5 Small free but powerful windows software – small- but very useful

Windows has much such software. They are very small in size, but very powerful and this software remains hidden from the eyes of many. Today I will introduce such software to you. 

The software is completely free, very small but very useful, very productive, and very powerful. I have been using this software for a long time.

5 Small free but powerful windows software – small- but very useful

powerful windows software

1. Everything

Its file is only 1.4 MB. This is the task of searching. You will notice that if you do any search, it searches very slowly, but if you search in Everything, you can find your files instantly. 

Comes before your search completes. Which is very fast and spontaneous. I’ve been using it for a long time and it will find files from every directory, every drive, whatever you have.

2. Unlocker

It is very small and its size is only 393 KB. There are some files or folders on our computer. Which are not deleted, moved, or reeled. 

You can use this unlocker to delete those file folders. That will instantly delete the file folder.

3. Texta

The size of which is 462 kilobytes. Its job is to convert short text into correct text. 

For example: If you abbreviate ‘Amr’ (amr) then this software will correct the spelling (amr). That is, it will bring any type of short text to its correct wording. So I find this software great and very useful.

4. Uncheck it

The size of this software is 1.2 MB and this software is very useful. Note that whenever we install any software in Windows, we have to tick various boxes. 

When you install any software, the middle but asks you for permission. After installing software, many people will see various toolbars in their browsers, many things are automatically installed, search bar changes, etc. 

But if you use Uncheckit software, you won’t have this problem. So this also works.

5. Qt Tab-Bar

The size of this software is about four and a half megabytes. It is very useful. With this software, you can organize the windows into tabs. 

For example, when we open a web browser, we open each website in a tab. 

But when we open windows multiple folders, those windows are scattered or there are many bars on the taskbar. If you want, with this app, you can view them like a web browser. So I found the software very useful.

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