Alexander Graham Bell | The Brief History of Telephone invention

The invention of the telephone is a great invention. Do you know who made this great discovery? The telephone was invented by a Scottish inventor named Alexander Graham Bell.

The telephone is one of the devices that has come a long way. With the help of this device, we can talk to a person from far away.

Alexander Graham Bell 

Alexander Graham Bell, first telephone, invention

Who is Alexander Graham Bell?

Alexander was a Scottish inventor who invented the telephone. Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1848, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

After finishing school, he first went to the University of Edinburgh. Later he went to study at the University of London. Bell then moved to Canada. And from Canada to America.

Introduction of Graham Bell


March 3, 1848, Edinburgh, Scotland


August 2, 1922 (age 65) Bain Tiger, Nova Scotia, Canada

The cause of death Pernicious anemia

Education The University of Edinburgh,
University of Toronto

Occupation Inventor, scientist

The reason for being famous Inventor of the telephone

Spouse Mabel Hubbard (18-1922)

Children (4) Two sons died in infancy, two daughters

Parents Alexander Melville Bell
Eliza Grace Symonds Bell

Relatives Gardiner Green Hubbard (father-in-law)
Gilbert Howie Grossvener (son-in-law)
Melville Bell Grosvenor (grandson)

The Brief History of Telephone invention

first telephone, invention
First telephone by Alexander Graham Bell 

In 1870, Bell became a professor of physiology at Boston University in the United States. During this time Bell opened a school for deaf and dumb children.

Not only did he open the school, but he also spent all day thinking about making a device that would help the deaf and dumb, and in his spare time, he would experiment with various instruments.

After years of trying, Bell was unable to make a device for the deaf, but one day in June 1875, he discovered a device that could speak through a cable.

The father of one of Bell’s deaf students turned Bell into a laboratory. That laboratory became his home. At that time a rich researcher named Thomas Watson was doing research with him.

The two developed a friendship. At first, they were trying to improve the telegraph machine. And so the telephone came suddenly.

One day Bell heard a very soft vibration of a copper wire hanging from one house to another. What a sound.

The sound is so vague that nothing can be understood well. At one end of that copper wire was a telegraph receiver.

Graham Bell made a sound as soon as the vibration stopped, and told his friend to see if the sound was heard on the other end of the wire. In many ways, this test continued.

At last friend, Thomas Watson cried out in joy. From another room, he was able to catch the sound exactly. This time Bell also heard the sound quite clearly.

His joy knew no bounds. For a while, the two friends talked through the wire. The world’s first telephone was made.

Word of his device spread. In the beginning, people did not understand the quality of this device and mocked Graham Bell’s telephone as a ‘toy’.

But within a few days, people all over the world realized its value.

This time there was an exhibition in Philadelphia, USA. Bell’s invented telephone was among the other equipment on display. But people’s eyes did not fall on it in the beginning.

Finally one day the famous scientist Lord Kelvin praised Alexander’s instrument. This instrument has been popular ever since.

One day in August 1877, Bell’s telephone was installed at the Commons meeting in England. From there I spoke directly to the office of a newspaper.

In this way, Graham Bell showed the people of England how much work is done by telephone. In November of that year, the first permanent telephone line was installed in Berlin, Germany.

Gradually telephone lines began to form all over the world. The distance is near.

Death of Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone invented by Graham Bell was improved by another scientist of Bell’s age. His name is Thomas Alva Edison.

However, the name of Graham Bell as the inventor of the telephone has become ever more memorable. Alexander Graham Bell died on August 2, 1922, at the age of 75.

Some questions

Scientists of which country invented the telephone?

Answer: Scotland

When was the telephone invented?

Do you know When was the telephone invented? The telephone was invented in 1855In 1855, Graham Bell was experimenting with a device that would be useful for the deaf and dumb. While doing this, one day in June 1875, he suddenly discovered a talking device through a wire.

Exactly one year later, on March 10, 1876, he spoke on the telephone for the first time with one of his colleagues.  Bell’s telephone was installed at the Commons meeting in England on 17 August.

Who invented the telephone?

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.



Alexander Graham Bell | Who invented the telephone in 1876 । The Brief History of Telephone invention

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