Best site to download PC games for free

Nowadays, whether children or adults love playing new games on their computer. But friends, we don’t like to play those old PC games now.

download PC games for free
Best site to download PC games for free

But if we have the opportunity to download some of the best new HIGH graphic games of today, I would say 100% that none of you can live without playing those computer games.

And so, just for you today in this article I will talk about the 5 best websites to download free games for PC or computer. 

You will be able to download any PC game on your computer for free by visiting the websites that I will tell you about downloading new computer games.

Here you will find all kinds of video games that you like, old games or new games, games running on high graphic PCs, or all kinds of video games running on low graphic PCs.

But dude, first of all, you must know whether the PC video game you are going to download is suitable for your computer or laptop.

Because, nowadays you can’t play all the new PC games on a computer without a graphics card, a minimum of 4 GB RAM and a good processor.

So before downloading a new game, you must find out the minimum requirements of the game by searching on Google.

Playing high graphic video games on a computer requires some minimum requirements on your PC system. They are.

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM or more.
  • Core 2 Quad processor minimum.
  • 1 to 2 GB graphics card.
  • And, the computer must have space on the hard disk.

If you have the above configuration on your computer, you will be able to play all kinds of high graphic video games coming out by 2018 on your PC or laptop.

And, if you want to play all the new PC games after 2018, then the configuration of your system should be much better.

5 Best Websites To Download Free Video Games On Computer

Go to the websites I will talk about below and you will find many games for your computer or laptop and all you have to do is download and then install.

Another important thing I would say is that most of the files or games that you find on such websites will be in RAR, zip, 7z format.

So, after downloading the games, you need to download and install your WinRar or 7zip software to open or install them on your computer.

So let’s talk about some of the video game websites for computers or laptops.

1. Apunkagames.Net

If you enjoy playing high graphic PC games and the question that comes to your mind is where do I want to download new high graphic computer games, then the answer is the ApunkaGames website.

Here you will find lots of computer games, all here. Whether it’s a GTA Vice City game or WWE or any other new game, you get it for free here.

All you have to do is go to the website and click on the game you want to download.

Then you can read everything about the game and with it, you will be shown screenshots of some games.

At the end of the page, you will be given the size of the game and the link to download it.


On this website, you will find many categories like ghost games, fighting games, racing games, and many more.

I did not know much about this site before, but now I will use this site to download free video games on my computer.

Another good thing is that you will be shown below a short clip (CLIP) or gameplay of the game you choose.

In this way, you will be able to know how to play the graphic of that game before downloading everything.

Do you understand friend ?, you will get all kinds of games for free on the site FreePcGames.

3. AllGamesAtoZ.Com

Guys, on this website you will find all kinds of games for Windows computers, no matter how old or new.

Like the name of this site, its function A to Z means all kinds of PC video games from old to new.

Not just games, here you will find gameplay videos, news, etc. of new games. AllGamesAtoZ.Com

Just go to the site of this computer game and select your favorite game and download it for free.

4. OcenOfGames

This site is very different from all the other sites I have mentioned so far.

You will love this computer video game site. Because here you can download the latest and newest PC games for free.

Here you will find all kinds of high graphic games like Battlefield, GTA – v, Outlast, Call of Duty and all the best games that have come in the market till 2022.

Moreover, you will get many categories of games. You will find action, adventure, racing games, war, and many more categories.

On this site, you can find out everything about the game. That is, what is the minimum requirement of the game, what is the story of the game, and much more.

Then, if you want to download, just click on the download link. OcenOfGames


My favorite PC game download website is ““.

Steam is a very popular and completely legal website from which downloading games is not illegal in any way.

Complete official games are given to us without any virus and harmful adware. But remember, from now on we have to buy every computer game.

You can get most of the games for only $ 15- $ 20. Moreover, the price of the latest games may be higher.

From old to brand new PC games, you will find them here.

You can also download thousands of free games for your computer by clicking on the “free to play” link on steam.

I myself am currently playing the game “CSGO (counter strike global offense)” completely free download from steam.

I would definitely suggest you download any computer games from steam. Because steam gives you official and completely virus-free games.


Friends, I must say that you will download or buy any PC game on its company’s website or in a legal way.

Downloading from any website is not legal so it would be better to buy and use it.

Developers, programmers, designers have to work hard to develop the game. Many developers can not give time to their families just addicted to developing games.

We should all respect their work, pay the price for their hard work and talent. Of course, you can download games illegally, but you shouldn’t do that.

If you also want to download and use them for free from the computer games download website then you can use the sites mentioned above.

I found the above sites through Google search and the internet. So just to know and share, I told you about the above sites.

If you use the above sites then you are responsible for it. Thanks.

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