AirDroid – Control your smartphone from PC

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Android is the most popular operating system in the world today. This operating system is running on most smartphones. 

AirDroid – Control your smartphone from the PC

AirDroid – Control your smartphone from the PC

Have you ever thought about PC integration with AndroidHave you ever thought about the benefits of seamless file sharing between PC and phone, phone notification on the PC notification panel, etc.? 

You will get all these benefits through an app. And the app that can do these things is AirDroid.

In today’s articles, we will know about some cool and awesome features of AirDroid.

What is AirDroid?

For those who don’t know, AirDroid is a powerful cross-managing tool that lets you control your phone from your PC. 

You can use it to send SMS, check notifications and share files between different devices. You can even remotely control the phone if you want.

Through this app, you can connect to different networks. But there is a limitation here, for free you can share only 200 MB files per month. 

You have to pay $3.99 per month to share more files. But if connected to the same network there is no limitation.

AirDroid Official website @  AirDroid

How to setup AirDroid

Before using AirDroid, you need to create a new account on the official website and link the devices. 

Two separate apps need to be downloaded for PC and phone. You have to install it on all the devices you want to use.

Install the apps after downloading them. Login on both devices. Find your smartphone on your PC in no time. It will ask for some permissions, give them, it’s safe, nothing to fear.

Features of AirDroid

Let‘s take a look at the great things about AirDroid,

  • File Transfer & Management – Easily transfer files from PC to phone.
  • Remote Control – Remotely control your phone. For that, you need to install AirDroid Control, Add-on.
  • Screen Mirroring – You can view your phone screen on a PC.
  • Notifications & SMS Management – You can check notifications, and send messages from your PC.
  • Find your device – If the phone is lost, you can track the location through this app.
  • Backup your files – With AirDroid, you can easily back up your phone files and store them safely on your PC.
  • Web Login – You can also use some features by logging into the web version of AirDroid.

This app has numerous features but now we will discuss in detail some of the excellent features of this app. You can download the app for free.

One of the features of the Remote Control app is that you can control the phone through a PC. 

Although the new app has some limitations, it can be used to control connected devices very easily.

Through this, you can increase productivity. You can use the phone and PC at the same time and can exchange files between the two.

Currently rooting smartphones is quite difficult and almost only apps detect it. However, root detection can be bypassed. 

Those who can root will not have any problem using AirDroid, but those who are not rooted can unlock various features of AirDroid by enabling USB Debugging.

1. File Transfer

Quickly transfer files between two devices with AirDroid. File sharing between Windows, Mac, Linux, and smartphones is available. You can easily do this by connecting to the same network.

If you connect to a different network, you can use a limit of 200 MB per month. But there is no limitation if it is the same network. This feature works great for videos, photos, links, and shares.

2. PC notification

You can receive all phone notifications on your PC through this app. Now any information on the phone can be checked on the PC without looking at the phone. You can see the notification in the pop-up message on the PC.

3. Smartphone backup

With AirDroid you can take a smartphone backup and save it on a PC. You can back up anytime and restore anytime through AirDroid.

AirDroid is an excellent app. In its free version, you will get almost many facilities but you can use the premium package if you want. For just $3.99 per month, you can transfer files without limits.

Last word

AirDroid is an excellent app for phone backup and phone management. It can be said that it is an all in all package. 

Some limitations of this app may be seen in the new Android version, but hopefully, this will not be the case in the coming days.

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