How the Earth will be Destroyed? 14 Reasons That Will Destroy The World!

How will the earth be destroyed? Surprised? Will the earth be destroyed? Really? When? Surely this is what you are thinking. No! The world is not being destroyed for now.


But if it ever happened, what could be the reason behind it? Let’s take a look at some of the possible rationale behind the destruction of the earth.

How the Earth will be Destroyed? 

How the Earth will be Destroyed
How the Earth will be Destroyed?

We often see in different stories and movies, the main thing is that the world is being destroyed in some terrible way.


Some of the main characters and the hero and heroine have become in love with each other to try their best to stop him or save him from that destruction.

The events that are shown here are mostly bizarre, such as a massive flood, a stoppage of the earth’s rotation, an alien / monkey attack, a zombie attack, and so on.

But if the earth is really destroyed, what could be the reason behind it? There are also scientific answers to this question.

Take a look at some of the things that can really happen to the world.

1. Solar storm

The presence of the sun is essential for the survival of the earth. We need the sun to sustain all water sources, including plants, people, animals, and even rivers, canals, and seas.

No! The sun is not lost. Or even if we go, we don’t have to be afraid.

But this unspoken, day-to-day presence of the sun could again be the cause of the destruction of the earth.


Guys! Sunlight arrives on our planet very early in the morning. Spreads its light and warmth.

However, that has changed a bit for exactly 11 consecutive years. Solar Max comes into the Sun’s life 11 years later, when it sends its most powerful sunlight to Earth in a matter of seconds.

And very quickly it came and hit the earth. Wondering how a little sunlight can hit? Yes! And the watery example of that might be Quebec, Canada in 1989.

One such ray hit the service in Quebec City. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

According to scientists, if this continues to be the case, then this sun could be the cause of the destruction of the earth, one of the means of sustaining life on earth.

2. Global warming

This is one of the most common headaches for scientists today. (1)

You may be wondering, what will happen next, the heat will take a little longer, don’t worry! In fact, it is much riskier.

Different areas may become desert due to drought, some areas will be submerged. As a result, the world may become lifeless.

3. Underground gas

Although our oceans are quite beautiful and beautiful enough, scientists say that deep down there is a layer called clathrates which contains a lot of methane gas.

Thus it was hidden under the sea. However, at the rate at which the greenhouse effect is working day by day, it is feared in the world that suddenly one day this layer of methane will come out from under the water and explode like a bomb.

And then? The earth will be shattered like a powerful bomb.

4. Asteroids

In the movie we see a huge asteroid rushing towards the earth and the astronauts are being sent to stop it.

This can actually happen. Countless asteroids and other astronomical objects of similar shape are orbiting in space.

If one of them suddenly hits the earth, our end is inevitable.

5. Nuclear war

At present every country is acquiring or trying to acquire nuclear power. However, the use of this powerful weapon is banned by various organizations around the world.

There are many rules and regulations. But the beginning of the problem is during the war of nerves. At that time America and USSR were facing each other.

Both had nuclear weapons in their hands. They were improving it day by day and they were scaring each other.

Although the issue was limited to intimidation and threats, many thought the world was over.

In fact, if the war had started then it would not have taken long. But no! The USSR broke up in the last century.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. That is why everyone was thinking of destroying the world.

And now? Many countries in the world have nuclear weapons. And those who do not have the help of nuclear-armed countries.

Therefore, it is thought that even if the earth were to be destroyed, there would be a large hand in a nuclear war.

6. Pandemic disease

Have you noticed that every year we hear the name of a new disease that is spreading like a plague in the world? Such as SARS, bird flu, and recently another virus MERS.

The reason they spread so horribly is that communication between people all over the world is now much wider than ever before.

If a deadly disease strikes the head, it can quickly kill the people of the world. So there is nothing to underestimate these pandemic diseases.

7. Meteor explosion

In the previous ones, there were human hands in one way or another.

