. 

The advantage of this is that the audience will see your story, know about the bra, and will be interested. 

Your brand will be on top of the minds of the users and will also be on top of the news feed.

Creating stories is very easy. If you want, you can create stories in both versions the of Facebook app desktop and even schedule them through Business Suite. 

Moreover, you can create stories with Instagram Story Builder and then share them on Facebook through Cross Post.

Although the story on the page is not yet in the form a of Highlight, as is the case with profiles, it is hoped that in the future, Facebook will offer this feature in the case of business pages.

In the case of stories, you can share different personality content or Behind-the-scenes content, this will create a great relationship between you and the audience.

3. Link posting on Facebook 

Now we will discuss Link Post. 

What is Link Post? 

Link Post is a post that is graphical or text where a link will be attached. 

And the purpose of adding a link is to take the audience to a specific location, maybe on Facebook or some other website. 

Link Post is very important for marketers because it is through this that specific traffic will try any offer. 

So it is very important in business management.

However, it may not always give you the right results. 

Because we know that Facebook always wants to keep its users on its platform and that is why the content that has the link is less promoted and as a result, the impression is less in the link post. 

And that’s why so many marketers are discouraged.

But don’t be discouraged. Skilled marketers will always build a strategic campaign where the platform has all the information and solutions. 

So even if the impression in Link Post is less, there is a way to increase it. 

Let’s see which method can be used to get a good impression in the link post.

If there is any news in your post and there is a link to any resource then you don’t have to worry about it Users will automatically be interested in clicking on the link. 

And clicking on the link will increase the engagement and the post will be promoted more and more.

But what if your post is not news or resource? In that case, you have to write the caption of the post in such a way that the audience is forced to click on See More. 

As soon as they click See More, the engagement will come in the post. 

So you can add the link below with big captions.

But if you want to announce a product or talk about a launch event, but the specific link above Above The fold. However, make sure the caption is large. 

This will also make the user click on the link and increase the engagement.

We know that when a link is shared on Facebook, the link is loaded for a while and then published as a website preview. 

This means that a preview of the website can be seen directly in place of the image. 

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. 

What can be done in this case, if you give the image first and then give the link, then the post will be published as an image post, then the link will not be patched and Facebook will also take it as an image post. 

The result will be no problem past the algorithm.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to link to each post and do not share the link post every day, it may reduce the richness of your page. 

Audiences can be annoyed. So post the link to the normal post.

4. Text posting with Colorful Background

We all know that text-based posts can be done on Facebook in two ways, writing posts with plain text or creating posts with background color. 

You can give different colors as well as background colors. 

You can also set your generated avatar as background if you want. Some colors you may not use, but it can be a good way to quickly share a great post.

This type of content can be useful for users to engage in various forms like Fill-up, True / False. 

And if we talk about rich, then we have to say that this type of post gets richer than ordinary text-based posts. 

Sometimes more impressions can come from the image posted in these posts.

When posting background text, make sure that the amount of words in your post is not too much. 

If there are more words, See More may come which does not look good.

5. Facebook Reels

At present, many people are watching Reel show on Instagram on Facebook. While scrolling through the news feed, many people can see a few reels in the Carousel Block.

However, Facebook is slowly trying to bring this feature to its platform.

Even if there is no Reels feature on Facebook, you can go to Instagram and create Reels with your builder. 

You can create excellent video content with different elements including music.

If you are interested in Instagram Reels then you must make videos about trending but it is not necessary that you have to dance or show special gestures. 

You can also create videos on trending topics that represent your brand.

The day that the amount of discussion has been made about platforms like TikTok, maybe the day is not far away when Facebook will sit with the announcement of bringing such a feature on their platform.

6. Video upload

This time we will talk about video content. You don’t always have to go live to upload videos to Facebook. 

You can also pre-record the video or upload it to Facebook by editing it with external software if you want.

Interestingly, big videos of small videos perform well on Facebook. 

In the case of natively uploaded videos, videos lasting 5 minutes or more are considered to perform best.

In case of video content sharing, be sure to give good captions and add CTA properly 

Because if the video is shared, the caption and link will also be shared immediately.

7. Facebook Live Video

Live video can be streamed on Facebook and when the life is over, you can delete the video if you want or save it as a native video. 

If you want live video streaming, you can also use the built-in feature of Facebook or you can do it using third-party software.

There are some additional benefits to streaming live with third-party software, such as you can show the audience a talent show in the live stream if you want. 

This increases the engagement of the audience. 

The audience can be made to enjoy the subject through live tuition or feedback.

There’s a lot to be added to live streaming, to discuss specific topics, to be breaking news, or to launch something.

8. Facebook Live Audio Room

We can see that the live room feature has been running on Facebook for several months now. 

The first feature of the homepage caught our eye. Many creators have already started working on it.

The advantage of the live audio room is that you can connect with the audience in real-time in real voice, without any camera setup.

The various events of the last few years have shown that audiences are now more interested in image, and video content as well as talking directly to marketers. 

The live room will hopefully make them this advantage.

Another advantage of Live Audio Room is that when you start Audio Live, a post will be created on your profile and your audience will be able to see their news feed. 

If you want, they can do a talent, you can go out of the audio room and read those talents.

9. Facebook Podcast

Facebook has also provided great benefits to those who are interested in podcasts

Podcasters will now be able to reach their audiences through Facebook podcasts.

If you have a podcast channel, you can connect it with Facebook and share it with the audience. 

In the case of podcasts too, like the audio room, a post will be created in your timeline.

You don’t have to be inside the app all the time to listen to the podcast on Facebook, you can listen to the podcast even if you leave the app. 

The biggest advantage of streaming podcasts on Facebook is that listeners can save and share your podcast snippet if they want.


It is still possible to get better results from paid marketing through organic marketing on Facebook. 

You will find proof of this by following different pages. Millions of followers even after not doing any kind of marketing. 

Organic marketing on Facebook is still a big part of the power flower because people use Facebook regularly. 

People will follow things that are compatible with human life. 

And if you can work well with specific topics then your reach can sometimes be better than paid marketing.

Hopefully, with the above nine tips, you can be successful by doing organic marketing on Facebook. So stay tuned till the next tune till today, Allah Hafez!

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