Best Topics for YouTube Videos (A Complete Guide)

What are the topics to make a video on YouTube that will be more profitable? What kind of topic can get more views and subscriptions?

best earning youtube topics
Best Topics for YouTube Videos

Because, nowadays, everyone is creating a YouTube channel with the dream of earning income from YouTube, but they are very worried about what kind of videos to upload to that channel.

If this is the case with you, then you have come to the right place. In today’s article, you will know,

“Creating and uploading videos on some of the topics on YouTube will make your channel very popular and you will get YouTube monetization very quickly.”

But whatever the subject of the video, the most important thing is the quality of your content.

Of course, in order to be successful in your YouTube career, you need to create good and high-quality content.

Because, as we all know, in the world of the internet, “Content is king

However, even if you are creating good content, if you are not creating content on the right or popular topic, there is less chance of success. best earning youtube topics

Don’t worry, we’ve done some research for you and found that there are some things right now that if you make a video about it and upload it to your own YouTube channel, success will surely come to you.

From the list below you can see what kind of content ideas are more popular now and what would be better to make videos on your own YouTube channel.

What are the Best Topics for YouTube Videos?

Let’s take a closer look at each of the topics below that can be beneficial for creators to create video content.

Personal tip:

“I have seen many YouTubers who upload videos on various topics in one channel. popular topics on youtube

But remember that this is your biggest mistake for which the number of subscribers of your channel is not increasing.

This is because the more a person visits your channel through the video, the more interested they are in watching other videos related to the subject of that video.

And since your channel has videos on various topics, viewers do not like to subscribe to the channel even after watching the video.

So, in order to get more subscribers quickly, you need to make and upload YouTube videos on any specific topic (niche).

For example, if you create a channel with blogging tips and only publish videos with blogging and SEO, then very soon views and subscribers will start to grow.

Because visitors will know that they will only get the best tips and tutorials related to blogging here. popular topics on youtube

And this way you can create your own targeted YouTube audience.” best-earning youtube topics

What are the topics to make a profitable YouTube video?

Let’s take a look at some of the things that would make a good YouTube video. Interesting topics for youtube

1. Unboxing videos

Unboxing video means buying any product and making a video to unbox it. The product can be any, mobile, laptop, shoes, clothes, food, or any other product.

People like to watch this kind of video a lot. Because today everyone has a smartphone in their hand and it has an internet connection,

And before people buy anything today, they must go to YouTube and watch the unboxing video of that thing.

So, if you also make and upload these types of unboxing YouTube videos, then the channel will have a chance to grow quickly.

2. Educational videos

Today, everyone wants to learn something by watching videos on YouTube.

From making simple cakes to digital marketing, painting, playing the guitar, playing the piano, accounting, business, studying, or any educational-related video.

Today, from young children studying in school to working in the office or even the elderly people sitting at home are learning new things in their own home or office and want to learn more.

So, if you also have good experience and knowledge of a particular subject, you can also make various educational or educational videos and upload them to your own channel.

3. Motivational videos

Today our lifestyle has changed so much that we need separate motivation to do any work.

And so, starting from small to big business, working people, students, and everyone is watching different motivational videos to fight their problems.

Motivation videos can get lots of views and subscribers very quickly. Also, you don’t need to show your face to make this kind of video.

You can create a great motivational video using just your voice, some free video, and free images.

4. How to videos

One of the best tutorial videos on how to do anything is the How-to video. The demand and popularity of these types of videos are very high.

Also, uploading videos on this topic will allow you to target a large audience around the world, resulting in a huge increase in views and subscribers.

Because these types of videos can be related to different main topics. For example, tech, education, lifestyle, internet, etc.

People are the first to search on YouTube for information on how to do complex tasks, starting from the smallest detail.

And that’s why the demand for these types of YouTube videos is so high.

5. Gaming videos

In the past, YouTube’s rules regarding gaming channels were so complicated that people weren’t so interested in creating gaming channels. However, today a popular gaming channel is able to earn you millions of dollars every month.

So, if you like to play games, you can make a lot of income by creating a gaming channel on YouTube.

According to a survey, 80% of viewers who watch gaming videos on YouTube prefer to watch only gaming videos. They have no interest in playing games.

So, you can just play games on your smartphone or computer and record that gameplay as a video and upload it to your gaming channel.

The popularity of gaming channels but much more today.

6. Vlog

We don’t like to think so much about our own lives, but we are always interested in seeing what is going on in the lives of others.

And this is the reason why the demand and popularity of Vlog videos are so high. These types of videos are basically made based on your daily schedule, work, or activities.

Where you go today, what you play, who you meet, what new things you buy, etc. are all videos made on your personal life activities.

So, if you are not ashamed to take a single photo in front of the camera or you don’t pay 1% attention to what people say or think, then you can make Vlog videos.

There are a lot of Vlog channels on YouTube where videos are being made and uploaded just for the general activities of the day.

And you’d be surprised to hear millions of views on these types of videos. Think about how people are earning dollars a month through these simple Vlogs.

7. YouTube tutorial & tips

If you are a YouTube expert then you can grow channels with educational tutorials on YouTube.

There are numerous channels that publish content related to YouTube with tips and tutorials. And, of course, channels that focus on just one topic are gaining in popularity.

So, if you are also a YouTube expert and you think you know all the details about it and can teach other people, then you can make this kind of video.

8. Blogging tutorial & tips

Blogging is one of the best and most profitable ways to earn money online from the internet these days.

And so listeners in different languages search for tutorials and tips related to blogging and SEO on YouTube.

If you also have a piece of good knowledge of blogging, then you can definitely make a video and upload it.

I have seen many YouTube channels that regularly share only tutorials related to blogging. popular topics on youtube

And to be honest, the number of subscribers and views of those channels is very high. interesting topics for youtube

9. Drama / Comedy video

YouTube has a lot of popular and well-known channels that are creating and uploading simple comedy videos, and they have millions of subscribers.

So, if you also have the talent to make people laugh, then you too can make different kinds of comedy videos or clips and share them on the channel.

The future of a comedy and entertainment YouTube channel is much brighter if great content is regularly published there.

10. Informational videos

Nowadays, the channels that are publishing or sharing information on a particular topic are becoming very popular.

For example, you are sharing information related to government jobs through videos or how to apply for a job.

In addition, it is possible to make informative videos on a variety of topics, so you need to think about what you can provide accurate information.

It is possible to make different kinds of videos like information related to history, movies, educational information, information about anything or place.


So friends, if you also think that it would be better to make videos on some of the topics on YouTube, then I would suggest making videos on the above topics.

Because YouTube already has a lot of channels on each of these topics with millions of subscribers.

Therefore, there is definitely a demand on the internet for the above-mentioned video topics. interesting topics for youtube

Let us know in the comments below how you like our article today. Also, don’t forget to share the article on social media.

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