Free Guest Posting Sites 2021 (SEO Tips)

A blogger is a very important subject for his blog. When you go to do off-page SEO Then this Guest Posting will play a very important role.

Those who are successful bloggers today, they also follow all the techniques of Guest Post. Because the importance of guest posts is immense to increase the DA and PA of a website.

So if you have a website or blog. Then read today’s whole article carefully. Because in today’s article I will discuss all the guest post-related issues step by step.

So first of all you need to know a little bit about SEO. Because now you are going to know about that poison. But that too is part of SEO.

Free Guest Posting Sites 2021

list of websites that accept guest posts

What is a guest post?

When you publish your own content as a guest writer on another blog or website Then it will be called a guest post.

The word guest usually means “guest”. And when you apply this term to blogging. Even then, you will not find any difference.

Because when you publish your own content on another website But then you will be introduced as a guest writer on that website.

But for what purpose do you actually publish content on someone else’s website? That is not an important issue. However, most people do this to get backlinks.

Why would you post as a guest?

Everyone has a different purpose for guest posting. But if you are a blogger. Then your purpose will be a little different.

See there are a lot of people who just love to write. So their purpose will be a little different. But if you have a blog or website. Then the main purpose of your guest post will be to get a backlink.

Yes! You need to make a guest post to get backlinks in one go.

Since you are a blogger, I believe that you have at least some ideas about off-page SEO. And the most important technique of this off-page SEO is link building.

Through this link building, it is possible to increase the authority score of anyone domain. Which we call DA = (Domain Authority).

According to those who are basically SEO experts, the authority score of the domain is higher. Those domains are many times more likely to come in the top position in search results.

So if you also want to increase the authority score of your domain.

In addition to this, let your website rank in the top position in Google search results. Then you must do Properly Link Building.

And there are so many techniques of link building. The most suitable technique is, Guest Post.

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What is a Guest Posting Site?

You already know what a Guest Post is and how you can increase the authority of your website by following this technique.

So now you need to know what kind of websites you want to be a guest. And by publishing content on any type of website, you need to increase the domain score of the domain.

  • The websites from which you will be linking. The first thing to keep in mind is the number of visitors to the website. Because, if there are regular visitors to that site. Then you can bring some amount of visitors from there.
  • Spam Score is a very important issue. If you take backlinks from such a site. Whose spam score is much higher. But then you will not get any kind of benefit. On the contrary, you will hurt yourself.
  • And one thing needs to be taken seriously enough. That is, the site you want to link to. Whether that site is up to date. Because Google prefers those websites which are updated regularly.
  • Guest posts should be taken from those websites. Those who work with your sem niche. For example, if you are blogging about technology. Then you must take the link from the website that works with technology.
[NOTE: If you can get the link from your Same Nish-related website. Then you will get many more benefits]

How to post as s guest?

If you want to get the link for your website through guest posts. Then you have to pay attention to several things.

Because you will want to go to any site and post And the owner of that site will agree with you, but that is not the case. Rather here too you have to adopt several techniques.

[Warning: If you do not use these techniques. Then most of the time you will fail to post guests on any site]

See, when you want to post a guest on a site. The owner of that site should not understand in any way that you will benefit from posting.

Because, when he realizes that you will benefit a lot more if you post on his site. But then he may not agree to post you.

So he will never be allowed to understand this. And to follow this direction you have to adopt some of your own strategies.

Suppose you want to post a guest from one of my websites. So how do you contact me? – Definitely need to contact me via email, right?

So you need to pre-arrange some email formats for communication. Remember, that email should be professional at once.

There are a few more things to keep in mind when you send emails. E.g., The mail you send should be a maximum of 100 to 150 words.

Write some interesting words at the beginning of the mail. For example, I am your regular reader / I visit your website regularly, etc.

Mention a source directly if you can. For example, I really like your article or I have learned a lot from this keyword-related content. Or you may mention comments on his website.

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Top 10 Guest Posting Sites


So, here we share the list of websites that accept guest posts. You can be starting your guest posting by choosing anyone from this article. here all site is for free guest posting, not a paid guest posting sites list. 

If you looking for guest bloggers, you can find hundreds of guest bloggers. if you want to find guest bloggers, Please click those website links and check the website post author to find guest bloggers.

Best 101 Education Guest Blogging Sites

  1. College Magazine
  2. Education World
  3. Lean Forward
  4. Introvert, Dear
  5. ProProfs
  6. Edutopia
  7. EdSurge
  8. InformIT
  10. Legal Cheek
  11. Pi Day
  12. Alliance Recruitment Agency
  13. Admissions Blog
  14. Right for Education
  15. Macmillan Education India
  16. Education That Inspires
  17. JobDescriptionAndResumeExamples
  18. Adulting School
  19. Gallery Teachers
  20. Mind the Product
  21. NCTE
  22. WiseStep
  23. CareerAddict
  24. CV-Library
  25. Digitalet
  26. Guru99
  27. The PIE News
  28. Busted Halo
  29. Analytics India Magazine
  30. Cisco Press
  31. Career Contessa
  32. College Atlas
  33. EdTechReview
  34. Study in Germany
  35. Learning Forward
  37. etechnocraft
  38. Elets Events
  39. Microsoft Press Store
  40. Web Retailer
  41. Simple Programmer
  42. ArtsProfessional
  43. UX Mastery
  44. The Educators Room
  45. Wonkhe
  46. Bookless Learning
  47. The Edvocate
  48. EduGorilla
  49. Mass Observation Archive
  50. CharityJob
  51. Noomii Career Blog
  52. International House
  53. Tutorful
  54. SimpleK12
  55. Career FAQs
  57. Universities
  58. EducationHQ
  59. Innovate My School
  60. Career Ride
  61. Bossed Up
  62. Writing and Wellness
  63. TheCollegeConservative
  64. Digital Photo Mentor
  66. Vintank
  67. College Tribune
  68. Scholarship Points
  69. Gender and Education
  70. Macmillan Education
  71. Macmillan Education
  72. Student Pocket Guide
  74. Executive Career Brand
  75. National Careers Week
  77. Student Life Network
  78. iZooto
  80. TESL Ontario
  81. Psych Learning Curve
  82. Change Agent
  83. Scoopify
  84. Campus News
  85. Metro Magazine
  87. Pank Pages
  88. Clearing Magazine
  89. askatechteacher
  90. School Library Connection
  91. Folens
  92. Copywriter Collective
  93. TeacherPH
  94. TutorialsTeacher
  95. BE Publishing
  96. Career Gappers
  97. RetireeWorkforce
  98. Grit & Virtue
  99. Executive Resume Branding
  100. What Career Live
  101. State College Magazine

So, friends, we share all parenting blogs that accept guest posts. Now the turn is yours. You can be choosing any one or many websites for your related niche. The all parenting blogs that accept guest posts here we submit, 

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I will write more about guest blogging through some episodes. The next post has a special surprise about guest blogging.

There will be a special episode of Earning. By which you will be successful only if you have general knowledge.

Free Guest Posting Sites 2021 (SEO Tips)

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