15 Common SEO Mistakes by Beginners and How to fix it?

Are you trying to rank your article, but it is not working? These have a very bad effect on the ranking of your article

15 Common SEO Mistakes by Beginners

Common SEO Mistakes
How to fix common SEO mistakes?

We all know what SEO means. SEO means search engine optimization in a way that makes it easy for our website to be on the first search page. Those who haven’t read my previous SEO-related article can read it here …

Who is not wrong? There is something wrong with everyone’s life. People just make mistakes and try to learn. And we have to learn from this mistake.

Making mistakes from the earliest times of civilization and learning from mistakes is the hallmark of intelligence. We make a lot of mistakes in doing SEO knowingly or unknowingly.

Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes of SEO today.

  1. Ineffective keyword research
  2. Keyword stuffing
  3. Broken link
  4. Using duplicate or plagiarized content
  5. Do not use images
  6. Do not use image alt tags
  7. Using long paragraphs
  8. Make a grammatical mistake
  9. Don’t use mobile-friendly themes
  10. Not using Google Analytics
  11. Publish irregular articles
  12. Content not updated
  13. Use additional Ads and Pop up
  14. Slow page speed
  15. Lack of patience

Let’s find out the details

Ineffective keyword research

This is an important part of SCO, as it will help you get targeted visitors if you can properly research the targeted keywords.

Not doing keyword research properly means you are a blind traveler

So before writing an article, you must do keyword research properly Keyword Difficulty, Competition, CPC, etc.

As a beginner, you can never rank if you work with high keyword difficulty and competition

But yes, as your domain gets older, Domain Authority (DA) will increase and Seo knowledge and experience will increase, so you can definitely work with this keyword.

Keyword stuffing

This is one of the biggest mistakes of new bloggers They use a lot of keywords in small content, resulting in keyword stuffing Despite the keyword stuffing, you need to optimize the content with those words.

You should use keywords in the blog title, permalink, and search description Using extra keywords will never rank you in Google, but Google will penalize you for doing so.

It should be avoided as well as the keyword density should be kept within 1.5%, as it is ideal for Seo

Broken link

Suppose you wrote an article and you found an informative article on the same subject that you linked to in your article.

For some reason, the author of that article deleted the article, but that link still remains in your article. This is called a broken link or a dead link

Broken links have a devastating effect on SEO

If you want, you can check with the Broken link checker website or plugin to see if the links in your article are correct!

Duplicate or Plagiarized content

Always try to write a unique article Because Google prefers original content

Never forget to copy other people’s content This is also a big Seo Mistake that should be avoided Quality content is informative and unique

So you don’t have to be a professional article writer, just write in your own language what you know best.

Image abuse

Always try to add some relevant images in your article Because image attracts more attention than words

Additionally, adding images enhances user experience

Do not use image alt tags

An important idea is to add images to the article Usually search robots can’t see what the image is about Then it comes to see the Alt tag you use

So the relevant keyword should be used in the Image Alt tag As a result, search engine bots can easily understand what the image is

Use Alt in each image in the article, as this will help search engines find the image.

Using long paragraphs

It must have happened to you that you clicked on the article, but came up with a lot of big paragraphs, did you really read the article or did you skip it?

It is annoying to read big paragraphs

Of course, using long paragraphs should be avoided Because no one feels comfortable reading these Without creating a long paragraph, divide it into several parts

Make a grammatical mistake

Readers don’t want to read too many grammatically incorrect articles You need to make sure that there are no grammatical errors in your content Although or if there is, it must be a very small amount 6

For this you can use Grammarly for English articles It will work well to correct your grammatical mistakes

Don’t use mobile-friendly themes

If you do not use Mobile Friendly Theme, it will be the biggest mistake for SEO At present both mobile and computer users are almost equal

This is important as a ranking factor in Google

You can verify the theme with free Google Mobile-Friendly Test So, everyone will use a mobile-friendly theme

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Not using Google Analytics

If you want to create a blog on Google, you must use Google Analytics Which will help with information about your visitors Are they like your article at all?

If you can get to know your readers, you will be able to optimize better content

Publish irregular articles

If you write regular articles, you will get more visitors Because when you publish articles regularly, Google, along with visitors, will look at you.

You need to publish articles regularly Either you will publish one or every day 1/2 articles a week

Content not updated

Search engine prefers fresh and updated content Content should be updated regularly to enrich the article

If you regularly write the latest content, your competitors will not be able to keep up with you This will help you increase your ranking

Use additional Ads and Pop up

Visitors get annoyed when using additional Ads and Pop up Nowadays, people avoid websites that use additional Ads and Pop up

Sites that have more information than additional Ads and Pop up will usually visit that site, in this case, you should use limited additional Ads and Pop up

Slow page speed

Google considers PageSpeed ​​as a ranking factor Very slow page speed harms ranking 8

You can test the Pagespeed of the blog using Google Pagespeed Insight, Pingdom, or Gtmetrix.

This may be due to your low-quality hosting provider For this, use the services of a good quality hosting provider

If you use a WordPress site, you can use the Cache Plugin which will improve the page speed of your website.

Lack of patience

SEO is a matter of time! You would never expect to publish an article today and rank it in Google tomorrow. It will take time, effort, and a good article to succeed.

So, work hard and be patient until you reach your goal.


These are the 15 most common SEO mistakes that beginners make! Keep trying, which will help you in SEO ranking

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