How to create 1200+ backlinks for YouTube videos with one click

Since you have entered the post, then I can assume that you are a YouTuber. Although not large in size, it must be small. Or maybe you want to start a career on YouTube by knowing better about YouTube.

How to create 1200+ backlinks for YouTube videos with one click

create 1200+ backlinks for YouTube videos with one click

It is very important to read today’s post no matter what category you belong to. If you create a video on YouTube but do not create any kind of backlink, then know that your video will not appear in YouTube Search so soon.

Only when your video shows up on YouTube search is your video likely to go viral. And you need more backlinks to take videos on YouTube search. 

You will create a backlink as soon as you upload the video. Then your video is likely to appear early in the search results.

Today’s article is about how to create 1200+ backlinks with one click.

What is Backlink

Backlink – means linking a website to another website or webpage.

For example, suppose YouTube is a home. But there are many houses within a house. And there goes your video – house. 

The number of rooms in the house has only one street. Now it is difficult to reach your home using this one road. 

So you made a new road for your house. This new road is – Backlink.

Why I need to create backlinks

Backlinks are essential for everyone, say YouTube or a website. Because, without a backlink, it is very difficult to bring the video to the top of the search results.

Think for yourself from the example given there, what is a backlink?

If everyone comes and goes through a road, which house people can enter first? Surely the closest house is the house’s people. 

Now what to do if your house is far from everyone! Of course, you should make a new road. We all upload videos to YouTube. 

Thousands of videos are constantly being uploaded on a topic. Among so many videos, it is difficult to bring your video to the first place.

But if we can add some external views we can easily solve this difficult day. If you upload a video on YouTube, the views will come from there and I will create some backlinks so that the video comes first in YouTube Searching. 

Hope you understand why a backlink is necessary.

For you…

How I create strong Backing

Before building backlinks we should know where to get strong backlinks from. In fact, this is what strong backlinks mean – the one that brings the most visitors.

Some powerful backlink sites are –

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Websites

You will get a Strong Backlink from these sites. You will get many visitors by sharing your video link on these sites.

Create 1200+ Backlinks for your YouTube video

All we need to build 1200+ backlinks are:

  1. A website
  2. Video title
  3. Video ID

Website: The name of the website is – SyndicationApp and you will go directly to the site by clicking on the text.

Video title: Everyone knows the video title. The topic you made the video on.

Video ID: Now many people may have a problem that what is Video ID again. For those who don’t know –

  • First, click on the video share icon and copy the link.

Think – – This is your video link. If you exclude the part at the beginning, the rest of 8Kh94G3LXrgis your video ID.

Now let’s do the main thing

On entering the website you will see –

Now give the video title, video ID, and number of link 1200 numbers as shown below

Submit now. Basically, your video will be published on 1200 websites. From here you can create a Strong Backlink to your video. 

And if you use this method in every video, then inshallah your video will come first in YouTube Searching Result.

So I’m ending here for today. Don’t forget to comment if it helps you.

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