How to add Stylish Image Slider Script For Blogger

Today’s topic is a beautiful script of Blogger. Its name is Image Slider Script. With this script, you can present some images as sliders inside any post on your blogger site.

How to add Stylish Image Slider Script For Blogger
How to add Stylish Image Slider Script For Blogger

How to add Stylish Image Slider Script For Blogger?

There will be some animation in between, which we hope will fascinate you and your visitors.

All other scripts that I have shared with you. If they are helpful, I hope you like this script too.

The image slider is like the showcase of your website. Its job is to make the design of your site a little more professional.

Those of you who are blogging may know the Fletro Pro template. I have shared the template.

If you want you can see from the profile. Flerro Pro Template will get the image slider at the top of the homepage. Which has made the template design a lot more professional.

Today I am going to share the script of that image slider with you. With which you can use the image slider inside any post, wherever you want.

As the image slider will make the design of your site professional, besides if someone clicks on any image of the image slider, then the link given by you will take that visitor.

What is an Image Slider?

Image Slider is one of the image showcase methods on blogs or websites. This Image Slider Section is Shows your Image Element on your Blogs. 

This Section shows your three or more images on your blogger website one by one Slider View. show your post look like very Professionally. 

This Script is Specially Made for Blogger Websites.

How to setup Stylish Image Slider on blogger

  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Next, go to the Post section and Copy the Below Html Script
  • And, Paste you wanted a place on your blog post (Copy Code)
  •  Paste your Image URL on “src=” Section
  • Paste your link on “href=’#'” Section



If you like this post “How to create Stylish Image Slider on blogger “. This Image slider was absolutely helping to improve your blogger website. 

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