The man-made greenhouse effect in the first and second, and the human-to-human war in the latter – were just some of the best possible causes for the destruction of the world.

But this time what I am talking about is not a man-made reason. Everyone knows that dinosaurs once lived on Earth.

And a meteorite is blamed for the sudden disappearance of these large dinosaurs.

It is thought to have killed all the dinosaurs that lived here while traveling 6 miles from Earth.

Experts believe that the meteor will be the cause of the destruction of humans and the world and its civilization.

But this time, not six miles, but one mile away, it will destroy the whole human civilization and the world.

The scary thing is that even though there is such a big thing in human hands as nuclear power, no one has yet been able to build a weapon to destroy that meteorite.

8. Biological weapons

Not just natural viruses, but also germs that can be created as a result of human research that can become dangerous.

If they are used as a biological weapon in war or if they are spread in nature by mistake, then disaster can befall not only human beings but also the entire animal kingdom.

For example, scientists recently developed a mutant variant of the bird flu H5N1 that could be spread through the air.

Concerned researchers have to face a lot of criticism in this regard.

9. Supervolcano

We have many volcanoes all over the world. There are about 500 of them. But did you know that there are 4 volcanoes inside this volcano, which have the power to destroy the earth?

And these four volcanoes are called supervolcanoes.

These four special volcanoes are Yolostein in America, Lake Toba in Indonesia, Taupo in New Zealand, and Ayra Caldera in Japan.

Even if one of these four volcanoes erupts much differently than the others, it will release about 2000 million sulfuric acids so that not only the earth alone but also the sun will be covered!

10. Fungus

Our familiar fungus or fungus can become as dangerous as a virus. Even a fungus is known a few days ago that caused the death of frogs.

If any such fungus appears in human beings, it will be a cause of great concern.

11. Aliens

Aliens? You must be smiling. Fear again for what is still there, but what does it look like? But the fear is in everyone here.

We really don’t know if there are aliens. So suddenly they can attack and sit.

We don’t know how or how violent and skilled and advanced they are. As a result, we do not know exactly how the world can be conquered and liberated with them.

We have so many weapons, we don’t even know if they will be of any use at that time. Scientists are trying hard to find out the truth about the aliens.

Many have sometimes found all sorts of strange lights, answers, words, and UFOs. The aliens have been spotted in several places.

Many again consider us to be descendants of aliens.

Although so many ideas and theories do not really make sense, the possibility of the planet being destroyed by aliens cannot be ruled out.

12. Robot

Robots will revolt against humans and humans will lose when war breaks out with them – a scenario that is not entirely unreasonable.

It is possible to create robots that can kill humans. Computer scientists fear a thing called “singularity” when Rabat will have more intelligence than humans.

If human beings develop such advanced intelligence robots, there is a possibility of many mishaps.

13. Population explosion

Suppose the population grows to a point where the whole world becomes desolate to meet the growing needs of the people.

The evils of the growing population that people are now suffering from will be seen in extreme forms.

Many hope that with the advancement of technology, the human population will become more stable. But now we are waiting to see which will be true.

14. Snowball effect

For all these reasons, the destruction of the earth is possible, and it is also possible that everyone will contribute to the end of the world.

As a result of global warming, the environment has changed, and the incidence of germs has increased.

Climate change has led to worldwide epidemics and famines.

Researchers say that in one fell swoop, the Earth may not be destroyed, but that these catastrophes will make the little blue planet uninhabitable little by little.


Unusual killings are seen on television, social media, or in magazines. The mother is killing her child, the child is killing the parents.

People are getting excited easily even with very simple words. A tumultuous riot is taking place, bloodshed is taking place.

There is not a trace of tolerance in anyone. I know that even at the time of my writing, brutal killings and destruction are happening somewhere in the world.

These injustices have put the world in a dangerous position.

And the earth is saying to the Creator, O Lord, deliver me from this vicious cycle. Either kill me or give wisdom to mankind.


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