6 Types of Underground Search Engines You’ve Never Seen Before

When we hear the name of the search engine, the first thing that comes to our eyes is the home page of Google! Because this Google search engine is the most used search engine in the world. 

Also, Microsoft’s Bing and on the other hand Yahoo search engines are still alive in the competition. 


But one common aspect of all these search engines is that they will bring you almost the same search results. 

However, if you want to search for a specific topic or search for research, then you will not work with this Google Yahoo Bing search result.

You want more advanced and more underground search engines!

Best Underground Search Engines

All these underground search engines may not be very popular because few people use them. 

Because these underground search engines have been created for a specific topic and they are able to bring you more informative results than the general search engine!

Don’t mistake the dark web for an underground search engine. I’m not talking about the dark web here. 


Or these search engines are not used for pornography or illegal activities but still, they are not publicly open and they never advertise their sites. But why are they called underground search engines?

First, although these search engines are extremely useful in their niche, they have kept themselves hidden from the general Internet user since the beginning. And as I said before they never advertise their site.


Secondly, these search engines are specialized and are used only by certain Internet users, so it can be said that their users are also limited. 

So today on Techtunes I will try to present 6 types of underground search engines to you. So without further ado let’s get to the main tune:

1) Best torrent search engine!

Best Underground Search Engines

If you’ve done all your downloading via torrents, you know how difficult it can be to find the torrent you want. 

But you can do this difficult task easily with AIO Search!

AIO Search is the most impressive torrent meta-search engine that will bring you search results from over 170 torrent sites!

Best Underground Search Engines

The number of sites plugged into this search engine is really impressive and their search results are even more amazing! 

Typing in a search will take you to a dedicated tab and Rezalp will present it to you! And you can directly download your torrent file from the results! 

And not only torrents, images, videos, audios, files, anything you can easily find with this AIO Search!

2) Freebies search engine!

Best Underground Search Engines

Prospector is an extreme underground search engine where you can search about 3300 categories for free Bargains & Deals. 

This search engine is a Czech Republic-based search engine but you can see the search results worldwide. You can also try the following three alternative search engines for freebies:

3) Search Engine for House Sale!

Best Underground Search Engines

People who sell houses or sell foreclosures as a profession may not be able to get their results well by going to a general search engine for their industry. 

But with the Foreclosure Free Search site, you can do this very easily and effectively.

Foreclosure Free Search is an American-based foreclosure search engine that lists almost all foreclosures in different cities in America and here you can get the best results. 

Just like any other paid site, you will find the resulting price, address, and various details here.

Best Underground Search Engines

There is also another search engine for this topic called TruliaWith the help of Trulia, you will get all the real estate information in the search results. 

And it’s also a free search engine where you can see house prices, addresses, square feet records of houses, etc.

You can also see recent sale prices on homes that are extremely functional.

4) Public records search engine:

Best Underground Search Engines

It’s amazing that public records are such a sensitive thing that even a search engine! Usually, public records search engines are owned by a specific company and will show you search results from that company, which is annoying.

But the Public Records Center search engine is not like that! It is better to call it an underground portal than a search engine because here you will get good results if you search for various types of public records.

5) valid search engine!

Best Underground Search Engines

Ever heard of a search engine that will bring you legal information from the net? I have not heard of any search engine but today I will talk about a search engine named Legal Information Institute which will help you find legal information with the help of this net. 

It means that you can do all the searches related to Law through this site.

6) Paranormal search engine!

Best Underground Search Engines

Hahaha! If you really want to get a taste of the underground search engine, check out this UFO Seek search engine. 

You won’t find a better underground paranormal search engine than this! But don’t be fooled by the name, they don’t only research UFOs or Aliens but they research the whole paranormal world.

How about today’s exceptional search engine? You can share your opinion in the comment box below. 

And yes, you can also tell Tument whether my real name is better or if Gamewala suits me! So far today! In the future, I will come to your favorite Bengali technology blog Techtunes with another topic!


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