Google AdSense Ads Limit Solution (How to Fix it?)

There is an Ultimate Solving Guideline for those of us who suffer from Google AdSense Ad Limit issues.

Google AdSense Ads Limit Solution
Google AdSense Ads Limit Solution

Comes with a plugin through which you can get rid of ad limits for life.

I have been thinking for a long time that those who are suffering from ad limits, how can they get rid of the limit of Google Adsense? To discuss all the details about that.


Due to the imperfection of time, the will remains the will, but today I will turn the will to one side inshallah.

Why Google AdSense Ad Limit? Almost all of us know this related information. Let’s not talk about the reasons for the ad limit, let’s talk about how to get rid of the direct ad limit.

How to remove ads limit from Google AdSense

Why waste time listening to me?

First of all, I have been a victim of the Google AdSense ad limit many times. You can say like a few dozen times or less.

Almost every time I have been able to free my account from Google AdSense. Many times I have been successfully released from the AdSense ad limit within 3 days.

I would be reluctant to call myself a Google AdSense ad limit expert, but it would not be wrong to call me a level expert. Anyway, let’s share our real experiences.

So take some time to sit back and relax and learn about the real experience that I have been doing for 1 year. What fun, what fun, the 1-year experience will know in 5 minutes.

How do I remove the ads limit from my Google AdSense account?

1. Remove ads

Many people say that after the ad limit of Google Adsense, to remove the ad from the site completely or to stop the auto ad.

However, in my opinion, the reason for doing this is the # 1 reason why the ad limit of Google AdSense has increased even more.

I have experimented with it myself; Because many times after removing the Google AdSense ad, I did not see any fear of removing the ad limit from the AdSense account.

There’s a pretty good reason for me not to remove the ad, and that is when Google sets the limit for AdSense, but AdSense occasionally shows ads on your site.

Because after the ad limit, it is said that your site has an ad limit, which means it will show less than before.

This time, if your site shows ads two or three times out of every 1000 pageviews and clicks on them successfully, then the risk of invalid clicks is absolutely zero percent.

Due to this, if you get a few clicks on the site while it has a limit, besides earning, Google can determine that there was no need to have an ad limit on your site. Because no matter what, no one will do 1000 pageviews to see the ad 2/1 times.

Because of this, Google is forced to remove the ad limit from your site within a few days when these issues continue.

2. Traffic source

In the case of ad limit, a large part depends on the traffic source of your site. Because a lot of the time your site does not have an invalid click but it has a limit for invalid traffic.

Due to this, he will see from which source the traffic is coming to your site.

You can do this very easily from Google Analytics; To do this login to Google Analytics and then click on the option called References from the left side, then you can see the traffic references of your site.

If visitors come to your website with an unwanted link from Traffic Reference, turn it off.

Because you may know that Google Adsense’s ad limit is more through invalid traffic than invalid clicks.

Special Reminder: Remove backlinks from your website for sites that are Adsense disabled or against AdSense approval.

This means removing links from all those sites from your website. Because if you are a reference to all those sites then this is a special reason for your site to have an ad limit!

Because if you act as a traffic reference from your site to all these sites, there will be only one tune and that is to do wrong and to indulge in the wrong but both are punishable crimes.

3. Place the ad directly below the image

We have a lot of websites that have ads placed directly under the image. One of the sites that are most likely to place ads under the image is the best place featured image.

Due to which you need to pay attention to the ad placement of your site and to make sure that there is no ad below the image.

Remember, Google AdSense is a very large policy work placed under the image. Due to which your site may be disabled with an ad limit.

Needless to say, if you remove the featured image from the article on your website and put the ad’s code in it, it won’t be a problem; Instead, AdSense’s letter will increase and you will increase a lot.

4. Use Cloudflare

If you want you can use your blog website or WordPress website for free. It is able to control other factors including invalid traffic to your website.

Also, it is possible to increase the loading speed of the website the site through Cloudflare of all other things.

Cloudflare is quite effective in reducing the limit of Google AdSense. So, use Cloudflare.

5.  Stop bot traffic

Even if you are aware of bot traffic after becoming a publisher of Google Adsense, you may have many enemies who can fill your site with bot traffic with links to your site.

And the main reason for your site to be disabled in the limit or Google AdSense is bot traffic. You can easily control it if you want. By using Cloudflare.

You can use Cloudflare for free if you want and add your site here.

To block bot traffic from Cloudflare, first, log in to it and then click on the Firewall option from the many options at the top. Then enable Bot Flight mode.

This will stop any kind of bot traffic from coming to your website. In case of removing the ad limit of the said Boiki site, do not allow any kind of bot traffic to enter your site.

6. Update the website regularly

There are many of us who forget to keep the site up-to-date as soon as it reaches its limit. This is enough to extend the ad limit of your website.

Therefore, always try to increase the level of your work after the Google Adsense ad limit.

Publish articles every day and also work with low competition to increase organic traffic and site value.

Also, if you are tired of writing articles on the site. Then you can update all the previous articles and change the date and index them in Google; This will also keep your site up-to-date.

And basically, there are ways to increase the Google AdSense ad limit for your website, and there are ways to remove the ad limit in AdSense within a week. They are discussed above.

7. AdSense Ad Limit Protection

If your website receives too many invalid clicks, and if your enemy has too many invoices, you can use the invalid protector on the WordPress website.

WordPress has an invalid click protector, which can be used for free. But in my opinion, this is not a work of any kind.

Because at first, I used it. Due to which it is not able to protect your Google Adsense.

However, if you want to use it, then download from the link below and upload it to your site.

link: Download Plugin

However, if you want you can use a paid plugin that with the help of the plug-in can reduce the risk of Google AdSense ad limit or invalid click to 0%.

If you want to download or buy this plugin from the original author, you have to spend 5.95 EURO per month.

Plugin link: Buy Now

If you want you can purchase this plugin from the link given above.

I have this plugin valid till December 2021. This is why it’s not supposed to be cracked or have any questions related to this.

Basically, you have to pay only $1.5 for 7 months of using this plugin. It is possible to give it for free if you want, but we cannot appreciate it for free.

The main reason for using the plugin

  1. You can block your own IP address. So that even if you visit the site, you will not see it and it will not be counted.
  2. You can limit the number of clicks anyone can make on your website. So if someone clicks outside your limits, they will be blocked and will not see any ads.
  3. You can reduce the invalid click activity within the site to 0%. Etc.


Needless to say, using this plugin can reduce your site revenue a bit. Because it is your site’s invalid click protector, which will ensure that there is no revenue through an invalid click.

However, by using this plugin, you can be sure that there is no ad limit by invalid click in Google AdSense. And there will never be an AdSense account limit with invalid clicks.


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